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    On this wonderful easter day. Take some time for yourselves and think on something other than surviving. Maybe a little love and a snuggle
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    I'm in absolute shock with a permanent smile on my face. http://convexearth.org/ The Terra Convexa Documentary may be republished in another channel as long as the monetization is deactivated and the source is informed as follows: "Terra convexa is an independent research of Dákila Researches www.dakila.com.br and Centro Tecnológico Zigurats ctzbrasil.com.br originally published in www.terraconvexa.com.br and convexearth.org" After seven years of research on earth format, scientific experiments carried out by Brazilian researchers at Dakila Research and the Zigurats Technological Center in partnership with professionals from various areas of Brazil and other countries, such as the United States, Russia, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain , have shown that the Earth is not spherical. The evidence is being presented in the feature film Terra Convexa: The Documentary, available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish and published on the websites terraconvexa.com.br and convexearth.org Seven scientific experiments were carried out, including the geodesic, which consisted in measuring the distances between the bases and tops of a building in Torres (RS) and another in Natal (RN), with a distance of 3,050 km between them. reference to sea level. "The measurements were the same. If the Earth were spherical, the measure of the distance between the bases should be smaller than the measurement between the upper parts of the buildings because they would be following the curvature of the Earth, "explains Urandir de Oliveira, founder of Dakila Research. Engineers from the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) participated in the action. A long-range laser was used to measure the flatness and leveling of the waters at the Três Marias Dam (MG); in Lagoa dos Patos (RS), on Lake Titicaca, Peru; and in the seas of Ilhabela (SP) and in the Strait of Gibraltar. The tests performed up to 35 km did not identify any curvature. Experiments with refracting and reflecting telescopes have proved that boats do not disappear on the horizon, but we lost the ability to observe them due to an optical phenomenon. This phenomenon was studied by the researchers, who formulated a new physical theory, which explains physically and mathematically how this works. Experiments with plumbing (verticalization) and level (horizontalization) have proved that gravity does not exist, because the physical behavior of water is to seek its original form, that is, flatness. According to Urandir, what holds us firm to the ground is the MDPL (magnetism, density, pressure and light). Through images obtained through several atmospheric probes launched by the researchers, as well as of incursions made, including in Antarctica, with the collaboration of the Armed Forces of Brazil, as well as other analyzes of materials found in glaciers of Siberia and the shores of the Arctic Glacial Ocean , such as pollen, dust and other fragments, a new continent, known as the "Greater North", was discovered, separated by a large mass of ice. The trajectory of the stars, including the Sun and the Moon, is totally different from what science says. The new information enabled the correct positioning of the continents. The complete research information, with regard to equipments, coordinates, images, all techniques, research content, technical reports, scientific papers, mathematical calculations and proposed theories will be available soon on the websites http://www.terraconvexa.com .br and http://convexearth.org A book with the complete compilation of the research will be released soon.
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    Been a while since I made a video. I felt like it. Hope you enjoy the perception. If not.. that's ok too I suppose. ...
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    Florida Students Walk Out in Support of the Second Amendment, ‘My Rights Don’t End Where Your Feelings Begin’ Approximately 75 students participated in the walk out, where they waved American flags and held signs such as “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “I support the right to bear arms.” The demonstration was organized by Chloe Deaton, a sophomore, and Anna Delaney, a junior, who are part of Rockledge High’s Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Academy, local station KVUE reported. Deaton wore a shirt to the protest that read, “my rights don’t end where your feelings begin.” The diverse group of students played the national anthem and “God Bless America” before giving speeches about the importance of our Constitutional rights. <snip> http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/florida-students-walk-out-in-support-of-the-second-amendment-my-rights-dont-end-where-your-feelings-begin/ Patriots rising!
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    HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley does it again - creating a bold welcome sign that’s now going viral. The sign reads, “Our citizens have concealed weapons. If you kill someone, we might kill you back. We have ONE jail and 356 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!” <snip> http://www.wtvm.com/story/37878852/if-you-kill-someone-we-might-kill-you-back-ga-sheriffs-welcome-sign-goes-viral LOL
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    If the forum trolls spent as much time trying to help others as they did trying to hurt others... the internet would be a much better place.
