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  1. Hello, Someone asked where are the vegans and animal rights activists on this matter. Were you expecting the media to give front page press to the outcry against this terrible act? Do you as truth seekers have the ear of the media? No? Then what are you expecting from the animal rights crowd? The local police will try to whitewash Islamic crimes against humans, why do you blame vegans and animal rights activists when the international news outlets are silent about Muslims attacking animals? This divisiveness is going to be the end of us. Western society is too fractured, with each "faction" pointing the finger at someone else. Personally, I see my enemy, which is the elites who ferment these violent radical groups and unleash them on civilization.
  2. Why would high-level political figures need to get beat up? What are they not doing for those shadowy people who call the shots? This would imply that Obama, Kerry, and Reid have lines they will not cross. These people have shown that they see themselves as separate and above other people. I can't imagine people like Obama, Kerry, and Reid saying no to something that is harmful to the rest of us.
  3. ​I don't know where you live, but in every community I have resided, human waste is treated promptly and was never sprayed over other people's homes. Amazing how evidence of a corporate wrongdoing is dismissed when it interferes with a dietary preference. ​I feel the same. Acting mentally challenged passes for humor these days when we should feel sorry for these halfwits.
  4. Sick? Try Nature, not Big Pharma

    I agree, save the doctor for things like broken bones and other major medical situations. Chances are, with plenty of research, you will know more about a condition than the doctor. Prevention goes a long way, if people would show some respect for their bodies. I'm with you on natural pet care, too. I use the veterinarian for surgical needs (mainly their spay or neuter operation).
  5. It amazes me how some people fail to consider possibilities and consequences. They must have thought they were either invisible or invincible, to use not only a work email, but a government email address. Even if this only was exposed to their supervisors, they could have lost their job. All for a little dicking around on company time and the taxpayer's dime. With so much talk of privacy and government surveillance, I guess all their blood went south in anticipation and these horny Feds couldn't think straight.
  6. An interesting juxtaposition: the Mexican government is not particularly kind towards their Indio population yet when this vaccine harmed many Native Mexicans who received it, they suspend its use. Contrast that with the various levels of government in the United States which is considering ways to make vaccination mandatory, regardless of concerns over safety or personal beliefs.
  7. Vegan: "Non Vegans Don't Deserve To Live"

    ​It is curious how those eating a plant-based diet are singled out for B12 deficiency. A person who eats a large amount of processed food is getting the great majority of their B12 through supplementation. I am not accusing you, Lucy, of this hypocrisy, merely pointing out that it has become a knee jerk reaction to mention B12 upon hearing that someone is vegan. ​Good point regarding fish in the diet. Would you agree, though, that cultures whose animal intake is largely fish, do not eat much animal flesh? In other words, Asians are a people who eat primarily fish, yet their portion of seafood is small, with their plate mainly being rice and vegetables? This is a contrast to the typical western meal where the focus is a large portion of the meat, poultry or fish. I suspect that the earth of capable of feeding the current population with intelligent use of the land. The thread seems to be devolving into joke posts so I'll be off then.
  8. Vegan: "Non Vegans Don't Deserve To Live"

    ​There is an entire culture of people who are vegan from birth, the Jains of India. Can you tell me why the human body requires meat? At best, humans are opportunistic omnivores who require cooking to make meat palatable and digestible . For the sake of brevity, I will only address the issue of their not being enough vegetation to feed humanity. Considering that it takes several pounds of grain to make one pound of animal flesh, how does this add up? There would be a surplus of grain if it were not used to make meat. In addition, crop land would be used to grow a variety of plants, rather than the endless monoculture of corn and wheat fields that we see across the nation. ​I am concerned about your education. To compare our anatomy and that of a true carnivore and claim to see any real similarity is puzzling. Four slightly pointed teeth does not show human's true nature to be that of a meat-eater. Our digestive system is large and our stomach acids weak compared to carnivorous animals who must quickly digest meat without cooking. As for non-animal sources of B12, that vitamin is a product of bacterial fermentation in the soil. Our food is very clean, so a supplement is an option for those who want it, although we do produce some in our large intestine.
  9. Vegan: "Non Vegans Don't Deserve To Live"

    ​I will look past the tiny sample size of actual vegans and the misnomer of referring to those who eat fish as vegetarian. Once you get past the clickbait title of this article and read the actual study (in its brief form), you will see that it is not the gloom and doom that the popular media makes it out to be. The entirety of the study talks about the positive aspects of a plant-based diet in regards to overall health. There is some contradiction regarding vegetarians as requiring more medical care yet cite a lower participation in routine check-ups and vaccinations. Considering what we know about vaccinations, I would not consider that a bad thing. The study talked of a lower quality of life in such things as social relationships. I would argue that when you are aware of the cruelty and apathy towards non-human sentient beings, it leads to a feelings of isolation. I am sure that I am not the only one in the conspiracy community who has felt this same thing when trying to awaken others about what goes on behind the scenes.
  10. Vegan: "Non Vegans Don't Deserve To Live"

    Do you happen to feel the same way about those who are against abortion? Both vegans and anti-abortionists are similar in that they want to see a reduction in needless killing, so it is not enough to say "if you don't like it, don't do it". Instead, vegans and pro-lifers have what they feel is an important message and some do seek to make others aware. ​This is contrary to what I have been seeing in medical studies. Can you provide some (unbiased) sources for your statements?
  11. No shirt? This has to violate some health code, right?
  12. Video - JADE HELM 15: Psychological Warfare

    I think this guy is right. Another psy-op I see is the police bringing out their military vehicles during community parades. The last time I went to a holiday parade, just about everyone cheered or waved or smiled while war equipment was rolled through city streets by civilian police. Look kids, there's Officer Friendly showing us how he catches bad guys on Main Street. The way I see it, it is scary as hell that we are being prepped for scenes we are used to seeing only on TV in far away lands. On the other hand, this is valuable time to prepare ourselves mentally for what it to come.
  13. There is nothing wrong with enjoying small talk and casual friendships, just so long as you don't expect from others what you yourself do not offer.
  14. I only made it seven and a half minutes before the bullshit overwhelmed my hip waders. I love the part about how the land owners volunteered their property to the military for training because they want to support the troops. So a patriotic American citizen just called up the Army and said "I have some land you can use and I expect no payment." Yeah, that sounds legit.
  15. Franchi decodes JADE HELM 15

    Thanks for posting this informative video. Sad how the woman speaking made sure to mention that she "supports the troops." It reminds me of how many white people feel the need to add the disclosure that they are not racist when they say anything even slightly critical about someone who is of another race.
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