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  1. Roflmfao tak about the rats patrolling the garbage dump fbi agent in charge connecting to podesta the rabbit hole gets deeper
  2. Hmm here is a dandy this report traced one of the shooters planes it’s a sr 20 grounded for the last 3 years but tail number is active
  3. Roflmfao no one is telling the truth here this was a pro job there were a bunch of them and yes the people that take a knee don’t like hero’s killed most of them before they got going let’s say contained everything you see or hear on this subject is pure hi concentrate bull shit nothing is as it seems and it’s right on time
  4. Hmm with all the volcanoes going off why not down there there’s a lot of evidence of a large inbound object if ya look Seas receding in some ares in the Southern Hemispheres the earth is slowly tipping earth changes soon ?
  5. Hmm 2 things bother me 1) 2) And this
  6. Hmmm big hit in mob city someone is gona pay dearly atifa better hope they had no part in it
  7. This whole smells like a Lee Harvey Oswald with the loose ends fixed time will tell
  8. Hmm they should be careful for what they wish for the punks will never achieve the leave of training they will need to achieve their goals ya have to spend time in combat to be able to react in a fire fight 90% freeze up when hot lead is flying newbies get killed a lot in combat if you make your first week ya have a 50-50 chance of making a year
  9. Hmmm again you are missing the bigger picture these players all have collage education and what we are seeing is the products of their education remember the saying garbage in garbage out hmm the real irony is who paid for their degree roflmao we the people ? lol I want my money back
  10. Hmm good point made breach of contract means the players could be fired and their pay would stop till court imho the players would loose I have been in court with employees and breeches of contract issues roflmao ill bet there is lawyers all over the place working on that right now roflmao
  11. In my opinion the ones doing the labeling are the racist their papas should take them to the wood shed imho
  12. Imho 120 days will be go date the Russia is letting Kim know there's nowhere to run jmho
  13. Roflmfao no one is seeing the bigger picture here trump put his statement out to prove to the deep state that the people are with him it's brilliant if trump can back down or even break the NFL his bargaining power just went up in a order of magnitude they didn't believe the vote hmm the real question is how will the message be received
  14. Explosion???

    Hmm kind of sounds like a description of a small astroid impact to me
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