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Well they won that one but a lot more to go. This story has a lot of good links in it.

Also Shep the bill has your 2's in it SB2323




A tsunami of opposition was able to derail an extreme bill in Hawaii, known as SB2323, that would have treated homeschool families as guilty until proven innocent. Among other controversies, the scheme would have required background checks and child-welfare investigations of all homeschool parents to determine whether they are suitable for raising their own children. It also would have required state approval before a family could homeschool. Unfortunately for homeschoolers, the author of the bill vowed to submit a new one in the next legislative session. 

Citing several “high-profile abuse cases,” the lawmaker behind the legislation, Democrat State Senator Kaialii Kahele, suggested parents were by nature suspicious — especially if they want to be in charge of their children's education. As such, under his bill, parents would have been subjected to intrusive state screening before being “allowed” to remove their children from government education. Almost incredibly, the senator described the public schools as a “layer of protection,” apparently with a straight face. He also described home education as a “loophole” through which parents were being allowed to remove their children from the alleged “protection” of government.
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February 22, 2018  
District Will Suspend Kids Who Leave Class To Protest Florida Shooting  

‘We Are Here For An Education And Not A Political Protest’


NEEDVILLE, TX (CBSDFW.COM)  (video)— “We are here for an education and not a political protest.” That’s is the message from Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes Tuesday in response to a call by political groups for students to walk out of class to protest gun issues in the wake of the Florida school shooting.
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Today, a high speed solar wind stream is passing just south of Earth, making grazing contact with our planet's magnetic field. This is causing something unusual to happen. Around the poles, Earth's magnetic field has been ringing like a bell. Rob Stammes recorded the phenomenon from his magnetic observatory in Lofoton, Norway.

"Ths morning, the magnetic field around our observatory (as measured by ground currents) was swinging back an forth with a 100 second period," says Stammes. "This very stable oscillation went on for more than an hour."

This is quite different from what normally happens when a solar wind stream hits Earth's magnetic field. Here is an example of Stammes' recordings during a regular geomagnetic storm. Compared to the cacophany of a normal storm, this morning's event was a sweet pure tone.



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I was thinking, what exactly is going to be considered failing a mental-health eval for guns? Who exactly is to decide? To me it's akin to the question of--who gets to say what is fake news and what isn't?

Also, although raising the age to 21 will remove guns from plenty of irresponsible 18-20 year olds (who probably have them illegally anyways, but what are facts), this ruins it for a lot that have learned to be completely responsible carrying and firing a gun. Bump-stocks just pose a bigger threat to gov. Have any even been used in a school shooting? IDK. Just thoughts that concern me because it seems like Trump is serious, but I already know the answers anyways I guess. 

I don't even own a gun but I should.
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Colton Haab, a student who survived last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, refused to participate in a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night after he was told to ask a “scripted” question.

Haab, a junior at the high school, told Fort Lauderdale ABC affiliate WPLG that CNN invited him to speak at the televised town hall in nearby Sunrise, Florida, and that he and his parents had dressed up for the occasion.

But CNN then told Haab he would have to read a question that CNN had prepared for him.


As I said yesterday. We've seen enough with this event to clearly know something is up... Not buying any of it. It happened for a reason!
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Feb 21, 2018  

The Astounding Mars Earth Connections That Simply Cannot Be Coincidence

What is transpiring on Mars is becoming less of the stuff of science fiction and moving into the realm of jaw-dropping reality. However, the inhabitants of that red planet appear to be trying to communicate with a human species whose leaders are unwilling to disclose the truth to an unwitting public. Yet, what those human leaders do not understand is that these creatures are not benevolent nor friendly. As we will see, Mars is not what it appears to be. This Cydonia explanation draws heavily upon mythology — mostly Egyptian, Greek and Roman, but also native North and South American. All these cultures have common elements, especially the story of a Great Flood, but unlike the reliable, inspired record in the Bible, they represent distortions of an event in mankind’s memory. Flynn’s goal was to uncover the common truth behind the distortions.

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February 21, 2018  

The Koch brothers & corporate interests are at the helm of an effort to privatize VA in order to make money at the expense of  

The secretary of veterans affairs, David J. Shulkin, for a year enjoyed rare bipartisan support in Washington as he reformed his department, but now officials in the Trump administration are trying to replace him.

An email sent in December by Jake Leinenkugel, the White House senior adviser on veterans affairs, expressed frustration with Dr. Shulkin and listed ways to topple the leadership of his department once key legislation was passed.



The VA, brought to you by KOCH, another FINE-TUNED Liberal MACHINE

(video clip)

 (video clip)
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This is a long read but is well written and informative.

More at link,





“The United States has been under the complete control of the “Very Deep State” (much deeper than Deep State) for decades. The “Very Deep State” (VDS) uses the alphabet soup agencies of the U.S. Intelligence Community to monitor and police every sphere of life in American society.  Just like the Soviet Union of the last century, there are no secrets.  Only now there really are NO secrets anywhere in the 50 states.  Not only is there is a vast network of undercover citizen spies who operate in every county, agents of the VDS are surreptitiously inserted into every organization of note nationwide.  The present National Security State, with its full-spectrum surveillance regime and spying apparatus, actually functions as a full-blown, communist police state (where the FBI=KGB, literally).  The Shadow Government (a clandestine, autocratic and all-powerful global entity), that oversees the U.S. Federal Government, uses Operation Gladio C (via NATO command and control) to manufacture consent via government-sponsored terrorism.  Mass shootings, in particular, are methodically used in this way to terrorize the body politic into supporting draconian measures that erode national sovereignty. Undermining the American Republic is the single most important objective of Operation Gladio C.  Other nations are experiencing their own versions of Operation Gladio C as seen throughout the European Union, the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, Mexico, etc.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer 

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Politics will be in the spotlight again at the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang when Ivanka Trump, daughter, and adviser to President Donald Trump, arrives to view some of the final competitions and serve as the head of the U.S. delegation at the games’ closing ceremony on Sunday.

“All eyes are on any message Ivanka Trump might bring on behalf of her father, amid growing speculations of talks between Pyongyang and Washington following rare inter-Korean rapprochement,” the Korea Herald/Asia News Network reported.


Something to keep an eye on...
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One week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has ordered all deputies in schools to carry rifles on school grounds.

“This morning, I implemented a practice within the Broward Sheriff’s Office and spoke to Mr. Runcie and he’s fully cooperative of my decision, that our deputies who are qualified and trained will be carrying rifles on school grounds from this point forward,” announced Sheriff Israel at a late afternoon news conference. “The only place, people are asking me, where they will not carry their rifle, until we look for gun locks and gun lockers, they only place where they’re not slinging their rifles, they will be allowed to be stored is locked in their police vehicle. So it will be done safely. Only deputies who are trained and qualified will carry those rifles. But we need to defeat any threat that comes onto campus.”

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