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  1. You watch - Soon those worms are going to be some deep fried chinese delicacy.
  2. Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog

    Sure why not.
  3. Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog

    I can't help but think this video is a troll job. Also - @Cinnamon - Me and cinny want Lobster with lots of butter right meow! >=0 https://i.imgur.com/EmRvGIN.jpg
  4. California shooting rampage highlights "ghost guns"

    Ghost guns... sounds spooookey smh
  5. Slaughterbots

    zz's for me boys and girls, nite
  6. Slaughterbots

    Maybe tesla coil guns at this point.
  7. Slaughterbots

    Yup - Maybe I should have said Hillary Umbrella.
  8. Slaughterbots

    Hillary Clinton foundation drops dead, and no one knows. Maybe one day.
  9. Slaughterbots

    My Aunt and me "played hooky" one day, got me out of school, or said I was sick. Took me to watch this movie opening day, or some such. That scene scared the shit out of me, nuke scene as well, but it was a great film to watch.
  10. Slaughterbots

  11. Slaughterbots

    It's serious. http://autonomousweapons.org/ TAKE ACTION Many of the world's leading AI researchers and humanitarian organizations are concerned about the potentially catastrophic consequences of allowing lethal autonomous weapons to be developed. Encourage your country’s leaders to support an international treaty limiting lethal autonomous weapons: Share the video and spread the word. Tell the world why you think we should #bankillerrobots. Add your name to the list of over 20,000 others who oppose autonomous weapons. Reach out to your elected representative in the US, UK or wherever you live. Visit the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots to take further action or donate to the cause.