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  1. But EU is real science that can be duplicated in the lab. Anyway, your debate, your call. I'll keep the time and try to scramble for links if I can.
  2. The Electric Earth guy is coming from the EU perspective, which does in fact answer a lot of "show stoppers" BEers typically use. However, it would be a different topic to cover, being Big Bang against EU. But I might through out the link to EE's channel somewhere in the debate if one of the "show stoppers" (e.g. eclipses) comes up.
  3. Maybe the only link we'll need is to the 50 Points, eh? I should try and have a list of links ready otherwise, but I'm not sure which ones I'll need.
  4. Seems to me the Electric Earth guy did a video on the eclipses.
  5. And I will fully support you however I can. Keeping watch over the time doesn't seem like much, and I've been sorely tempted to tell a certain person where he could stick a timer, but I'm holding off for your sake. After than, they can eat my dust.
  6. True. But self-exposure for them is like expecting to see people at a nudist colony blush.
  7. I'll be surprised if the debate actually happens. I'll be even more surprised if it's done fairly. I'll be utterly shocked if the "voting" isn't stacked with a gazillion BEers. After last night's chat with "Mike" on Tesla (which was a huge disappointment), "Mike" launched into a sneering, cackling rant against FE that went on and on and on, and the chat mod did nothing to stop it. I left the room in disgust at that point, so who knows when it finally stopped. So while our side has to be civilized and prepared, I don't have any hope of it being an honest debate, and I expect another wild rampage when the official time is over.
  8. Yes, but the sun is moving left to right, so it will be necessary to pan the scope a little,
  9. We've seen videos showing the sun's light diminishing at the edges as it disappears over the horizon, which should not be possible if the sun is 93 mil. miles away; it should show even lighting as far to the left and right as anyone can see, because it allegedly lights half the earth's sphere. I've also seen some that show the sun doing a slight hook to the right at sunset, as we'd expect if it's going in a circle pattern above a flat earth. A couple things about the telescope watching the sunset: I'd expect the sun to move off to the right from where it disappeared over the horizon. Also remember the distortion of the atmosphere and limits of optics, which is why we can't see Mt. Everest from the US no matter how good a telescope we might have. And of course, make sure you have a good solar filter on that scope.
  10. Yes, water will thin out as far as it can, so yes, there must be some kind of container. We just don't know what that is, but it sure makes more sense than water sticking to a spinning ball.
  11. There's nothing to prevent a flat earth from having a torroidal magnetic field, so I still don't know why the shape of the earth poses a problem re. water. As for the edge, nobody's been there (that's lived to talk about it), so nobody knows whether there's really an ice wall. Re. the firmament, that's more of an issue with the heavenly bodies and their movements. I think it's more like what we'd call a force field.
  12. We observe the phenomenon, but mainstream science cannot explain how it works. Nobody denies that things fall, but only that "gravity" is an explanation. It's really just a description. I'm not one who says "I don't believe in gravity" because that gives the impression we don't think things fall to the earth. The best mainstream physics can do is invent invisible, undetectable, magical entities called "gravatons". I personally think electromagnetism is a much better explanation. See the videos I posted the other day in this thread for some good, short explanations.
  13. Why would water fall off into space on FE but not on BE?
  14. Yes... almost dividing the earth in half.
  15. I don't think any FEer has stated the depth of the earth's crust, and that image is just *one* conception of FE, not all of them. I linked it to show what I meant by a "cone" and how this *could* account for vulcanism. So I don't see a conflict with actual drilling depths, especially since nobody has gone deeper than about 8 km.