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  1. Hmm well all things are headed in the way we were shown and all is well hmmm I still have red lights going off because of a couple of things trump said 1 move the embassy hmm this has the 3rd temple oozing out of it And in trump fashion could go into it when it's done and declare what? 2 I haven't seen or heard him say Jesus's name just god who created us hmmm
  2. Hmm large inbound object is the only thing that makes sense in this whole let's call it earth changes global warming and climate change just don't encompass all the data hmmm i hear we will see it by November and it will be as large as our moon in the sky
  3. Roflmfao the msm (small letters now 😩) came out hard on this Sunday spuing this administration are liars might be their only defense now hmm I say the people should rebrand msm as
  4. Dutch has been looking for this one for 10 days now How deep was it
  5. I just tried to watch the Sunday news programs and about 2 minutes in I realized what their new approach is The MSM is trying to frame trump as the new lieing administration roflmfao they are trying to set this up on day 2 hmmm could it be this is how they are going to handle trumps administration investigations into all the corruption in DC roflmao oh they lie that didn't happen lol good luck with that CNN is loosing its press pass roflmao replaced by aj
  6. Hmm still not sure where i read it their in for restock and refitment some weapons and I heard a propulsion change probably bull poop
  7. Watch it Jupiter stays in the Virgos birth canal for 9 months watch it interesting watch
  8. Here is a better explanation This thing is based on sept 23 but it's the same thing It has some interesting points in time
  9. Hmm I told y'all it was going down well and we will be alright hold on now it's not the Russians that that want to destroy us
  10. Hmm woke up this am with a thought for the first time in years that everything is going to be good from here on out it's coming along better than planed don't know why just do pain level dropped today something changed last night hmmmmm
  11. Exactly but barry said he would be there where's the bunkers there?
  12. drama from CNN fake news truth be told the VP would be in lol trump was pres after congress certified the election death would not keep dingle Barry in office today is just celebrated lol dumb ass's