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    I am extremely pissed off and most of it is due to politics, deep state, wizard of oz behind the damn curtain and STILL we have no ARRESTS OF THESE FELONS, TRAITORS and MASS MURDERERS. So, big whoop, I'm mad. Who cares? I don't care who cares, I AM. And YOU should be too! What are we going to do!? There are legal things where there are no consequences, then it moves up to civil disobedience, where you must be prepared to stand completely alone if charges are brought. We have got to start fighting paper with paper. Someone who knows how has to be on this forum. There are very smart people here. We need to draft our own legislation and make it become law. It takes work to even get close to there as an average taxpaying honest person. Only slimy lobbyists get to dine at fancy restaurants, get them drunk at lunch and give them tickets to the superbowl, with promises of more and more. Screw you citizen until that gets fixed we don't stand a chance. Rant off. Hope that made sense, if not, use your imagination. lol Heinekin is good sometimes.
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    Chin up, man, I don't stop until I am no longer breathing.
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    You are obviously playing stupid or trying to shove some revisionist history down our throats..
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    BULLSHIT! If a building fell due to fire, it would have toppled, not collapsed into its own footprint. The same is true for the Twin Towers.
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    In short: Incorrect selection, incorrect evaluation, not taking cognisance of "tools" such as a quality PPA. A good salesman never makes a good manager unless he has the necessary soft skills and is sent on quality management training and is then eased into a position with relevant coaching and performance evaluation. In many years of business consulting I have found that a lot of these narcissistic managers mostly "fit" into the organisational culture. An organisation' culture permeates from the CEO / CFO. "Like-minded" is the excuse used for assholes to employ and deploy assholes. Once a CEO of a big company asked me, after a week's consulting with his management, about respect. "Why do these managers disrespect me?" he asked.( I had already been paid so my answer could not compromise my financial gain. ) - "Disrespect, like respect is something a person earns" I said. Herein lies the big issue for organisations who do not select and train middle management, you eventually sit with narcissistic senior managers who have no soft skills and do more harm than good. The company's employment costs go sky-high because the staff turnover is high and moral and loyalty at a low. These people are called Damagers instead of Managers.. I have found that negative things like stay-away, calling in sick when not really sick, absconding, pilferage and other actions which are detrimental to the organisation is much higher and prevalent when managers are not trained and have these "I am I said" attitudes.
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    Watching now. I'm not a religious person per se but I do belive. I went to a catholic school from 1st thru 8th grade and I think that's where I figured out that organized religion was bs. I would always ask questions and never get an answer or I'd get an answer that completly didn't make sense to me. Then I grew up and the internet came out and I started reading and of course found out that most organized religion is bs. Personally I think we all need to just do our own thing but all while treating others the right way do the right thing and stand up to evil.
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    Here's a common analogy your topic brings to mind. Public Servants and Malignant Cancer Cells. Government as we know it today is a large cancerous mass. Perfectly good people (cells) with good intention (healthy) edge closer to the mass with good intentions (white blood cells). The cancer (government) is thriving on sugar and acidity (power & corruption). The more the cancer is fed the larger it becomes. Eventually, the cells sent to attack are defeated, infected and overtaken. Nothing will stop the spread unless the total environment is made inhospitable to the cancer cells (politicians). Perhaps this explains why so many are dropping out or not seeking re-election. I see there is a disgust with the U.S.A. two-party system. That can change, you know. The Trump Machine (like him or not), strategically wore down and defeated the status quo. Some will say "he's part of it." Maybe yes, maybe no. I think no. He is his own man. He may be deflecting from his personal agenda but sometimes you need to give a little to get a lot. Since he proved the establishment CAN be defeated, why not start a grassroots campaign to limit term limits in Congress, gather the masses and select a group you prefer to break down this giant cancerous mass. However, there are too many sheeple that will allow the status quo to continue, as they are to lazy and self-absorbed to work for change. The process of getting elected is now a very grueling and expensive endeavor. The system is far out of control. As I'm writing this, I'm talking MYSELF into this mind-set. The system is BROKEN and it will take a total obliteration of the mass and far-reaching tentacles that are the existing government institution to stop the spread of the malignancy. But if it is killed off, there would be anarchy due to the have-nots losing their free-ride way of life. The people that depend on the central government to tell them to breath, give them food and housing, kill their babies, all for free, will end up destroying any good, healthy cells remaining. It may be bloody, but you all said (as well as Thomas Jefferson) blood must be shed to maintain freedom. Sounds savage to me, but so be it. Too much
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    keystroke loggers welcome to 1984, are you ready for the third world war
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    "Evolution making us too sick to drink, study finds Humanity may be seeing the last of the big drinkers as new research claims evolution is making people physically unable to consume large amounts of alcohol. Examining trends across human populations, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found that human genes are developing variants of an enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the body. Because these new variants are less effective at tackling the alcohol, some drinkers are left so sick that they’re unlikely to develop a taste for it." https://www.rt.com/news/419564-dna-alcohol-evolution-gene/ More likely a reaction to the GMO's.
