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  1. United Airlines is considering a program that pays passengers to give up their booked seats so that the carrier can resell them for a higher price to other fliers. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-travel-briefcase-united-sell-seats-20170714-story.html I can't think of a better reason to never book with United. Are they retarded?
  2. Nuthin' Fn Works!

    That made me laugh I'd want to vent too. I have a car that's been parked out by the wood shed for over a year, nothing wrong with it, other than sitting for so long, batteries dead. So being cut off from the world, can't go anywhere, I'm looking around for some thing to do and thought jump starting the car and getting it mobile would be a good idea. We hook up the cables and get it running but the brakes are seized on. I stall it. Hubby brings the truck back we jump it again. I manage to move it to the driveway, go back and forth trying to wear the corrosion off. Stall it. Get the truck, jump it again. So I'm getting a little pissy and start dumping the clutch, dig a hole in the gravel, stall the car, get the truck... that was when my sweetie took the keys away. And there the car sits.
  3. Usually only for the first 2 or 3 years, after that any cause is covered.
  4. Another one. Klaus Eberwein Found Dead Before Testifying Against Clinton Foundation Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7ee_1500071020#tkdX8qvxGeIMyBEb.99
  5. We -as a society- believed the lies against all evidence and allowed it to happen.
  6. No she is not damaged goods although I know where you're coming from. Other people will view her as so. + 1 million Cinn.
  7. Thanks! To further elaborate http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/07/12/NA071317Unlocking-Canadas-Future-Growth-Through-Infrastructure So in short, the IMF is going to lend money to multi-nationals to take over Canada's infrastructure and Canadians will owe them the money + interest for it. And Trudeau is spinning it like a good thing. Welcome to Greece.
  8. Indeed. Canada is being targeted by the economic hitmen. Privatize profit and socialize debt. Trudeau is neck deep in it.
  9. Sad. I can't imagine the distress of being in such a position. The rapist needs to be castrated. I'm pretty good at turning bulls into steers and would gladly volunteer. My knives and skill may be a little rusty tho. I knew a young native girl, 12 also, who was raped by either her father or brother, she wouldn't say which. Her mother forced her to keep the child. I can't imagine either her or the baby had a decent life.
  10. Kid Rock's checkered past will be a liability, his opponents will be all over that like a fat kid on a smartie. But he squeaky clean compared to the incumbents.
  11. I feel confidant saying most women prefer work to menstruating.
  12. A report from Business Insider reveals that the most expensive and widely distributed brands are quite a disappointment. Dasani and Nestle are simply pumped from local water sources (often in drought-stricken places like California). Aquafina comes straight from public water sources. SmartWater is pretty smart when it comes to making a buck – it’s simply municipal tap water that has been purified. http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/favorite-brand-bottled-water-actually-come-07132017 I'm fortunate to have a well in a rural area, but a majority only have tap water and bottled water. Knowing just what (you think) you're buying can be helpful.
  13. We're still disobeying evac order and it's calm. But it's interesting from a preparedness angle. When all the fires started last Friday we filled up the vehicles and jerry cans, now there isn't a gas station around with fuel. There's one grocery store open and the shelves are empty. The town is under evac alert and many have left, looting going on and cops are very serious about if you leave you do not get back in, hwys closed except a N bound lane out. I know one woman who's house was robbed, they took all the food, weapons and ammo, that's it. We've been pitching in, hubby is on spark watch and I've been cooking for the ones fighting the fires, all locals no help from the gov, they are stretched to the max on the big fires, one expected to turn towards town today. High winds and lightening storm forecast. Prepping is essential. It's not even 'prepping' it's just stocking up when there are sales, rotating stock and placing yourself in a position of self-reliance. eta, no atms or debit/credit are working. Even if there was fuel or food available you won't get any without cash or begging for charity.
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