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  1. Everyone Belated Congratulate her! http://imgur.com/a/IGidv
  2. When I get out of Prison...

    I'm going to have a healthy Diet of Beer and Sausage. @Lucy Barnable -
  3. Again - Stay away from the LOOT!

    Stop hoppin on my dik! Gotta get the coin! Stay away from my business S
  4. OMG you didn't... LOL
  5. Yeah i know Rodney DF -
  6. You couldn't have said it better. Kudos!
  7. You would think facials would go up... Kek
  8. OMFG - I love those ENZYTE commericals - always loved seeing the new ones everytime they came out.
  9. BOOM! Kid Rock LEADS in Michigan Senate Race Poll

    f**k this - Lets vote Kid Rock for speaker of the house!
  10. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    So - to sum it all up... The the sun shat a big fart at Mars?
  11. You are not the only one who goes into the abyss of 6am in the morning, I see you grew a fro like Neo btw.
  12. Why are you still awake shep?

  13. F^ck Off

    Oh, no f**k you!
  14. Why are you still awake shep?

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