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    This post does not apply to those who are not doing what I'm about to address. Accusations of censorship. I call you f**kers out as liars. We don't censor ideas. But we do moderate comments that call out other users and are abusive or can otherwise get this site taken offline due to terms of service agreements that we are forced to abide by. If you don't get it, read the Guidelines,which you should have already done. Accusations of making money. Wow. That's a good one. We volunteer countless hours of our time to keep this site open and we have spent countless dollars of our own to keep it online. We don't complain about it, do we? But the second someone thinks we might make any money, which we don't, they start accusing us of ... making money. We don't require membership fees for the many, many perks you get on this site that you will get nowhere else without being forced to pay. Most sites won't even let you send a pm without membership fees. We are not about money. If we were, we'd be long gone. I can tell you that there are very few people who would do what we do, take the abuse that we take and keep this or any other place online. 99 percent would say f**k it all and take it down. I'm just glad that @Ukshep and I, even though we have dealt with a ton of shit, have met some of the most wonderful people in the world on this forum. And it's you that keeps us from becoming demoralized and keeps us from wanting to give up. You're worth every bit of it and never think otherwise. Those that do the nasty things (and other things) that I mentioned above, want us to quit. We're not quitters and unfortunately for you, all the shit you try and throw at us does not stick. It only makes us stronger. I guess I should thank you for that. So, thanks, shit tossers. You can tell me "you're welcome" later.
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    I'm tired of watching cowards come in here and bash the hell out of the American people when we have no chance of changing what is happening with the MIC. It's not in our hands. How much control do you have over your government? I'd say none. Just like Americans have none. The people here for the most part are anti war, so your lumping everyone into a pile of war mongers is less than fair and is just an excuse for you to feel good about yourselves. Isn't it? Keep on hiding behind your keyboard regarding your country of origin. I think you don't have the guts to say where you are from because your country sucks just as bad if not worse than America's GOVERNMENT sucks. Any takers or are you going to keep on being cowards and bashing anonymously? Americans have heard enough of this shit and your blaming people when you know the story is just showing me that you are pissed off at the world in general and Americans are your punching bags. You can bash the U.S. Government all you like, but give us a chance to bash yours, too, because you know they are not angels either, just like we all do. I bash them myself, but when you start on the people as individuals... that's another story altogether. I look at that as just being a bully.
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    MORE THAN 40 FAMILIES PULL CHILDREN FROM SCHOOL THAT FORCED TRANSGENDER LESSON ON 5-YEAR-OLDS Forty-one families have pulled 73 children from the elite Sacramento-area Rocklin Academy charter schools as the board continues to defend a kindergarten transgender lesson several parents say traumatized their 5-year-olds and that parents weren’t told about beforehand. A mother who pulled her son from Grade 6 and daughter from Grade 3 at Rocklin Academy Gateway, where the incident took place, has kept a tally of parents who’ve done likewise. “It was just the tipping point for most families,” the parent, who asked her name not be published, told LifeSiteNews. Some parents pulled their kids “solely for this,” while other had “multiple reasons, but yes, this was part of everyone’s reason,” she said. The controversy erupted after a lesson in which the boy appeared in girl’s clothes and was reintroduced to his kindergarten classmates as a girl. Teacher Kaelin Swaney also read the pro-transgender “I am Jazz” during the lesson, which took place just before summer vacation. A number of parents are upset because they weren’t told about the lesson that has left their children disturbed and afraid they, too, will “change” into the opposite sex. snip The schools reportedly have a waiting list of 1,300, but a friend whose child was 110 on the list for a specific grade at the beginning of this year refused a spot the other day, she said. “So that means they called 110 people before they called her, and they all turned the spot down,” the parent said. The parent wanted to make it clear that those who left or are leaving Rocklin Academy Gateway are “not saying anything hateful or bigoted” regarding the transgender student. “In fact, [many] of us have cried over this poor child because we feel for him. I don’t think he’s in a great situation.” http://www.blacklistednews.com/More_than_40_families_pull_children_from_school_that_forced_transgender_lesson_on_5-year-olds/60952/0/38/38/Y/M.html Every school administrator in that school should be arrested for child abuse. Since when is it okay for a 5 year old to make a decision that will effect him for the rest of his life. But, we all know it's not the 5 year old making these decisions, an adult