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  1. Ahh Toxi P - good to see ppl talkin about this again. The alien part is true. https://i.imgur.com/t9Ek2Vq.jpg
  2. My best friend just died

    This is my niggah, pic is 6+ months old, and hes gotten alot fatter since then. LOL https://imgur.com/a/cy6e2
  3. Did anyone ever get the specs on this truck? I didn't think of it till now.
  4. My best friend just died

    I laughed when I saw em sticking out his tongue. lol sorry for your lose
  5. Femininity So Fragile

  6. Femininity So Fragile

    Thanks for sharing. Alot of funny pics. They got Pelosi right, she looks like a zombie/ghoul. @Cinnamon - Check out that link.
  7. Femininity So Fragile

    Shoe talks about the app as well. "a new app that removes women's makeup came out and the internet lost it. but is it all it's hyped out to be? i test it out and do other juney things. femininity may not be fragile- but feministiny definitely is."
  8. Femininity So Fragile

    Ana Kasparian looks like a fking tranny. LOL Published on Nov 17, 2017 Has makeup given women's egos an unrealistic view of their own attractiveness? The answer is yes, which is why when an app is created to remove the makeup, the egotistic women go berserk.
  9. 'F--- TRUMP' truck driver has been arrested

    God I know. These people are daft, and ACLU is involved? Ohh god smh You know some libtards are puting out fake click bait news.
  10. 'F--- TRUMP' truck driver has been arrested

    funny read What a freaking idiot. LOL - I'm suprised no one busted their window.
  11. The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

    Hour and half of footage, ohh boy here we go.