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  1. Remember the 72 hr alert well there they go TDY airforce is enroute hmm my Jan 18th date is looking better for nk
  2. Roflmfao they wrecked their home land and now their new land hmm must be redecorating now
  3. Prediction when will NK start

    A new article I reading from China that was a new release was talking about how to survive a nuclear attack from NK A full page ad makes ya go wtf lol
  4. Prediction when will NK start

    Could be or something all together different
  5. Hmm you have missed the dots connect ill put this here to explain China will do the dirty work the us will protect japan and sk
  6. Hmm I think they can incorporate it under interstate commerce what makes me go hmmm is do they know something we don’t know for sure lol
  7. Here ya go start the clock tic toc hmm I wonder what or who’s corner stone they will use hmm did they find the lost stone? Time to bring in the tomato plants hmm chickens 🐓 too
  8. Al Franken is quitting

    Yes it was also one of our congressmen is mu. y Ellison hmm gonan get bad I think
  9. Al Franken is quitting

    Hmmm this will turn Minnesota upside down in 18 the election will then be both of our shitty senators and our governor reps hold both State houses imho it’s gona get hot around here and after the embassy move and the mu ies we have here hmmmmm drain the swamp I say
  10. Hmm word on the street is this witch hunt will end soon trump has the IG on it
  11. I ask because of your handle only a few know what that means I too am part of that movement and have left servicing the beast kingman spell ck workings
  12. R u the old Glover king man ? i was cap ten America there a few years back ?
  13. Very true their plans are made 150 years before they implement
  14. Oh ya old control method 1.0 alcohol now days they have much better methods