is..... These people are pushing their religion in the schools with this "transgenderism" which is occult androgyny. Satan is LGBT! “At the heart of hermeticism lies androgyny” By Timothy Fitzpatrick A lot can be gleaned from 19th century French occultist Alphonse Louis Constant’s depiction of Baphomet in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Dogma and Ritual of High Magic), a treatise on ritual magic. First, we see that the androgynous Baphomet, an incarnation of Lucifer or perhaps some other fallen angel, has breasts, and most likely a penis of some sort, although we can’t say for sure. But the double helix definitely indicates some kind of phallus representation. The gods’ (fallen angels, led by Lucifer) hermaphroditism is the result of their supposed alchemical transformation, which they are currently imposing on the masses through large-scale homosexual indoctrination, commonly referred to in the Western world as LGBT (Lestiban, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)—and soon to be, LGBTPB, with pedophilia and bestiality added to these supposed “sexual orientations.” André Nataf writes, in The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult (1988), At the heart of hermetism lies androgyny. Androgyny or hermaphroditism is an awareness of one’s bisexuality and is the ultimate goal of the alchemist’s search. All the disciplines grouped under the general heading of hermetism or occultism—magic, alchemy, initiation, etc.—suppose that the human being, once he is rid of his innermost darkness and lack of understanding, realizes that he is bisexual. This bisexuality is what enables him to relate to other people and the universe. From this point of view, the hermaphrodite symbolizes bisexuality controlled, refined, and harmoniously integrated. https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/satan-is-lgbt/ Good on those parents for getting their children as far away from that satanic institution as they possibly can.
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    When vital government documents are declassified or leaked, the evidence held within those pages are useful tools in getting to the truth of what is really going on in the world. This evidence also assists in validating researchers and investigators who are often are shut down, censored and dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.” The internet is quickly becoming a digital censorship grid, where corporate technological behemoths like Google (who own YouTube) and Facebook rig algorithms (which control search engine results and news feeds) to elevate the information they want you to see and bury the information they don’t want you to see. Videos and Doc Links here: https://alternativeinfotome1.com/2017/09/21/black-and-white-evidence-that-prove-us-government-engaged-in-forced-sterilizations-mind-control-weather-modification-false-flag-operations-and-igniting-wars-videos/
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    At times I can get abusive when I disagree with someone and it's not my favorite quality went through some really ruff times and have to watch pure evil have it's day, which is still no excuse to be abusive if I have ever attacked you ,or been rude ,I truly apologize as we have all heard said we can disagree with out being disagreeable I said from day one it was my privilege to post here and I truly mean it thank you and God Bless
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    On a sort of non esoteric, yet still esoteric level: Paperwork and government interference is driving a lot of people crazy. It robs you of time with family and friends, it makes you scared you'll make a mistake on something they force you to fill out with penalties of 5 years listed by your signature. No one has time to stop and ask Who am I or Why am I here. Most don't even know to ask those questions, anyway. Working in unnatural conditions, eating poison every day instead of real clean food, taking pharmaceuticals, drinking water that is unhealthy, being told if you don't have the latest ... everything, you're not good enough (materialism). And the unrealistic expectations that people are led to believe are normal, in their search for a partner in life That should do it.
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    LIKE i said READ about these games and HOW they were designed in Roman times to keep the people occupied while there were being screwed behind the scenes!! this is all it is today as well, the NWO has used this for years to keep the SHEEPLE happy while fleecing them!! These OVER paid players are just people and they think they are gods!! time for them to be taken down a few notches and shown they are just people like you and I!! F------M!!
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    One player walked out for the anthem # 78 he was an Army Ranger good for him
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    If it’s connected for grid In-feed of excess, then that makes perfect sense. The lineman working on what they expect to be downed, dead, wires can get killed by infeed from solar arrays. It’s happened. Now, if the homeowner is capable of total grid isolation and on-site storage via batteries and inverter, then no one would really know, and to remove all doubt in case someone comes by, remove the meter and block the hole. No “mistakes” can be made that way. Nothing they can say, well, not with any legitimacy anyway.
