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  1. That whole staten island thing is one of the better "mandela effects". I'm 100% positive that there was never a way to drive to staten island, I took a trip there years ago. If you could drive to the statue of liberty, I would have! But there was no road.. and a ferry just seemed like too much of a hassle.
  2. I always wonder.. What are things gonna be like 50 years from now? Are we going to look back on this time as the second dark ages? A time when the population believed (hook line and sinker) in science fiction. A time when priests of science preached to the masses how insignificant all human life is. How everything beautiful and meaningful in our lives amounted to nothing more than a speck of dust on the bottom of the universal boot. We'll understand the world we live in, we'll understand how important each and every human life is. We'll KNOW that what we're experiencing in this life is special, and was most definitely not an accident.
  3. That guy's presentation is one of the better FE evidence compilations I've seen! Here's a little song who's lyrics seem oddly relevant to FE (I first heard this song from a mountain biking video): Some excerpts: "Take the ride, if we get divided, you and I can't fight it" "Everyday we come along But it's coming anyway You can take the wall down We've still got nothing on the moon Everybody knows that No one really knows at all" EDIT: Hope that's not too much of the lyrics.
  4. Thanks JJ! It's good to be here, I really admire the effort you put in for others. I myself also work for truth, but I do it through helping people to understand who/what we are/why we're here. I leave flat earth up to you gladiators. I found the pic I took while I was on that flight! Even taking an iPhone camera and possibly bulging window into consideration, I'd say its a nice pic of our home. Here it is: http://postimg.org/image/afj5sj2et/
  5. Yup, I was trying not to let the windows skew my vision lol but its like looking through a fisheye lens and trying not to notice
  6. Who here's been on a commercial airline flight since accepting FE? Its such a mind twist to look out the window at cruising altitude.. I felt like my mind was purposely trying to make me see something other than a never ending flat plane. But that's probably just the remnants of the indoctrination we go through when we're young. Seeing the earth as it is, for me is "infinitely" more awe inspiring than the science fiction that's spewed by NASA and co.
  7. Those kind of revealing tidbits in the mainstream media are really interesting.. especially when you consider what the motives would be. There's an insinuation in that particular commercial that ball earth deception is something that's inherently "wrong", but it comes from an organization that obviously holds some modicum of power and wealth in the world.. Makes me think that there's some kind of subtle, quiet rebellion going on within the "ballers" so to speak. My 2 cents.