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  1. looks like they have it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Chickweed-Amish-Country-Essentials/dp/B00I8AQ82I
  2. I'll soak my 9mm rounds in pork and post a sign if my town starts to get any *******.
  3. Well, urine goes into a special bag that is near the boot, i'm sure blood can go to the same place. But to make a special poop catcher could be a bit harder to come up with.
  4. Perhaps this is in connection with the Earth vibrations that happened the other day?
  5. More violence by the liberals. That is all they understand.
  6. With the discoveries of further out planets in our solar system, like Sedna that orbits our Sun every 11,400 years, it could be possible. Next fly by of Sedna is 2072 or so. And if Sedna is really Nibiru, then we may have our reasons for floods and disappearances of civilizations due to its passing. My grand niece should be alive when this happens.
  7. I would assume there are no cell phone videos if people are fleeing from certain death. Maybe 1 out of 1000 would stop...press the camera app...make sure it is on video mode....hit the record button and frame up the shots to video a killer....as he shoots. Maybe someone did try to record it but was killed for being an idiot.
  8. Love it! Triumph is one of my most favorite comics.
  9. DeLay: FBI 'Ready to Indict' Hillary

  10. Hands up! Don't shoot!

    It does look like he was reaching. Could he have reached to make them shoot him?
  11. Sooo. he inserted it before the hijacking....How did he know what was going to happen. He took pictures.....umm. so he shit out his phone and took pictures. Not buying it.
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