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    ALL governments are the problem. And they will remain the problem until we the people do something about it. Government was created by men to be our servant. So when did our servant government become our public dictators/masters? On our watch. People need to get it straight in their minds that no piece of paper or government can ever give anyone any rights; only God can do that. Governments are fictional corporations, trading for profit, and as such have no rights. And no "thing" can give away something that they never had and thus had no right to give away in the first place. From the U.S. Declaration of Independence:- "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator* with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." We all need to stop consenting to a criminal corporate government that obviously does not represent we the people. And we all need to unite and get rid of all of their fraudulent and unlawful rules, policies, legislation, etc. and go back to The Law given to us by our Creator to protect us from all of this evil and keep us free. It is not only our right, but our DUTY to get rid of these evil people and their corporate fictions and made-up rules. And with our Creator on our side, we can fight and win this war against the criminal element (the enemy within) that is temporarily ruling over us because we have not only allowed it but fed it. Get yourselves together and stop feeding the beast system [two heads of the same beast: Leviathan (church) AND Behemoth (state/government)]. Stop voting for the "lesser of two evils". And stop sitting idly by while the military murders others abroad and the militarized police murder our own domestically. It doesn't matter what country you're in. Remember and return to The Law (Mal. 4). Keeping and enforcing The Law is our ONLY hope. If everyone was doing that, there would be no corporate fictions ruling over our lives and taking away the very freedoms they claim to be protecting.
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    The civilian population in Yemen is suffering the same fate. The Palestinians, too. Yes, lots hate them because they are Muslims and call them terrorists, but if left alone, they would leave others alone. Though, blowback is always a possibility. Israel bombed the Damascus airport tonight... the drum beats of war continue. If someone stomped into my land and evicted me, then made my life a living hell in every way possible from bursting sewer pipes and letting it flow down my streets, to all manner of cruelty, I can tell you this. I would spend my life until my dying breath getting revenge on those who did that to me.
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    My boycott list is getting so long I'm going to have to buy a loom and make my own clothes.
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    Thank God for super foods, spices and seasonings the real medicine
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    It was nothing more then a failed attempt to create a Leftist CT community. In order to have a CT community, you need a certain thirst for the truth. Leftists are pathological liars, so, without the pursuit of truth, it all falls apart.
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    File this under “You’ve got to be shitting me” Police in Australia are “Missing” FOUR “training rounds” AKA fmj, of pistol ammunition. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/blog/2017/09/23/appeal-locate-missing-training-ammunition-coorparoo/ oh, the humanity...... bunch of pussies
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    Just my two cents. At first I was pretty pissed that Trump injected himself into this controversy as the whole kneeling thing seemed to be dying out and now it's flared right back up again. I thought - this man has far more important things to do than fool around with the NFL, or other pro sports. He needs to be draining that damn Swamp and I took this to be just a diversion from that. And maybe it is. But it's also something else. IT'S ANOTHER REVELATION. By taking certain positions, even if he actually doesn't "do" anything, Trump forces the other side, whatever other side it is, to REVEAL ITSELF. This Sunday we saw the whole NFL, and parts of the NBA and MLB, but especially the NFL, diving right back into this kneeling nonsense. All the owners, even Robert Kraft of the NE Patriots, who should show more personal loyalty to Trump (as Trump showed to him when Kraft's wife died a couple of years back), turned on Trump and supported this insult to the anthem. They've revealed themselves as people who care more about money and social status and making players happy, than they do about this country, despite their show of supporting the military, and more than they do about the customers and fans of the sport. They don't give a crap about us and neither do the players. THAT IS WHAT THEY REVEALED JUST LIKE HOLLYWOOD AND THE NEWS MEDIA HAS. These men - including the owners - are way overpaid for what is, in essence, a CHILDREN'S GAME. We should not be talking about this sport, or any sport, in terms of millions of dollars, especially with so much of this country broken and lying in waste. At best, they should make maybe $100,000 or $200k a year, if that, and the tickets should be cut way way way way way down to what these sports should actually mean in our culture. A pleasant temporary diversion instead of the obsession they have become over the decades. All of this needs to change. The money that is paid to Hollywood, the money that is paid to the media, the money that is paid to business execs, the money that is paid to professional athletes. NONE OF THEM DESERVE THIS. They're only paid these obscene amounts because the system uses them to keep the idea of the American Dream - making tons of money doing little or nothing -- alive and well. They are not actually paid for their services....they are paid as ornaments for what can happen when you support and serve THE SYSTEM. It all has to die. Trump is right. We need to boycott the NFL. The NBA. The MLB. and I would say Hollywood and most of Big Business including Big Pharma. They don't respect us, our traditions, or even our money. WE LIVE IN A TIME OF REVELATION.