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    So, many people are asking "Why now" and for a good reason. It's not like the lack of privacy on Facebook and the likes hasn't been known for years. After all, Zuckerberg thought users are "dumb f**ks", so why are "they" focusing on that now? And even more importantly, why ever? After all, data mining is what they need these sites for...or used to. What if all that data is revealing undesired trends? What if all the propaganda and censorship don't work quite well (anymore)? Maybe they've decided the benefits of spying through social media can't overcome the "risks" involving people communicating easily with one another, learning the truth (Despite all the censorship) and organizing. Maybe it's just me, but i believe the planned demise of Facebook and the shutting down of Craigslist's "personals" section is connected and many more will follow. I've always wanted Facebook to fail, but now i think the post-Facebook reality will be even worse and what Facebook took from us won't be coming back. I think not only we won't be having better social interactions online, but over time our options will only get more limited, or so they believe, i think (Maybe they're late and won't be able to achieve that?).
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    With Flat Earth, logic prevails ... It's become nearly impossible to ignore this topic any longer as it simply changes everything. I got involved in the research to disprove what a crazy assumption like flat earth can be and the deeper you get there is no digging out, one simply must accept the conclusion. The peace that comes with the understanding is astounding. Thanks for posting !!
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    Let me begin with stating, in the clearest terms possible, I friggin HATE all forms of “social media”. There, that’s out of the way. Now, I’ve gone and joined Twatter and I must say, pissing in whacko, communist, lefty, socialist, marxist, freedom haters, cornflakes first thing in the morning is glorious. Gets the blood flowing!! Not asking anyone to read, follow, or anything else. Just tossing it out there. I just won’t remain silent anymore, sick of my beliefs and choice of way of life constantly being attacked. Sick to damn death of it. No more silence, no more taking it quietly. Kind words appreciated. Hate, disregarded. Thanks for using a minute of your time to read this & to all
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    Even before the appearance of great ancient civilizations, hunter-gatherers across the globe reaped the benefits of intermittent fasting. But if we take a peek back in history, we will notice that ancient civilizations across the globe were much more advanced than we credit them for. In many areas, ancient civilizations like the ancient Egyptians or the Ancient Greeks possessed knowledge that modern-day scholars struggle to understand. Written sources exist which are evidence that humans have used ‘starvation’ in order to help their body recover and reap the health benefits it offered. <snip> http://humansarefree.com/2018/03/intermittent-fasting-is-as-old-as.html
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    Let's see a massive group of people flooding into your country uninvited and unwanted and is orchestrated by a foreign entity with the complicit consent of traitors aka American hating commie libtards within your own borders who let down draw bridge for the invading force is by the very definition treason and an invasion so yes the military has a duty to protect the nations borders from invading forces. Regardless if the invading force are armed and wear military uniforms or not. Trump has the duty to have arrested the traitors in the country who conspired with foreigners to have America invaded!
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    more grey hair...
