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  1. Right you are, I just always assumed the 5th estate was the msm (thanks CBC). lol.
  2. I interpreted this means the 5th estate columnists (aka MSM) which the CIA directs. Others say he's talking to the 5th Column. ???
  3. Because it's what he does. The challenge of it must have him dizzy with glee and I'd bet my last dollar he's having the time of his life. I felt a huge sense of relief when he was safely sworn in.
  4. It should be taken seriously. If she gets away with that others will take it further.
  5. A Tulikivi costs ~$15K this looks much easier.
  6. My own def of a snowflake would be a Millennial with many participation ribbons but no job. Each one is different but the only self definition they have is they aren't all the same.
  7. I'm a little hesitant to answer that, I know what snowflakes are but only by descriptions I read online. All the young adults I know are hard working savvy people well connected to their opinions. From what I've been reading a snowflake is an overly sensitive unemployed young adult living in Mom's basement and avoiding the student loan bills. I know of no one that fits that description.
  8. Right you are WOMEN’S MACRH D.C.: ACTRESS ASHLEY JUDD READS POEM CLAIMING TRUMP HAS ‘WET DREAMS’ ABOUT IVANKA, COMPARES HIM TO HITLER The sore losers will be swatted aside like the shit flies they are.
  9. No thank goodness lol.
  10. Pretty boy will have to man up but I ain't holding my breath lol.
  11. I agree, I had to learn the hard way to not have an opinion. Just smile and nod when politics are being discussed or risk being called a Hitlerite. Common sense is reasserting itself in the US and I keep reminding myself Canada is usually about 4 years behind.
  12. Bought my hubby a massive sub woofer for the shop stereo thinking to keep the decibels outside. That bass sure can penetrate walls.