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Article Submission Guide

Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must be in English
  • Submissions must be previously Unpublished

Submissions should be well-written, We encourage grace as well as clarity. It is important that Submissions be copy-edited and checked for mistakes carefully before submission. Drafts are not acceptable

In order to ensure diversity of subject matter, approaches, and opinions, Submissions by users who have not published in Conspiracy Outpost's Article Section for at least a year prior to submission are normally given precedence

Submissions will be reviewed by an admin before being published! (Usually within 12 hours) All Decisions are Final

Submission Notes

  • You can embed content from social media and video sharing sites directly into your articles | Click here for a list of sites we support!
  • Our Editorial Team will take care of the article cover image for you! Finding one that matches so you need not worry about copyright!

Feel Free to Contact @Ukshep or @Cinnamon if you have any questions / concerns or tips

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