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    GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE SHOULD BE SUED FOR ANTITRUST VIOLATIONS Using a monopoly to crush free speech is not just monopolistic in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act but it’s a violation of constitutional rights.
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    I am good with starting small. First bill I want to submit will be only 1 topic per bill. No more fudgepacking crap at the end. 1 bill 1 subject and you have to work, too bad mf'ers. Lawmakers will never pass that unless it has a raise for them attached.
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    in today's society it would be impossible for police to protect the public, in the older days 40 years ago it was minimal at best. the police are now only to do follow up after the fact and IF they get to a scene BEFORE it is over then they can finish it off. for ANYONE to think police can protect you is very STUPID thinking, IF you wish to be safe then YOU had better learn how defend you and your family, most of it is learning to SEE things before they happen, being aware of your surroundings at ALL times!! and THEN being able to do something about it. whether that is running or shooting depends on what is happening, BOTH are valid options, IF you have the opportunity always choose the less violent option IF you can as depending on where you live the F------g libtards may make YOU the criminal for shooting the real criminal and the hassles from it can last a life time!!
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    Epic failures from the top on down! I firmly believe that this shooting could have been STOPPED before it ever happened! And the Left wants to disarm (especially the AR15) - I don't think so!
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    That does give a lot of folks reason to question. Also the historical validity question at the end of the video. I myself have a personal relationship with the Creator, based on knowledge and my own personal experiences. imho, We were all tricked into worshiping / serving that which was created not the Creator. To me, that, is the awakening that is needed.
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    Go and actually look into Horus. I posted this thread, in response to this. I knew it was coming. Anyways. The institution of religion is what is screwed up, but Christ is not and never was the Sun. We transcend this world, and our light is God.. With his Sun inside of us.. Not the physical Sun @DoubleDot2Man
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    Cape Town South Africa only has water until May - people are allowed only 25 liters water per day.
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    yes i did leave that part out, i guess subconsciously did not want to see or talk about that crap!! LOL
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    OK, sports fan. Another athlete has come out to support FE Truth. And we all respect the high IQs of football and basketball players, right? I never heard of any of these people and wonder wth is going on with these guys. And a rapper, BOB. Well, who doesn't love rap? I will hazard a guess that there is some ego and self promotion behind these disclosures. Now if Oprah or Tom Cruise or other celebrity spoke out, that might be something to make the sheeple sit up and take notice. Or not. In fact, most genuine skeptics will react negatively to any science opinions enunciated by entertainers. Like politics and notions about gun control, climate warming, etc. So when a foosball player says, "I been studying this whole thing," dunno, wassup, who ya talkin' to? - - - This is more my speed. It illustrates the method Airey used to prove that the earth is stationary. Videos keep getting better and better. This one is is pointed and blessedly brief.
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    They have opted for basement dwelling brain dead posters instead of the sometimes enlightening discussions of past years. "I still view my poo" types of posts won't get banned LOL.
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    I also forgot about this thread. Thanks, @Zireael for placing your link to your Mars thread above this one.
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    Let's not forget, this experiment has to account for atmospheric distortion, or it is flawed. No wind, because it will disturb the air. Cool surfaces bend light over the horizon, giving a false positive. https://www.atoptics.co.uk/fz309.htm This is why they wanted a frozen lake.
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    So, Earth will be proven to be flat, then what ?? What will this mean for the World ??? Tighter censorship, more youtube channels shut down ??? Increase the deception, after all who controls the media ??? Really, I'm beginning to think most people will not think outside of the box they were put into. Christ could return, the Lord walks though the east gate of Jerusalem, the Earth becomes 24hrs of light all over, the sun and moon are no more. Will people believe then? Most no, they will never !!!!!!
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