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  1. Hmm I’m not 100% sure he even pull a trigger I need a pic or it didn’t happen lol
  2. Hmmm ya I agree this was soooo important it’s number 2 on the hit parade and your done if you give them up
  3. The real point is we do it your way and get shitty results time for a change a armed society is a polite society lol oh my
  4. Get a load of this???

    Correct and the kings the money and in turn he provided protection in god and country
  5. Get a load of this???

    Hmmm i don’t get it we are all bright here this debate and war has been fought for 10’s of 1000’s of years the real insanity is thinking that this is going to turn out different then history has shone us continuation of this behavior only results in the death of mankind the elite have enslaved mankind and donor want to loose control of the wealth the secret they hold is when god created modern man we were also given the rights to earth the same as them (the important part is mineral rights hmm how many her have that ? today you only rent the land now with knowledge we can take a new look at things and chart a new corse for mankind here is an example after a shooting and finale Security plan put in place Imho this will work well a different way
  6. Well ive been all over this earth no holes in it no edge it lays out and plots just like it should if it a sphere its not a perfect sphere when you look at it more like an egg but flat roflmfao ya sure hmm i wounder if flat earth believers get lost a lot ? hmm
  7. Hmmm I’m real surprised anyone would give this a second look roflmfo flat earth ya sure
  8. I’m really getting tired of this shit another shooting compliments of gun free zone I say open the schools up teach gun safety sport shooting in schools and let any one who wants to carry can I’ll bet the schools will become a friendly place again
  9. Roflmfao beatle juice beetle juice beatle juice
  10. Is Rosenstein Himmlers son ?

    Well at this point anything is possible ya just pick up crumbs and see where they go l got to tell ya this type of mind fu k is just the kind of things These sickies would do lol