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    Cultural marxism is what's happened to it. They (the Jewish commies from Bolshevik Russia) prototyped it in Germany in the Weimar Republic days. This is why Berlin ended up in the 20's as the cesspool of Europe where child prostitution, homosexuality, bestiality, you name it, was public, rampant and unchecked. Child hookers were all over the streets and you could order them for delivery like a pizza. They had mother-daughter teams, it was that bad. They made the mistake of doing it too fast because when Hitler came to power he used that recent just-ended decade of vice to point to the poisonous and corrupt influence of the swine who did it and guess what, coincidentally all the major brothel owners, burlesque club owners and pornographers just happened as it turned out to be Jewish. That's one of the main ways Hitler was able to swing round the Germans, he went OTT of course because he was evil, in blaming all Jews, not just the minoriity who were truly responsible, but that's one of the main ways he turned the German people against their Jewish neighbours, plus of course another set of Jews were the ones who bought America into the war, resulting in the reparations which broke the German economy and destroyed the middle-class savings through hyperinflation, and he used the same tactic there, blaming the whole Jewish population for the actions of a few. Anyway the cultural marxists learned from that. They said they did it too fast because people realised they were being corrupted, and even though that didn't stop some of them from participating in it, it was recognised by the majority of the population that evil was amongst them. So when they came to America after Hitler kicked them out, the cultural marxist Frankfurt School decided to do it slowly, in the West. The boil the frog approach. So they began in the 60's with feminism and the rest is history. And it's working, isn't it. Combined with the holohoax propaganda, Jewish criticism is verbotten, and it's just bizarre to the average sheeple to imagine that feminism isn't the best thing for human wights since Amelia Earhardt. Feminism in cultural marxist terms BTW covers all the sexual corruption memes they've foisted on us, it's designed to destroy the family unit by perverting the natural relationship between men and women expressed in the marital relationship and it's the propaganda playbook they use to promote all the perversions from homosexuality to transexualism to transhumanism to pedophilia. As well as destroy piece by piece the institution of the family by attacking the marital institution which is its concomitant through memes like no fault divorce, the pill, abortion on demand, gay marriage and the like. All of these memes are always wrapped in the disguise of an advance in human wights. It's nothing of the sort, naturally, but they do it like that because then they can attack the naysayers by alleging they're thuggish neanderthals who just want to oppwess people. Most of the people who participate in the various memes do so genuinely thinking they're doing the right thing, having swallowed the human wights koolaid. Thus, most women have no idea they're participating in the demise of society by insisting there's a wage gap (when there isn't) and most gay people the same when they insist that gay marriage just makes them equal (it doesn't), and so forth. Most academics in the uni's are the same, so are most teachers, so are most people in the media so are most politicians. Without those four forces, the cultural marxists are dead in the water. With them, they are unstoppable unless and until people stop being useful idiots and wake the f**k up. And from all indications that's not going to happen anytime soon. Unless these people are stopped we are going to see pedophilia legalised and normalised and with the transhuman agenda of which transexualism is the starting point on that path, we see the incorporation of AI into human biology. That's the future of the West, unless and until these cultural marxists are exposed and eliminated, hopefully with extreme prejudice.
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    Dr. Zack just destroyed globe shill Red's Rhetoric. It also demonstrates how the globe model is just built on circular logic and the math "proofs" are the same.
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    Giving anyone your DNA whether by a spit test or by blood is dangerous. It allows categorization of you based on blood type. RH factor is especially troublesome to me. There is something special and different about RH Negative blood and I think they want to know who they all are. Also, DNA specific weapons could be used against people at some point. That's not just science fiction, it's been floated by those capable of making it happen. Putin recently accused the U.S. Military of harvesting Russian blood, that turned out to be true as well. Blood... coveted by the old to make them youthful again, it's already being used and in history, bathing in blood was practiced by some royalty. This can also tell someone if your organs are compatible with someone who needs an organ, at least the beginning information for compatibility. Never give up your blood to anyone when it's not necessary to save your life or the life of a loved one. It holds too much information about you.
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    To those who say America shouldn't have borders, I say you first. You take the doors off your house and allow anyone stranger or not to walk in off the street 24/7 and live in your house uninvited for as long as they like and eat and sleep in your home while you foot their bill for the food, water and utilities they use and you clean up after them. Sounds like a scary idea well no more than America having undefended open borders.
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    Regardless of what they call it, we need it! Every citizen should own a basic military infantry service rifle, ammunition, and accessories, and have basic proficiency training in that weapon. Rifle proficiency should be a high school graduation requirement, and mandatory for any foreigners seeking citizenship.
