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  1. Turncoat I think is the adjective. Traitor works too.
  2. Gaah, didn't look to see this was already posted. 4 hrs before me lol.
  3. I'm not convinced of that, if they were all in league, what need for wars or any charade at all? If de-population is the agenda, then they just do it if there's no legit opposition. They don't even have to be subtle about it, just release some lab created virus on an int'l flight and let it go. They can even sell a vaccine for $400 a pop only they know if it'll work. Chances are not but at that point, if they start it they aren't wanting to fix it, just make money off it. But I guess my point was, China is now on board with Trump. With Syria down, the Arabs and Qatar will have their pipeline to the EU and Russia's lng will be for sale very cheap, paid for with all those trillions of fossil dollars China holds of course. Check and mate unless Putin has a plan.
  4. Another nuke test no doubt, every time N Korea gets a little hungry Uncle Sam ponies up a few million barrels of crude. Sorta obvious though that the one country that has nukes and has threatened the US is the only one to not be liberated from an evil dictator. So it looks like China has been given a role in the theatre and will get to spend their petro dollars on Russian lng. I just wonder what Vlad will have to say about all this.
  5. Lead by example. Vote with your wallet. It's the only thing the globalists respect.
  6. Good stinking you're a fart smeller (please don't take the wrong, it's a smart ass way of saying I agree with you) I hadn't considered that aspect but you're right, if we can follow the dialogue you can bet Putin is 10 steps ahead.
  7. Maybe. I don't believe it's a winning strategy as Putin will call the bluff. I'm wondering what Trump said to Xi that he sat quietly through the Syria attack and now China turns on N Korea. The US's biggest problem is Russia and China aligning against NATO but what has China to gain but their own self interest. That doesn't necessarily mean Russia. In fact, going complete woo-woo, the US can promise China Russia's energy as long as the Saudis gain the European market via Syria. And of course it's all bought and sold in fossil dollars.
  8. Kushner is getting rid of everyone against a Syrian war. Beginning to sound to me like Trump was selected to play prez (maga blah blah) and the price is he has no control of foreign policy.
  9. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” -Sun Tzu US Military needs to shut up.
  10. They called her a whore because she's Trump's wife. That's so stupid they deserve to be slapped. I mean really? Call a possible future FLOTUS a whore? Talk about trying to sway elections lol.
  11. Anne Frank, whose diary we all had to read in 6th grade. Written in bic pen two years before bic pens were invented. Alrighty then.
  12. Quite possibly even probably. The illusion of an enemy must be maintained to instill fear into the hearts of the taxpayer. If so my question is redundant and the Mole is right.
  13. Two options come to mind. 1-He is a dirt bag and UAL's stock crashing can be blamed on him 2-Smear job. The timing is suspect. UAL's stock was shorted massively before 9/11