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  1. So, Tell me why.

    Thanks - Back into the shadows I go. By the way, I believe it was the initial "Can we send you junk mail" drop down. But after a year and a half? Still a bit of "hmmm" Please close and mark as unimportant.
  2. So, Tell me why.

    I signed up Jan 2016, have never posted before, but do read the forum daily. Please explain why today I received one blank email and two duplicate emails on the "Hot Topics" in the forum currently. I never signed up for it. All three email were not read but deleted as I am a Conspritus Major and really do not trust at all. I have been the route of a few other Conspiracy sites, and this one "seems" the most innocuous. The other sites were how you say, taken over and most likely still are controlled. {Of course that is not to say this one is not} An answer is respectfully requested. [ Also, if others received the same I would not mind if they tagged along with this posting ]
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