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    But that doesn’t mean Q is not getting a lot of people red-pilled. However, sometimes the red-pill can turn into red kool-aid. Q is NOT real. While initially it was a positive thing, making people research to become aware of some things, to expand their thinking. The instant it started issuing “orders” like “trust so-and-so”, everyone should have taking that as a warning. Now it is a negative, because it has developed a cult-following who have shut down critical thinking, and who “trust Q” rather than taking in the real world right in front of them. This is VERY toxic, as it has pablum-fed the masses into silence, while real world things are going horribly wrong. The so-called “political right” see themselves as “red-pilled”, but they fell into the same trap the so-called “left” did, and just as easily. Time to wake up and come back to reality folks, and I mean BOTH sides. Get it together, people. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=97371
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    RED ALERT: We are all being set up… The gun grab is INTENDED to start a civil war, followed by UN occupation of America By Natural News - March 28, 2018, @2:09 pm EDT Warning from God Discovered in Human DNA You are watching one of the darkest chapters of history unfold by the hour, complete with a Nazi-style fascist “Hitler Youth” uprising, totalitarian censorship by the techno-overlords and an irrational, anger-fueled nationwide call for government to confiscate all the guns from American gun owners, even if they have to kill those gun owners first, as a North Carolina Democrat suggested just days ago. The anti-gun rhetoric and hysteria has reached a whole new level of irrational hysteria, but it’s no accident. This is all happening by design. Find more here : https://www.intellihub.com/red-alert-we-are-all-being-set-up-the-gun-grab-is-intended-to-start-a-civil-war-followed-by-un-occupation-of-america/
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    This is how the Western Democracy's work, Trump a Republican will be the one who does the confiscating as Obama could never get away with it. Here in Australia we have a similar thing with how the party you least expect to bring in change does it because it can get away with it. The example here is our "Work Choices" labour laws, the Labour party who is all about protecting the working man's rights bought in this nasty piece of Corporate Law that makes it impossible for you to protest the conditions of your working environment and allows the Corporations to do what ever they want and the courts will back them. People who think a Political Party represents them are both stupid and naive.
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    Anger is natural and can be very useful to accomplish goals. But it must be tempered. Two of my dogs got into a fight last week. And they're normally good buddies. We stopped it from escalating. When I was a teacher I saw plenty of fist fights and wrasslin' on the ground. Again, a natural thing. Nowadays, fighting is deemed violence and a cause for expulsion from school. Why? I am not a temperamental person, so when I raised my voice and tone in the classroom, the kids straightened up and fast. It clears the mind remarkably when you react angrily for a just cause. All this mamby pamby mollycoddling of kids and adult snowflakes just bottles up the rage. Rage is a step too far in the wrong direction. I say, get mad. But channel it properly and don't let it master you. That's what the elites want. They want us to take it and take it until we get so riled up that we lose control.
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    They want them as young as possible for indoctrination. Parents better wake up.
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    Some Facts of Life Saturday’s March for Our Lives rally by children trying to "teach adults a lesson "! The underage-children in this artificial-nation, want to teach their parents some lessons: But they've overlooked a few things about 'how it is' that they can have their own opinions about the life & death issues in their lives. Until they reach 18, they actually cannot have any real opinions because they are too young to be responsible for their own opinions or their daily lives – unless they have legally declared their own “majority”. Once they leave school and become responsible people, each of them in their own right: Each of them must be responsible for their own food, rent, clothing and income, as adults. When they are still “children” their opinions cannot have the weight of fully responsible adults, and until they are no longer children they might want to refrain from “teaching adults the lessons they believe to be practical. Some of us learned the basics early and took on the responsibilities of adults early-on and those of us who did that had to find jobs, to pay for food, housing, clothes, and a car or anything else we might 'desire' in addition to staying in-school and graduating from high school at the same time. As children we knew that we could not lecture our parents about any of the things that this generation of snowflakes is so fond of doing now. Parents had all the legal-authority because it was their job to protect us and prepare us to become adults – just as it was their job to make certain that as children, their kids would be able to intelligently discuss what was going on in their lives: And they taught us that until we could manage for ourselves, and be able to back our opinions with facts: Then whatever they told us to do, was the law in most households. What we're seeing now, in our “children” is part of what accompanied communism in the USSR under Stalin where parents lost control over their children to the State – the same is becoming more true everyday in the USSA. Interestingly enough the parents that are allowing their very young children, from ten year old's all the way up to seventeen to “march” in parades that are demanding that their parents turn in their guns (for money) and are being irresponsible and not in a patriotic way. All that anyone needs to do is to look at the cities in America that are PROUD of being “GUN FREE ZONES” - because those cities are the deadliest cities in this nation. Same goes for the schools that do not protect either the students or the faculty from guns, because they are all GUN-FREE-ZONES, as if criminals will be stopped by words. In addition to these facts we also have the out-of-control police that are murdering people at will, to the point that many people are afraid to call 911 because it has now become likely that the person who called might well be shot by some terrified-cop in uniform who “fears for his or her life”. If the parents have fire-arms to protect their family from harm, from assault, or from the official terrorist behavior by the State - then those children might not be prancing through the streets demanding that their parents be disarmed? Children cannot vote because they have not lived long enough to know enough about the wider-world, where legal-consequences are attached to any decision they will someday have to make. When adults decide “to March”, it's because something has become so threatening to the lives of their loved ones and themselves, that (all things considered), they must take to the streets to register their disagreement with the totally-corrupted State we're living in. Part of the problem for “children” is that the entire school system in the US has rapidly become communist, and politically-correct and no longer reflects the views of families that want to protect their loved-ones from the Fascist-State or the deranged addcts. The entire situation here has become 'OBSCENE'. And now America, thanks to George Soros, has become an open-air version of “Lord of the Flies” being acted out in an artificial state that has long ago passed the nightmares described in George Orwell's “1984” - Yet no one seems to even notice this fundamental change in “LIFE” anywhere in the world today...
