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  1. I would take that m f we to court for stomping your 1st amendment rights you could own that home you were building lawyers would do that for a piece of the action I would make them pay dearly for that Arrogance
  2. I'll tell ya kinda spooky
  3. Today they're starting a emergency tornado warning drill kind of strange for day and time 4-20 at 2:45 pm local time in the warning message it said another test will occur at 630 pm local time i have never see drills like this before Hmm. Very strange
  4. From what I have read they are trying to figure out what side of the sun earth will be on approach they say the last time earth was on the opposite side of sun I've also read that the deep shelter will be destroyed when the crust slips
  5. https://youtu.be/3sJpil0BfY0 pole shift new report https://youtu.be/ybL2KOVKXQo pics of Planet X new at your door
  6. It's on I say to night anyone know moon stage in nk?
  7. Trump also said he will not telegraph his moves hmmmm
  8. Lil Kim is going to sit with them while the strike happens he figures they wouldn't kill him with witnesses imho
  9. Hmm sheppy i see him doing exactly what he said he would the words u see are doing nothing more the feed the soap opera actions are made to provoke a response the tommies were to start a investigation only you need hard proof to indict mcstain and company the moab is a message to kimmy u can run but u can't hide russia and china r in board with us or none of this shit would be happening
  10. Hmm I'm feeling peace and great comfort remember nothing is as it seems and everything is on time stressing your self out solves nothing calm down an try putting an adventure together all the tv news and news is nothing more than a soap opera relax
  11. Oh yes cin wars and roomers of war keep an eye on the new embassy
  12. If it was up there do you really think the us would allow it now let's get real
  13. 10 day hold on deposit more then 10 k
  14. Hmm you need hard evidence to convict high power people hmm did Russia tell the us where to look if I was McCain graham or Klobuchar I'd be looking for a place to hide