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  1. My side of the story I was 2thePoint at DoomJunkie. I met The Comedian there, and we became friends due to similar viewpoints on political and religious topics. Though I was formerly at GLP I never interacted with him there and didn't know him at all. Neither have I ever been friends with any mods at GLP, nor was I recruited by anyone for any purpose whatsoever. And the same was true at DJ; no one sent me there, no one invited me there, no one paid me or recruited me to do anything to DJ or any other forum. And I'd never have accepted such an offer if it were made. There were DDoS attacks at DJ, and The Comedian made offers to help them. He even set up a temporary free-hosted board so we could all communicate while DJ was down. He and I both supported Shep and Cinn the whole time. Everything was fine at DJ until one particular Jew-bashing thread became heated. The next thing I knew, TC and I were being accused of working together to ruin DJ, and when we both left in disgust at being thrown under the bus for merely having unpopular opinions, they said we "flounced", a favorite accusation of Shep's and Cinn's. A fair amount of time passed, and eventually I stumbled upon COP. It looked like a nice place but I realized it was being run by Shep, who seemed to gloat that DJ was now having trouble after he had a falling out with the other admin there (DJ has sinced died, and I assure you I had nothing to do with that). But I decided to give him and Cinn another chance. I chose a different username because I rarely use the same name in different boards, to help keep trolls from following me. I had had bad experiences with a mod from GLP who had been sending me hate mail after they got me banned. Once again, everything was fine for a while, and this time I befriended Cryptic Mole. He and I clashed at first but then became friends. But then some drama developed between CM and Shep/Cinn, and they ASSUMED, again, that he and I were working together to ruin COP. So they made up a rule about "advertising" for innocent links to my own website that doesn't sell anything, and they began pelting me with penalty after penalty for every instance where I ever posted a link. They never gave me a chance to comply but simply banned me for having too many infractions. That was dirty. And you can still see the many instances of "advertising removed" in my old posts here. So then the drama moved to LOP, where people claiming to be CM or Han or who knows who else were throwing accusations in all directions. Many rumors were flying and I didn't know whom to believe, but some were trying to make me distrust Jibby Jedi; it didn't work. Eventually Shep emailed me and asked me to come back to COP as he had gotten rid of CM and had realized I wasn't working with CM after all. But once again the drama flared up, this time over the flat earth topic, and I left for good. Now I see that CM is back and I'm being slandered again by Cinn, who thinks I'm some shill or forum wrecker. On my honor and I'd swear on a stack of Bibles: I never tried to hurt anyone, never tried to divide people, never tried to ruin anyone's forum, and have no interest in any the mind games and gossip. I just try to mind my own business and enjoy the same right to free speech as anyone else, and make friends with people, not knowing who may or may not be a fake or a forum wrecker. If anyone was using me and pretending to be my friend, I had no clue. But at this point I think this must have been the case, though I still don't want to believe it. All I know is that LIES have been told about me for a long time. So I will give them no more chances, and I don't expect them to ever admit what they've done in stabbing me in the back like this, over and over again. I just wanted someone to know the whole true story, as opposed to the slanderous tripe being told about me. I was happy here at COP and hated to leave, as I have friends here. But I will never set foot in this place again because of what Shep and Cinn have done to me. All I ask is that no one edits what I've written here. Challenger 2thePoint
  2. But EU is real science that can be duplicated in the lab. Anyway, your debate, your call. I'll keep the time and try to scramble for links if I can.
  3. The Electric Earth guy is coming from the EU perspective, which does in fact answer a lot of "show stoppers" BEers typically use. However, it would be a different topic to cover, being Big Bang against EU. But I might through out the link to EE's channel somewhere in the debate if one of the "show stoppers" (e.g. eclipses) comes up.
  4. False Flat Earth Arguments

    Regardless, I did not misrepresent your words as you typed them, which may or may not match the words as you thought them. But I'm not going to belabor the point. You might want to visit some of our existing FE threads to see what arguments we actually make before continuing with one on bad arguments we don't make.
  5. Maybe the only link we'll need is to the 50 Points, eh? I should try and have a list of links ready otherwise, but I'm not sure which ones I'll need.
  6. False Flat Earth Arguments

    Misrepresentation includes the meaning that a person deliberately twisted something, which I did not; your inference was not accurate.
  7. Seems to me the Electric Earth guy did a video on the eclipses.
  8. And I will fully support you however I can. Keeping watch over the time doesn't seem like much, and I've been sorely tempted to tell a certain person where he could stick a timer, but I'm holding off for your sake. After than, they can eat my dust.
  9. False Flat Earth Arguments

    I fight ignorance... and the perpetuation of lies. Be butt hurt over people waking up if you prefer.
  10. False Flat Earth Arguments

    Nice. Thanks for dissing a lot of members here and siding with this snarky noob.
  11. False Flat Earth Arguments

    Misrepresenting? You're judging my intent with your first post here? How about considering that maybe you didn't explain whatever you mean very well, or I misunderstood? The globe free floating in space has ZERO to do with the situation you described as pertaining to what water does. I'm stopping there with your 'lols' and snotty attitude. You must be from LOP or someplace like that.
  12. True. But self-exposure for them is like expecting to see people at a nudist colony blush.
  13. False Flat Earth Arguments

    1. Water only forming spheres in freefall does not explain how it sticks to the surface of a sphere under gravity; these two situations are unrelated. Likewise, centrifugal force has nothing at all to do with gravity, as the formula for calculating gravitational force only concerns mass and distance, not motion. If indeed the earth were a spinning ball and then suddenly stopped, there would be no effect whatsoever on gravitational pull. 2. If there is no resistance in the alleged vacuum of space, then there should be no resistance upon a rocket's reentry from the vacuum to the atmosphere. Yet mainstream science insists that there is indeed much resistance at reentry, necessitating heat-resistant shielding on the atmosphere-facing surface of the craft. 3. I've never seen any FEer make this claim, so listing it as a "false and potentially false FE argument" is choosing a fringe claim. 4. This has been discussed here, have you looked at the FE threads yet?
  14. I'll be surprised if the debate actually happens. I'll be even more surprised if it's done fairly. I'll be utterly shocked if the "voting" isn't stacked with a gazillion BEers. After last night's chat with "Mike" on Tesla (which was a huge disappointment), "Mike" launched into a sneering, cackling rant against FE that went on and on and on, and the chat mod did nothing to stop it. I left the room in disgust at that point, so who knows when it finally stopped. So while our side has to be civilized and prepared, I don't have any hope of it being an honest debate, and I expect another wild rampage when the official time is over.
  15. Yes, but the sun is moving left to right, so it will be necessary to pan the scope a little,
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