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    This launch was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled. The article focuses on Sigint, as they always do. It's just as likely these launches also inject weapons platforms into space - space is already full of them. Watch for more of these, we'll see a series of them launching in the days before WWIII goes hot. Many of these space based DEW systems use considerable amounts of consumables, mostly fuel for manuevering in orbit. Right before a major op kicks off they launch fresh ones to replace capabilities lost as fuel and other consumables are depleted in existing satellites (and for redundancy in case satellites are destroyed by enemy action.) Spy satellite set for Saturday launch by Delta IV Heavy James Dean, FLORIDA TODAY 10:10 a.m. EDT June 10, 2016 Resupply of depleted consumables in our weapons satellites is the whole purpose for the development of this: Mystery Mission: Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Nears 1 Year in Orbit
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    It's a bubble looking for a needle but it has to be the right needle and the right time to pop. Qui bono? On a side note, Hillary is in deep doo doo
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    Plenty of bad news across the spectrum today. Bad, bad day for DB and the Italian Banks both, but not limited to that. The attendant signs of distress were evident everywhere you look in European trading and have continued into NY. Bonds, FX, stocks, all showing signs. We'll want to be watching the news closely over this weekend. Monday's open could be an absolute bloodbath if the right announcements are made over the weekend. Deutsche Bank Shares In Free Fall on Concerns Over Capital Noon (ish) Friday, 10 Jun - Deutsche Bank (NYSE): 15.78 Down 0.93 (5.59%) 12:43PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price Deutsche Bank (XETRA): 14.03 Down 0.69(4.72%) 11:35AM EDT Gold spot: 1271.60 1272.60 +2.1 0 +0.17% Silver spot: 17.26 17.36 +0.02 +0.15% FTSE Itialia Banche - Italian Bank Index: 8,813.29 -5.03 06/10/16 - 5:35:59 PM -466.59523 USDX: 94.07 Up 0.48(0.51%) 6:05PM EDT USD/JPY: 106.9520 Down 0.0080(0.01%) 6:25PM EDT EUR/USD: 1.1314 Down 0.0003 (0.0200%) 6:58PM EDT PEMEX - Mexico Plans Next Bidding Round For Energy Opening By End-July
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    I didn't recognize him with the short hair until the ending.
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    I decided to make another video. I've already discussed the issue here before but I wanted to make it visual.
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