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  1. An interesting opinion piece from Al Masdra. Some might highlight the fact that Turkey, after all, is a NATO member and will probably have the organization’s military support as stated in the treaty. However, informed Turkish sources reported an increasing ‘sense’, both on the Turkish government and public level, that no support will be provided in case of any military showdown between Turkey and Russia in Syria or anywhere else.http://www.almasdarnews.com/article/is-erdogan-mad-enough-to-invade-syria/ | Al-Masdar News
  2. Two bald men fighting over a comb.
  3. Something else in the mix could be how many of the problems they are causing will come home to roost in Turkey and Saudi Arabia? The Houthis and Yemeni Republican Guard are making headway in Southern SA and the Kurds in Turkey are under the cosh. Hopefully this will hamper somewhat both of them. Erdogan has his critics internally and too many wrong moves could bite him on the ass.
  4. Further to Turkey's moves on the Syrian border there's rumblings over whether the Russian forces are capable of dealing with such threats. http://www.matthewaid.com/post/138601719086/changes-in-the-russian-armys-order-of-battle Plus the complaints from the US and UN about Syrian/Russian offensives disrupting 'peace' talks, typical victim blaming, whilst keeping a straight face! Whilst refusing to recognise that no such talks would be needed if their NATO proxy hadn't created the ISIS proxy in the first place. The US is invading in building that airbase as the legitimate regime, as recognised by the UN, has not invited them. Something is afoot methinks. Add this into the mix too.
  5. From the Arab perspective they don't reckon it will fly. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Public Security Minister, called for a united effort on censoring the internet under the guise of preventing the promotion of terrorism on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. http://www.almasdarnews.com/article/israel-calls-for-internet-censorship/
  6. Yet every other body in the Solar system is demonstrably a globe, perhaps your biblical quote is a little more telling than you think.
  7. All this has nothing to do with the Us seeking to broaden their involvement in Syria and thwart Russia.............now move along please.
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