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    For without her. Cop would not be what it is. Ying and Yang. Duality in leadership. There exists a reason for our love for @Cinnamon it's cos she good with that can of whoopass. Anyway I just gotta honestly say. We're learning as we go. We're doing right by people and going the longer cleaner route because when we eventually get to the end. We'll have changed the world through our positive influence as opposed to the other side of the coin that thrives on quite the opposite these days. Shouts out to all the new people too and all the old school type people that have turned up at cop. You were one of the reasons I got into this. 15+ years now... f**k... imagine how it will be in another 15! Never did I imagine I'd be responsible for giving you guys this kind of platform... I am pleased that we are doing right by you. Time can change people. Temptations exist. But we stayed the course of good. Refused to let it taint and corrupt us. Thanks for sticking with us through good and bad. We're going places. And you are all coming with us.
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    Actually, Trump has not failed us..The American people have failed themselves. Our Founding Fathers put a system in place to prevent America from imploding yet most Americans did nothing to halt the runaway train. "We The People" let the Government spin out of control for many years while paying no attention to what was going on in Washington. Now that things have reached a critical point in our history, folks are pointing fingers at anyone and everyone in an effort to blame someone for the mess we are in. Just look in the mirror if you want to know who has failed America.
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    Uh, last time I checked the opposite sex is required to keep the species going. How long is it going to take for transgenders to become extinct? I'm rather impatient.
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    I'm hoping some of you get a laugh out of this: This rant probably belongs over in the OT zone. Vote me over there if you want. But honestly. You buy a memory stick and the usb breaks. It's a pos anyway but you paid a ton for it. Go get your car fixed. I always wonder: "Is it REALLY fixed" because a lot of times, it's not! Well, guess what, it wasn't. Nuff said! You call to make an appointment for just about anything and you talk to a robot that is starting to sound WAY too human. They are using AI in customer service. The older models can't understand a damn thing you're saying when you're repeating strings and strings of numbers off to them because that's all the f**k any of us are anymore. Identifying numbers. How many do you have? I have WAY too many to suit me. Then, you turn on the water faucet and the little thing that's a screen blows out because the water is so full of crap, you can't keep the calcium buildup outta there. Water loves to fly everywhere when that happens! Next on the list is a simple task, it's filling up a f**king water can with water to water some fn plants. The handle breaks off and cuts my arm in the process. Then my flip flop broke. I bought them 2 weeks ago. Pissed me off because they had bling on em and they were not cheap! The only thing cheap about them was the way they were made. Then the phone starts acting up. Can't hear anything half the time and the rest is completely garbled. Good luck calling customer service for that which starts the entire cycle that started this morning all over again. There's more, too. But that's enough doom for everyone for one night. lol
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    I had to put my 2 cents in He'll not respond. But I hope he reads it and realizes he and his ILK are f**king done!
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    Most ALL transgenders have ALLOT of mental issues and IN WAR times you cannot afford to have people with those kind of issues in ANY position that could impede of get others in harms way because of those issues. may not seem fair but WAR is NOT about being fair, and other soldiers should NOT be put at risk from them, I am NOT saying that they are not good people, they just have allot of issues that warrant this!
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    I think this was picked up by a 2nd Tier Lefty site after causing a HUGE ROW over at The Nation It comes with the following banner: NRA ad says Americans need guns to shoot "the Resistance" The comments at places like the nation & boing boing show how TRIGGERED they are!
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    There is a whole lot more going on there behind the scenes than anyone can imagine. The graphical user interface is unique, I've only seen it implemented at the two sites mentioned earlier in this thread. Isn't it nice to spend time where you can enjoy yourself, share ideas and concepts; and not be harassed by shills and trolls. COP is truly a community where we behave well toward each other and treat each other with respect.
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    Ted Cruz wants to make it a FELONY if you dare support the boycott against Israel! Ted Cruz should be tried and executed for supporting this. It is naked treason and sedition against the U.S. and its people.