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    I wanted to create this thread to HIGHLIGHT the oddness in the ages especially of David Hogg (and probably the other "student activists" the media is focusing on, especially bald headed Emma Gonzalez). There are over 3000 students and I don't know how many staff at Parkland HS and yet the media is ONLY focusing on maybe 5 or 6 at most. What about the other THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS at this school - why NO interviews with them? Why none with the staff? And wasn't David Hogg hiding in the closet with his sister when this alleged attack occurred? Where were these other student activists - what did they actually SEE OR EXPERIENCE? Were they in the closet too? I don't know. I do believe that David Hogg is NOT 17 or 18 years old. This is obvious to me and my husband, both of us pretty normal people. He doesn't look or act 17 or 18, and I don't think someone of that age would be allowed to run a movement like this. I've never seen someone so "young" entrusted with so much. Is much of this attention directed towards a minor even legal, say for a CNN? What about his schooling - is he giving that up? He looks much older to me, I'd say he's at least 22 or 23. From what conspiracy researchers on line have discovered, he may have graduated from a California HS, Redondo High School in 2014. There IS a pic of him with is mother, Rebecca Boldrick, FROM HER FACEBOOK PAGE, with him in a red graduation gown (same as RHS uses) for June 17, 2014 in an area that is obviously the same one that this high school uses for its graduations. I am suspicious. So I took a look on line to see if I can find any confirmation of his birthdate (I was wondering if he'd turned 18 yet). WIKIPEDIA REPORTS DAVID HOGG'S BIRTHDATE AS C. 2000! Circa 2000! I have literally NEVER seen this before, not for anyone born maybe after the birth of Christ in a 1st world country! Emma Gonzalez' age is reported the same way C (circa - around) 2000! My belief is that they don't want to commit to definite facts about these people because then they might be held liable in a legal suit should one ever arise, as they have made such an issue of these being young, minor, students, about the facts of how old these alleged students actually are. It's not because they're minors as other minors birth dates are fully reported. And it's not because we can't find out because obviously we can ask - if we actually had real reporters, that is. Hogg never shuts his yap so I'm sure he'd tell us his full birth date. I also want to point attention to the pic on Drudge (and elsewhere now I'm sure) of this insect-like person, David, doing what appears to be a Communist or Nazi like salute. Yeah, that's bad enough but LOOK AT THE PICTURE. Where does his raised arm appear to be coming from? It doesn't look like his shoulder socket! I did the same salute for my husband and you can do it too - you'll see the arm of the person coming out of the shoulder as it should. Where the hell is his twig-like appendage coming from? It's so bizarre, it appears to be photo-shopped but I can't imagine why! Unless....everything is fake. I called this post American Deceptions because I want to start writing about a lot of the DECEPTIONS we are openly experiencing in America. I think much of our "news", many things we are taught to believe, are simply DECEPTIONS and we need to become aware of this and start spreading the knowledge. Maybe David Hogg-Wash is a good place to start! PS. The media is still, as of this anti-gun event, reporting Hogg's age as 17. I assume he'll be 17 for the next 10 years.
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