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  1. DarkKnightNomeD


  2. We all know the Earth is shaped like a banana. Come on now.
  3. DarkKnightNomeD

    Venezuela ~ Nicolas Maduro wins presidential election

    Makes me wonder dems and repubs such as hill clinton wanted to build a southern border wall for over 15+ years now.
  4. DarkKnightNomeD

    Venezuela ~ Nicolas Maduro wins presidential election

    Red Dawn Scenario?
  5. DarkKnightNomeD

    Venezuela ~ Nicolas Maduro wins presidential election

    43m43 minutes ago More Reuters: #Venezuela's opposition/minority candidates for presidential elections call out voting irregularities, say they won't recognize results. One candidate, Javier Bertucci, already calling for new voting.
  6. from a tweet & on drudge report atm - insert links VENEZUELANS VOTE FOR MORE CRAZY MADURO 75% DISAPPROVAL NATION IN RUIN Personally with all the shit going down in South America I think or predict USA will engage in a South American Theatre of War
  7. DarkKnightNomeD

    Debunking Right wing rhetoric

    You do know the KKK was started by the Democrats right?
  8. DarkKnightNomeD

    Eyes in the back of the head

  9. DarkKnightNomeD

    Who is drinking tonight?

    I'm gonna make this when i get a chance, i swear to god https://www.facebook.com/RecipesWatch/videos/1641675485950163/
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution
  11. It could be Ring of Fire acting up. Any place could light up with a major earthquake. ie @One Step Away - Like russian roulette at this point.

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