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  1. Hmm so you don’t know who’s bringing this shit in watch this I know it’s long jam packed with info
  2. Well then all that’s left is bull shit imho hmm would get lost useing their nav math lol
  3. Hmm walk softly I will miss you and you are one of the ones that have changed my life your thoughts and morals will be missed as for fe it’s just wrong i have walked on and navigated all around this world ( air land and sea ) never seen the edge or anything that would suggest it is anything else but a sphere the navigation math doesn’t work out the true shape of the earth is egg shaped and the navigation works that way i see fe as more of a mk ultra experiment or some type of miss direction if the fe is true to their belief they should put their money where ther mouth is and open and pay to put out their Grand theory out or maybe published a paper imho it’s not a public Fourm topic
  4. Hmm cin when you block the truth it is censorship when you block total lies it’s called cleaning up She’s angry because no one will go there roflmfao
  5. Hmm did we not learn anything from NK? what we will find is McStains fingerprints on Iran Imho this is bigger than obummer
  6. I don’t point fingers and we’ll see what happens
  7. Right on the money this is how I see it also the spooks are falling by day now imho the Mid East problem will soon be gone stand by for a sky event not sure what that will be
  8. thoth

    The First Amendment is disappearing

    Hmm interesting topic dose the 1st amendment include a voice of anonymous origin? hmm on the internet most aren’t even american roflmao hmm ham radio and broadcast media are licensed hmm so their responsible for what they say hmmm What’s wrong with this picture
  9. Well haters gonna hate but ya can’t eat hate as far as I’m concerned cut the cash off to all of them and start over once they get hungry they’ll quit hmm i wounder how much the population would decrease if the us stopped doing business there
  10. thoth

    Follow Up to Yesterday's C-130 Crash

    Hmm i thought G and Hs were a gunship frame in my time
  11. thoth

    Follow Up to Yesterday's C-130 Crash

    Hi guys what you have here is a classic #1 engine failure #2 engine taken out by #1 low air speed put them in a serious left yaw un recoverable not enought rudder to compensate jmho done it a 1000 times in a sim
  12. Hmm sheppie it appears this was the setup iran took Obama’s money set up nuk factory’s in Syria the plan was to nuke us and blame on Russia to trigger watch the vids quite inlighting
  13. thoth

    Iran is the next game of chicken

    This Iran thing is not a game of chicken its the real deal in fact it appears to be the end game sum of all fears
  14. New Q posts state tha U 1 is source of their raw materials EU has been informed trump knows and put on notice it seems it was put in place to start ww3 and blaming Russia quite nefarious enjoy

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