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    almost a thousand pages, and not a scintilla of intellectual honesty (ge) to actually admit one tiny point (fe) they are in essence saying that all you fe'ers are the dumbest humans on earth oh i get the ones that have not bothered to read any of this thread, and post one-offs about 'how absurd, we all know its round' but what i do not get is the ones here for hundreds of pages, and have never humbled themselves and simply said: 'good point, that is odd and worth further investigation on my part' how could a person be so wedded to their masters that they forsake all their God-given rights as free men and women, and then have the darkness to demand that others also forsake their freedom and willingly chain themselves to the post it's a disgrace to free humanity
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    No you will, because the people of Syria, who were there and have survived and know precisely what happened, when and why and who, will tell it. And no matter how much the MSM tries to ignore it, that truth will be told, over the coming years, by millions upon millions of them, and they won't shut up. They will tell it in the UN, in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, on the interweb, and other venues, and they will tell it so loudly and so often that by comparison the MSM will seem like King Canute vs the tide. And one thing is going to become crystal clear even to the sheeple: ASSAD HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, EVER. And the US, the Turks, the Saudi's, Israel, Qatar, the UAE, France, the UK and Germany are going to be handed a MASSIVE bill for the rebuild. And many leaders from all of those nations are going to be charged with war crimes trials in The Hague. They may not all succeed, but they will be charged, and indictments will be issued. And this will include Obongo, Hillary Clinton, Cameron, Merkel, Erdogan, as well as many in the militaries and intelligence and diplomatic corps of all those nations. And all those nations are going to be asked to pay those reparations. And if the UN can't force payment, the UN is going to be reformed so that it can, because its unacceptable in the eyes of the world to have this happen, without recompense. The US has done this before and walked away and nothing has happened. Syria is different. It survived, it has the evidence. Its allies have serious intelligence they can use against all those nations. Evidence that would stand up in court. Of course Russia has strategic interests with nations like Turkey and Israel which may prevent it from admitting what it has on those, who knows, let's see. Those cards are yet to be played. But this is the situation. And it's going to be very interesting, to see how the seething rage of the entire Syrian nation, an ancient, civilised and extremely intelligent people, plays this out. Because they're not going to forget this and they're not going to leave it alone. And this is not a news cycle thing. This thing will still be playing out twenty, thirty years from now. The Syrians have been around for thousands of years, what just happened is a blip on their radar. The MSM will try to pretend it's a one year wonder, all done, nothing more to see, move on. The Syrians won't allow that. You watch.
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    I aint gunna miss shiit!never been there!!Fukk LOP.. C.O.P.ER FOR LIFE
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    Guess that makes me a loser then! Who's with me? Anyone?
