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  1. Various Music, Whatever you like, Come Post It!

    shheet atleast let me say good night lol now watch this @cinn
  2. What happenes if one of the other wins / loses? ppl freaking out over this election
  3. You have to pick one @Cinnamon hehehe https://imgur.com/a/GWt19
  4. Is it going to be a White Christmas @Cinnamon ?
  5. It's funny it happens every 4 years, election years? lol know someone who was awake by 2004, me 08 - later folk like yourself in 2012
  6. I played the beta years back, just cuz it was a conspiracy based game. You should have read the forum posts back then. It was like conspiracy forums times 100. lol
  7. ill def give him one for you now, but throw em another one tommorow. =)
  8. Never mind U.S. Law

    restart your browser, retry - or use another one =)
  9. drudge headline The Taxman Cometh: Senate Bill’s Marginal Rates Could Top 100% for Some https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-taxman-cometh-senate-bills-marginal-rates-could-top-100-for-some-1512942118 - WASHINGTON—Some high-income business owners could face marginal tax rates exceeding 100% under the Senate’s tax bill, far beyond the listed rates in the Republican plan. That means a business owner’s next $100 in earnings, under certain circumstances, would require paying more than $100 in additional federal and state taxes. As lawmakers rush to write the final tax bill over the next week, they already are looking at changes to prevent this from happening. Broadly, House and Senate Republicans are trying to reconcile their bills, looking for ways to pay for eliminating the most contentious proposals. The formal House-Senate conference committee will meet on Wednesday, and GOP lawmakers may unveil an agreement by week’s end. The possible marginal tax rate of more than 100% results from the combination of tax policies designed to provide benefits to businesses and families but then deny them to the richest people. As income climbs and those breaks phase out, each dollar of income faces regular tax rates and a hidden marginal rate on top of that, in the form of vanishing tax breaks. That structure, if maintained in a final law, would create some of the disincentives to working and to earning business profit that Republicans have long complained about, while opening lucrative avenues for tax avoidance. As a taxpayer’s income gets much higher and moves out of those phaseout ranges, the marginal tax rates would go down. Consider, for example, a married, self-employed New Jersey lawyer with three children and earnings of about $615,000. Getting $100 more in business income would force the lawyer to pay $105.45 in federal and state taxes, according to calculations by the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation. That is more than double the marginal tax rate that household faces today. If the New Jersey lawyer’s stay-at-home spouse wanted a job, the first $100 of the spouse’s wages would require $107.79 in taxes. And the tax rates for similarly situated residents of California and New York City would be even higher, the Tax Foundation found. Analyses by the Tax Policy Center, which is run by a former Obama administration official, find similar results, with federal marginal rates as high as 85%, and those don’t include items such as state taxes, self-employment taxes or the phase-out of child tax credits. The bill as written would provide incentives for business owners to shift profit across calendar years, move personal expenses inside the business and engage in other economically unproductive maneuvers, said David Gamage, a tax-law professor at Indiana University. “I would expect a huge tax-gaming response once people fully understand how it works,” said Mr. Gamage, a former Treasury Department official, who said business owners have an easier time engaging in such tax avoidance than salaried employees do. “The payoff for gaming is huge, within the set of people who both face these rates and have flexible enough business structures.”
  10. I don't wanna have to f**k you up Smokey Playing with forum is like playing with our emotions
  11. Major Pirate symbol is all Hoist your colours -
  12. Should watch the anime.