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Code of Conduct

This is what we expect from our members. Embrace it and Grow!

We the staff and our members have experienced the worst that ct forums have to offer. And in the hopes of providing what will be an environment free of all the usual drama and games that is usually associated with these types of forums, We present to you our code of conduct.

1. Respect our Admins / Moderators
We provide a service in our free time to keep the forum running efficiently. And we do our best to listen to the needs of our members. While sometimes we may get things wrong we do try to do what is best for the members! So please respect our decisions.

2. Respect your Fellow Posters
This may sound hard to some im sure but you should respect your fellow posters. Especially the ones that you disagree with or that disagree with you. Remember they came to whatever conclusion they did on the many topics through learning and absorbing information. And we cant all take the same path of learning so while they may have come to a very different conclusion as opposed to what you have that does not mean they should not be respected.

3. Regarding Public Questioning of Mod Decisions
We encourage members to query Moderator decisions via PM - first to the Moderator, then to the Admin if absolutely necessary. Public querying serves no purpose but to create a mood of distrust and to publicly question the authority of the Moderators. Please also note that the people doing the querying most often do not know what happened behind the scenes - I'm sure most Moderators will share that if questioned via PM. We do not want to publicly embarrass anyone.

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