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    Those fools chasing their balls are fools. You think you get a guaranteed income? Think again when people stop buying your shitty clothes and coming to your stupid games. President Trump turned professional sports into a political battleground Friday night into Saturday morning, directing full-throated ire toward African American athletes who have spoken out against him and prompting a response from the National Football League, its players and the best basketball player in the world. In a span of roughly 12 hours, as the sports world typically would be gearing up for college football and baseball’s pennant races, Trump ensnared and agitated the most powerful sports league in North America and perhaps the most popular athlete in American team sports. His comments set the stage for potential mass protest Sunday along NFL sidelines. At a political rally Friday, Trump called on NFL owners to release players who demonstrated during the national anthem in the manner of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who knelt to draw attention to police violence against African Americans last season. Saturday morning on Twitter, Trump rescinded a White House invitation to Stephen Curry of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, although it is unclear whether the Warriors had been invited in the first place. “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” Trump tweeted at 7:45 a.m. Saturday. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/trump-sticks-to-sports-with-comments-on-nfl-players-and-owners-and-steph-curry/2017/09/23/50e76dd2-a071-11e7-9083-fbfddf6804c2_story.html?utm_term=.ab9afa65b98b
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    The Giant, Underestimated Earthquake Threat to North America The enormous fault off the coast of the Pacific Northwest has been silent for three centuries. But after years of detective work, geologists have discovered that it can unleash mayhem on an epic scale. Now scientists are calling attention to a dangerous area on the opposite side of the Ring of Fire, the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a fault that runs parallel to the Pacific coast of North America, from northern California to Vancouver Island. This tectonic time bomb is alarmingly similar to Tohoku, capable of generating a megathrust earthquake at or above magnitude 9, and about as close to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver as the Tohoku fault is to Japan’s coast. Videos and Info here: https://alternativeinfotome1.com/2017/09/23/4680/
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    "The training ammunition is to be treated as a dangerous item if found and members of the public are urged not pick up or handle the training ammunition." Hahahahaha!!! They make it seem as though it's a landmine.
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    IMO, we would be remiss to outright reject the possibility that (just maybe some of) these pro-establishment characters have an agenda which lies beyond, and potentially even counter to, the scope of mere truth-seeking. One could even throw around terms like jtrig, but directed at none of these characters in specific. Whatever the case, it's easier for me to believe that IF someone has followed this thread and maintains that, after several years of being unable to seriously address a single concern raised herein, they see no flaws with what we were all taught as unassailable truth for our entire lives, then that someone has an ulterior motive, probably financial/professional, for continuing to engage with us "crazies". Most other explanations for such behavior over the course of years are contrived IMO (considering the context of conspiracy boards being high targets for infiltration) and would point to a seriously-deluded individual. And I think higher of the COP crew than that, even the scientism-apologists among us. There are no accusations anywhere in this post.
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    plain and simple, america, along with other industrialized nations, ie canada,uk,germany,etc etc. have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into a system that has been concocted by very wealthy families. america more so than any other country in the world. IMO these forms of indoctrination are done so by pop-culture, hollywood,the music industry, tv, radio and of course the military industrial complex. society then polices itself accordingly.... uneducated people become ignorant and very easily guided into certain beliefs. only 3% of the worlds population has woken up to whats going on. the rest either don't know, want to know or care. they just live their lives. this is how i see it.
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    Perhaps this is adding fuel to the fire, yet I'd like to repost it as there's enough resonant substance here to grab ya and make you think and likely challenge some deep held associations: From a "pined" thread over at that other forum: Been talking about this for Years now, upcoming WW3 You do realize that after WW3 America will be viewed as far more evil than the Nazi's ever were... don't you? Since the plan always was to use America to implant Central Banks in countries that could never fight back, and it's worked, now it's time to destroy America. They have to end the idea of Freedom and Nationality, and they will use America as the example, not Nazi Germany. They will tell stories of how the selfish Americans used their freedom to ignore their own government killing millions worldwide. They ate and watched sports as the drones blow up weddings. Americans ALL say they are in no way responsible for what their own government does, though, they do not waste time blaming every other people for "not doing something about their government." They will say Freedom is evil because... look at what America did with it. They will say Nationalism is Evil because it's America's excuse for killing millions, you know, to protect "national interests". The American people did nothing to prevent this, and have allowed their out of control government to turn on their own people as well. Founded on Revolution, they chose beer and self indulgence of every kind, over cleaning up their own houses. They used freedom to become selfish and myopic. So they can literally blame freedom for this. The Victors write history. Does the Average American REALLY think that the rest of the world hasn't noticed the mass killing, both economic, and literal? Does the Average Joe not think this will be a problem? We created ISIS, Al Qaeda, whatever they want to call it this week. You are an American, your government did it, you do nothing to stop it, YOU have responsibility, like it or NOT. We have been steadily making the world ready for the NWO one country at a time, and the time is nearly here. So when when 95 percent of the world, including the EU, finally turns on America and destroys much of it, enslaving the rest of the remaining population, do you think saying "But it wasn't me! I didn't want it!" will save you? Really? You have been warned.
