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  1. They do it low key this looks like the clock has started
  2. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    Hmmm here is how the locals see it The community is under seige been bulding up to this representative Keith Elision is from this very area Any other line is shilling and trying to cover up imho
  3. Minneapolis Woman Fatally Shot By Police

    Ok some time has pasted and here is some more of the story
  4. Hmmm anyone think it just might be there are more kids in that group now than when the 1st numbers were put out? and 2nd could it be Mother Nature just weeding out the week and stupid lol that was a joke
  5. Hmmmm nothing is as it seems ive found that people only use threats if their going down its the quiet ones that need to be watched
  6. Minneapolis Woman Fatally Shot By Police

    He is good catch I was just going to post his name shit may just fly on this one ☝️ Its all over the news here
  7. Hmm I see you all forget what's Happening at Yellowstone it would be wise to have supply's in place all I have left is fresh water 💦 i still say large inbound object its starting sept 23rd we should know more
  8. Looks like f4s taking off at night to me
  9. Daily Mail talks flat earth!

    Wider at equator than poles Squashed
  10. Daily Mail talks flat earth!

    Roflmfao i think it is a test to figure out if a good argument is presented how many will follow hmm calculating the bull shit factor me I think their bat shit crazy imho
  11. Hmm so Babylon seems to me we've read this story hmmm dosent work out so well in that one I wounder if we'll document this one well enough for the next cycle to break it
  12. Roflmfao where else can you be 50% wrong and still keep your job weather change is one of the only thing you can count on <shakes his head
  13. Hmm obama care death panels speak
  14. Hmm I to am tired also is this the start of a nation wide petition for recall of political slim balls all you need is enough signatures
  15. I didn't read the whole thread but this crossed my mind just maybe they should know a little more about each other before u bump Peepes (having sex ) roflmao i knew someone that the girl got ruff with the guy and he didn't like it hmm make sure who u sleep with door swings both ways
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