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    I'm not sure if what he says is true. I believe it but you never know! 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11. Mr. Howard, who worked for the CIA for 36 years as an operative, claims he was tapped by senior CIA agents to work on the project due to his engineering background, and early career in the demolition business. Trained as a civil engineer, Mr. Howard became an explosives expert after being headhunted by the CIA in early 1980s. Mr. Howard says has extensive experience in planting explosives in items as small as cigarette lighters and as large as “80 floor buildings.” The 79-year-old New Jersey native says he worked on the CIA operation they dubbed “New Century” between May 1997 and September 2001, during a time he says the CIA “was still taking orders from the top.” Mr. Howard says he was part of a cell of 4 operatives tasked with ensuring the demolition was successful. http://yournewswire.com/cia-911-wtc7/
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    Russia And China Declare All Out War On US Petrodollar and Prepare For Exclusive Trade In Gold The formation of a BRICS gold marketplace, which could bypass the U.S. Petrodollar in bilateral trade, continues to take shape as Russia’s largest bank, state-owned Sberbank, announced this week that its Swiss subsidiary had begun trading in gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Russian officials have repeatedly signaled that they plan to conduct transactions with China using gold as a means of marginalizing the power of the dollar in bilateral trade between the geopolitically powerful nations. This latest movement is quite simply the manifestation of a larger geopolitical game afoot between great powers. According to a report published by Reuters: Sberbank was granted international membership of the Shanghai exchange in September last year and in July completed a pilot transaction with 200 kg of gold kilobars sold to local financial institutions, the bank said. Sberbank plans to expand its presence on the Chinese precious metals market and anticipates total delivery of 5-6 tonnes of gold to China in the remaining months of 2017. Gold bars will be delivered directly to the official importers in China as well as through the exchange, Sberbank said. Russia’s second-largest bank VTB is also a member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. <snip> http://www.activistpost.com/2017/07/russia-china-declare-war-us-petrodollar-prepare-exclusive-trade-gold.html If you don't know by now, what happens when a country tries to stop using the petrodollar...
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    How Polish TV Covers Islamic Attacks And Immigration In Europe No wonder the Polish are fighting the invasion, they get real news.....
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    One is a baby. They are doing dna tests to find out the relationship to the adults. The other vid that was out, didn't cover this, I don't think. I just skimmed it now and didn't catch this part in that one.
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    I'll tell ya what this was. Both of them spewed more garbage and bullshit than anyone else could have ever done in just one minute and 43 seconds! And that's also taking into considering that the moderator used up 19 of those seconds.
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    I call for an investigation into the Murder of Andrew Breitbart
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    I'm sad to say that this does not surprise me in the least. I have always believed their 'marriage' was solely based on "convention" and "convenience" in order to smooth his way into the white house; a sham from day one. It is my personal belief it was never intended to last much beyond his tenure there. Again ... just my opinion.
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    By some angry south african IP's!.... Dare you say tavistock... But we're handling it! So many ruffled feathers!
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    I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted that he wouldn’t allow transgender individuals to serve in the military: snip I think he made the right decision—and as someone who lived as trans-female for several years, I should know. When I discovered Congress voted earlier this month to not block funding for transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries, I wondered if it considered how devastating this will be to the fitness, readiness, and morale of our combat-ready troops. snip While countless homeless vets are currently sleeping under cardboard boxes, or waiting for life-saving care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, we learn that transgender military recruits now qualify for preferential coverage for sex change procedures that are scientifically unproven and extremely costly. snip Costly, but Not Effective Transitioning can be expensive—up to $130,000 per person for numerous body-mutilating and cosmetic procedures over many months (or years) to fashion the body to appear as the opposite sex. Yet, no matter how skilled the surgeon, or how much money is spent, it is biologically impossible to change a man into a woman or a woman into a man. The change is only cosmetic. More in the link. http://dailysignal.com/2017/07/26/why-forcing-the-military-to-pay-for-sex-changes-would-be-disastrous/ The military is no place for transgenderism and if these freaks want to mutilate themselves don't expect me to pay for it.
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    Trump has actually accomplished a great deal already against MASSIVE opposition. Just beating 16 mainstream Repubs and the hideous Hillary, with no prior political background is a truly remarkable accomplishment, and one for which I am deeply grateful. He has also in 6 months, invigorated the stock market, brought back many jobs and improved the economy. He's caused, even without the wall, a great drop in the number of illegals. He put thru an EO against lobbying. Trump stopped the TPP, the Paris climate Accord, and put in a reasonably conservative SCOTUS judge - all major achievement. He's started up the Dakota pipeline (however one regards it) and is working towards American energy independence. He's rebuilding relationships with world leaders and just worked out a cease fire with Russia in Syria. All of these ARE major accomplishments especially considering the unprecedented opposition he's had.
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    Yeah but they're not going to, the decades of guilt they've been made to suffer means they don't have it in them anymore, and if the Germans don't have it, do you seriously think anyone on the Continent does? As I've said, the EU is the prototype for the NWO. What they're doing to it, they'll be doing to us, very soon indeed.