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    It's the old story ain't it. Demand those who've sworn an oath to protect against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC enforce it. Period. Now. And if their superiors tell them to stand down in performance of that DUTY, that makes their superior a domestic threat, so it's their DUTY to take em out.
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    Very well said sister. The feeling is mutual. I suppose that as a seeker of truth, I am happier to keep trucking on than to keep looking back in the rear view mirror, if you know what I mean. Just sad sometimes I guess. Sick of the evil perversion and lies from every f**king direction. Peace to you sister. Love Ya!
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    All the time. But then I remember that would be selfish as f**k. I have an obligation to kick some evil ass. And it's ok if I don't succeed. At least I am trying. Enough people trying and it kick starts an engine of change. 0-60 in years. Slow. Sure. But in the end you get to your destination. Do what you can and in a few years. Maybe the car will be in our hands instead of the hands of the elite. It's in transit. But to where? Metaphorical Moments...
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    School is the place where the most dangerous programming takes place! We are forced to be there at an unnatural hour (for most), forced to sit there for an unnatural amount of time. Forced to wait for a bell to ring and forced to move and sit in a different place until the bells rings again. Then forced to eat unnatural food, forced to read untrue history, forced to interact with each other. Over and over again, day after day, year after year and then forced to go into the work force.
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    There is a place within us all that we pointlessly guard and defend. We shield this spot with denial and in it festers wounds old and new. We focus on this and it masticates our will. Draining you of life. Sapping your light. Filling you with darkness. The first step is accepting you are not perfect. And that is ok. It's ok to be imperfect. f**k what society says. Own it and learn from it. The hatred comes from this place I mention. It's good to wring this area out and let go. So that it does not fester. We all have barriers of our own design blocking these areas. A type of divine apathy will fill you at the end of the path. Then you are his vessel. There is nothing more to say than. Align with love and feel the vibrations. It won't make sense unless you already know of what I speak. Inner Peace. Tranquility. No Fear. A mindset of morality and law. A mindset of love and respect. A mindset of thriving together. Instead of the few over the many. I don't care what the truth is.... I know what I believe in. And I know that if everyone thought like me. We would enter an age of peace, prosperity, wisdom and things you could only dream of. Why pull man down. When you can help them embrace the side of them that is pure. And turn this planet of death into something that might not be a threat to other life-forms. We are a f**ked up people. That needs to change. The cycles need to stop. Reset the rules. It's time for a different paradigm.
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    I have seen some amazing Russian and American research into the plant world and how they communicate over hundreds of miles. I have seen the Russian experiments where they actually communicated with the plants using electronic equipment. They showed how plants actually have emotions like fear. How soothing music can grow beautiful crops and how plants move away from loud rock and roll music. Don't ever let anyone see you doing this, but take the time to talk to a tree. You'll be surprised to know that it can both hear and understand you. Never ever forget that all matter communicates. Even if you're not hearing it. You've just forgotten how. That's all.
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    I'm probably one of only a few on this forum who will respond with YEAH!
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    Hey, I love you guys - you do an awesome and thankless job, and this is really one of the best forums on the Internet. Maybe THE best! And I've been banned by them all!!!!
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    We had big pictures of presidents and a big copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights hanging on the wall in the school's hall and to I remember bibles in class rooms . Our clothing didn't match we didn't have cell phones ; boys and girls had cooties and each gender had it's own bathroom . Kids were taught about the American dream ; the republic . There was a American flag flown with pride and a state flag flown every day above the school . Schools are now apart of the corporation there for government day camps ! Even most of these children's parents are to young to understand what is the American Dream . Our public schools over the years have gone down hill do to the PC crowd and common core . The Republic a political ideology in it's self has lost traction on the slippery slop of politics The Constitution needs to be upheld at any cost if not our children will give in to what will master them .
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    But no. Let's not look at that, at all. They won't generate fear, which won't generate demand for pointy expensive things, which won't make people who own stock in the arms companies richer, so let's not look at those. The thing I find utterly amazing in all of this, is that geopolitics has been reduced to the level of cartoon caricature. The field where nations build up to war, make treaties, build their economies through trade, is at the level of Warner Bros Bugs Bunny Road Runner episodes, on many fronts. And this has happened so fast, I would not believe it, if it were not the actual, factual reality of what we are living through. This is where mistakes happen that lead to war in a heartbeat. This is where evil thrives and Angels fear to tread. We really truly are living in those times, right now. Today.
