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  1. Been a hard day for me

  2. Been a hard day for me

    My mother passed a week ago today , about 11:20 pm ect.. Been a rough one today I must admit being on the road working with my hands tied. I cannot have a beer for crying out loud! Someone have a couple good craft beers for me. I sure could use a few
  3. Unfortunately I have all but given up on most of the U.S. population. Most folks are either to stupid or ignorant to care about this. We treat politics like a sport. Everyone has their team to cheer for and who cares if a little cheating is happening right? Social media has turned a lot of folks into brain dead zombies that care more about their Facebook page or Twitter Wars then what is happening in reality. Just the yuge amount of americans that cannot even name the vice president or the speaker of the house but yet cast votes is mind blowing. But hey #ImWithHer #How do you spell dolt #I burnt my dinner What point can you get across with so few characters anyway?
  4. Not apples! They've gone too far now!

    Its funny when you look at things we eat today such as corn. Maze was much more nutritional but harder to cultivate. May as well chew on a cardboard box and pass up the corn. Yes I exaggerate a little , but not much
  5. Not apples! They've gone too far now!

    Reminds me of the book of Enoch. All the tampering with genetics and creations of franken creatures and plants. All of this cannot be good for mankind to tamper with things that are natural and pure. As in the days of Noah comes to mind
  6. Not apples! They've gone too far now!

    This keeps going I would not be surprised if we all started growing branches from our foreheads.
  7. Prayer request for South Carolina first grader

    Please pray for Jacobs recovery and his family.. the other student and teacher are doing well
  8. Jacob Hall is in critical condition after being shot a school along with another student and teacher as well. A teenager murdered his father and decided to shoot up this school for some reasons unknown. The kids and teacher were on the playground when this happened. Our world grows darker by the day God bless https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/amp/townville-school-shooting-6-year-old-victim-s-family-will-n657726&ved=0ahUKEwiz6cbz6rjPAhUD44MKHR90D9IQqUMIHTAA&usg=AFQjCNHBkPUtLsa1CFdOkI_-EPYLWuoqBA&sig2=Sgw_igfVqYHUZMVu5J4WZQ
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