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  1. Sorry bro - You type like a robot.
  2. Some of my stuff is way above yous guys head. Not being an asshole about it, just think about it.
  3. Will any of you hang a picture of Jesus on your wall? He died for your sins. Good Night Sweet Prince https://i.imgur.com/6Wsf9RU.jpg
  4. D.I.Y. Your Step-by-Step Guide for How to Cook a Turkey!

    Deep Fry the b*st*rd, you'll thank me later. LOL
  5. Border Patrol spokesmen said they could not provide any details Sunday on what caused the agent's injuries or what led to them. Spokesman Carlos Diaz says the FBI has taken over the investigation https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Border-Patrol-Agent-Killed-Another-Injured-in-Attack-458668163.html Agent Rogelio Martinez died Sunday morning as a result of injuries he and his partner sustained after responding to "activity" while on patrol on Interstate 10 near Van Horn, according to a statement from Border Patrol. It wasn't immediately clear when the incident occured. Hunt ongoing. More on the site. - Trump renews call for border wall after patrol officer dies http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/361145-trump-renews-call-for-border-wall-after-patrol-officer-dies-from
  6. Soros Democracy Alliance leak

    Emphasis "leak" Democracy Alliance Fall Investment Conference Agenda Description Private and confidential Democracy Alliance document details agenda for Fall Investment Conference held at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California. https://www.scribd.com/document/364654492/Democracy-Alliance-Fall-Investment-Conference-Agenda?secret_password=DdVkqsjgUPrHic6jxmDz# - Read on pol just sharing. just throwing this out there, im sure everyone knows about the farag soros speach by now https://www.rt.com/news/410223-soros-allies-migrants-farage-orban/
  7. Interesting new movie trailer....

    Cept for Mortal Kombat - Most video game movies are chit.
  8. Ahh Toxi P - good to see ppl talkin about this again. The alien part is true. https://i.imgur.com/t9Ek2Vq.jpg
  9. My best friend just died

    This is my niggah, pic is 6+ months old, and hes gotten alot fatter since then. LOL https://imgur.com/a/cy6e2
  10. Did anyone ever get the specs on this truck? I didn't think of it till now.
  11. My best friend just died

    I laughed when I saw em sticking out his tongue. lol sorry for your lose