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    Kinetic weapon they already told you....that's the weapon they used in GI Joe movie an 1 ton titanium or better yet aluminum spike drop it from upper atmosphere let terminal velocity do The rest in the movie they said tungsten however that would never be cost effective aluminum or atrium alloy however is abundant and highly effective.
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    I was reading about the local team and holy crap people are pissed. I don't think the nfl will survive this. I've never seen fans so mad. Boycotts are happening. Some of the players knelt during our anthem in England and stood up for god save the queen. Wtf?
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    Saw this commercial this morning and thought it was disturbing.
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    It ended, with the mandela effect we just moved into a parallel universe where we're still alive. *mind blown*
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    My father once said: Seeing your errors makes you human. owning your errors makes you a man.. Kudos to you GT, welcome back from the edge.. 👍🏻
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    Cops tell people to run away if they're threatened. This was ridiculous. The cop had no idea what he was doing at some point, he was yelling get down and the guy practically had his back to him at that point and he was still unloading on him. Where was his tazer? They're too quick to shoot because most of them are cowards and scared shitless to do their jobs. They don't need to be cops in the first place.
  46. 5 points
    YUP! She is going to do a reset of her own and it might not be pretty! but probably will get rid of some of the scumbags that need removal!! LOL
  47. 5 points
    Non-terrestrials are here and ARE watching.
  48. 5 points
    Having its roots in such notable figures as Robert Anton Wilson. Pushing and exploring the ideas of alien contact, government cover-ups i.e. Roswell, Mk-Ultra etc. How is it now that 90% of the CT posts on all forums is the same rhetoric pushed by mainstream demagogues like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity. It amazes me that we as a community are so easily duped. Haarp and Cern are not about opening gates for demons. They are about pursuing science to give the elite more and more power that can be used to help mankind but only if we can harness the control of that power from their control. The real conspiracy as I see it is not Satan and his angels trying to avert the apocalypse but the rich doing what they always have, using religion to keep the population divided and fearful. This allows them to control the masses with little to no effort. Look at how few people are protesting in STL. While I am not a BLM supporter I do think the only way change will occur is if all persons, democrats, republicans, Jews, Muslims and Christians lay down their nonsense and join together and protest in mass demanding change. What will that change look like? Even Microsoft spell check supports this nonsense. Jews, Muslims and Christians are not proper nouns yet it forces us to capitalize them for grammatical conformity. Learn history religion of all kinds is not our friend.
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    The more they persecute people for questioning... the more people question. The more they say don't question... any subject... the more people will be curious. They'd be better off just shutting the hell up about anyone who questions the Holocaust, rather than trying to instill fear in them by jailing people over it. They are attracting more attention to it in a way they don't want. Why can I see this and others can't? Many have started questioning it once they found out it was forbidden to do so.
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    I have always been a firm believer in "CHOICE". The world is made full of choices and all anyone has to do is effect that phenomenon. It is my belief that posters / people who complain about this-and-that are doing so with an agenda, there could be no other reason on this earth. Why, because it is quite simple: If you are not in agreement with the rules / guidelines / method of any forum which allows you the freedom to communicate with like-minded people free of charge, or you suspect that your brilliance (that drivel you post) is "sold" by the owners then make that freaking choice and move to a place which accepts your terms and conditions. I am a guest in this "house" therefore I accept the terms and conditions which my hosts want me to abide by. I am also quite clear on the fact that I can quite easily logoff and f-off should I want to make that choice. I am totally convinced that 99.999% of the posters on COP are here because they want to be here - I for one am very happy that you are I learn from everyone. My advice: - If you do not like it here, close the door on your way out. COP will not change the terms and conditions and jeopardize the 99.999% who are happy to be here. Life is full of choices, make yours, like I make mine - mine is to stay here until they drag me screaming from my browser. For the men of COP For the ladies of COP For the paid trouble makers Some added advice..Don't @Cinnamon
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