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  1. You ready to curb your racism and listen to haikus for the next 3 hours?
  2. Putin was right

    You know what they say: People in glass houses sink sh... sh... sh... ships.
  3. Top 25 Best Conor McGregor Punches HD

    Off topic till wed - Then this shit is going to Official News. *insert joey diaz shit eating grin*
  4. Published on Aug 7, 2017 A man recites the Marines' Hymn to ANTIFA protesters at a protest earlier this week in Portland. As you can see and hear, ANTIFA doesnt know how to respond.
  5. This is getting stupid now.
  6. Total Eclipse Countdown Clock

  7. Can you feel the eclipse energy?

    I'm getting shitty timezones schedules of when this thing starts. Does anyone know in how many hours from now its supposed to start, and when it's going to peak?
  8. Laguna Beach protest LIVE STREAM Cali

    Before I quit the night - I just found this - Check it out! Pin it - any of you @mods - Let us know COP users/mods ,what you think. https://www.facebook.com/newlypress/videos/1872063773057995/
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Have a good one - Get alot of booze in and maybe some eats before bet. I'm going to as/before i finish GOT episode. Good Night.
  10. Let's really tear down some monuments. http://imgur.com/a/MqHlw
  11. Bill Hicks - CNN

    Temp pin this please. and @Cinnamon - Check it out.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Happy B day
  13. Laguna Beach protest LIVE STREAM Cali

    Yup - Pretty disgusting the tactics the Media have to use to get ppl to watch thier network.
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