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  1. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    Unchained melody: Rightous brothers:
  2. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    Dancing in the street: Bowie and Jagger
  3. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    Against the wind: Bob Seger: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t-s&p=song+against+the+wind#id=2&vid=ba7f3f8d7d12500a27eb2c464ea0e238&action=click
  4. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    The Weight: The Band:
  5. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    Jailhouse Rock from The Blues Brothers:
  6. roadtoad2

    -52- music thread

    Everyone must get stoned: Bob Dylan:
  7. Glad to see you're back up. I was so worried
  8. roadtoad2

    Secrets of Magnets

    Bruce Cathie has his own version of UFT, Try to read him some time
  9. You don't deserve to know. If you don't know the truth by this time, just lie back, point your heels at the sun, and die stupid.

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