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    What the actual f**k..... STOP CORRUPTING THE CHILDREN. Please god stop this madness.
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    New DNA Study Suggests African Humans Interbred With European Neanderthals Way Earlier Than We Think. http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-evolution-human-origins/new-dna-study-suggests-african-humans-interbred-european-neanderthals-021480 I am sorry but I can for the life of me not agree with this whole "we all come from Africa" mantra. No matter the time line the mainstream comes up with.
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    I love the tweets. The tweets stress those idiots out. Maybe it's just me, but I am getting a kick out of seeing these people squirm. I, like most people, like to watch dumpster fire's burn.
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    Cop is the place to be Because we put you before ourselves.
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    I'd like to present to you some information and hope to come to an informed conclusion and root out the disinformation. Firstly a document declassified which proves a Tsunami bomb experiment in 1944. Project "Seal" or the investigation of the potentailiities of inundation by means of artificially producing tidal waves. The results of the experiments show that inundation in amphibious warfare had definite and far reaching possibilities as an offensive weapon. The use of multiple charges suitably located to conform with geometrical patterns was found to give superior results. http://www.wanttoknow.info/documents/project_seal.pdf (This is a pdf download) Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=14727 Now a lot of us know Tesla claimed to have a device that created earthquakes. Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which “you could put in your overcoat pocket”: https://teslaresearch.jimdo.com/oscilators/mechanical-oscilator/ Yet it is perceived only as a hypothetical device. A tectonic weapon is a hypothetical device or system which could create earthquakes, volcanoes, or similar events in specified locations by interference with the earth's geological processes. It was defined in 1992 by Aleksey Vsevolovidich Nikolayev, corresponding member Russian Academy of Sciences: "A tectonic or seismic weapon would be the use of the accumulated tectonic energy of the Earth's deeper layers to induce a destructive earthquake".[1] He added "to set oneself the objective of inducing an earthquake is extremely doubtful". https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tectonic_weapon So we might include Haarp for the following reason HAARP is the world's most capable high-power, high-frequency transmitter for study of the ionosphere. The HAARP program is committed to developing a world-class ionospheric research facility consisting of: The Ionospheric Research Instrument, a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency range. The IRI can be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study. A sophisticated suite of scientific or diagnostic instruments that can be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region. http://www.gi.alaska.edu/haarp Russian scientists claim "The disturbances of ionospheric layers ionization are often associated with wave phenomena accompanying high energy geophysical events (earthquakes, tsunamis , the instability of the auroral electrojet , etc.). In recent work the questions of wave disturbances generation and transfer in the ionosphere are mainly restricted by the different spatial scales acoustic-gravity waves (AGW) [Hocke et al., 1996; Vlasov et al., 2011]. However the existence of ionized component in the atmosphere creates the conditions for slow magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves propagation in this space which contains geomagnetic disturbances. The consideration of combined magnetic field and gravity influence causes to possibility of so-called magnetogravity waves (MGW) propagation in the ionosphere which velocities is higher than AGW but lower than MHD [Sorokin and Fedorovich, 1982; Barkhatova et al., 2009; Barkhatova et al, 2012]. https://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://pgia.ru:81/seminar/archive/2013/5_ionosphere/n_v_kosolapova.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwj7o5X-953VAhXFPRoKHZ_ECDgQFggcMAA&usg=AFQjCNFetKrmH6KfciHy25b-8JI6XtU-ow (Another PDF download) First Artificial Neon Sky Show Created https://www.google.ie/amp/s/amp.livescience.com/124-artificial-neon-sky-show-created.html We consider the obtained results as evidence that it is possible to control slip by the application of weak periodic perturbations. The phenomenon can be explained in terms of nonlinear dynamics and synchronization theory" Then we have these accusations Ankara's mayor claims an outlawed US-based cleric is triggering manmade EARTHQUAKES to harm Turkey's economy following failed coup attempt https://www.google.ie/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4200176/amp/Ankara-s-mayor-blames-outlawed-cleric-EARTHQUAKES.html Hugo Chavez Mouthpiece Says U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon' http://www.foxnews.com/story/2010/01/21/hugo-chavez-mouthpiece-says-us-hit-haiti-with-earthquake-weapon.html Haiti and the seismic weapon http://www.voltairenet.org/article163729.html Then we've Weapons using new physical principles directed energy weapons, like infrasound, laser, and super-high frequency weapons electromagnetic weapons, such as some lasers and super-high frequency weapons geophysical weapons, including climate, ozone, environmental, and seismic weapons genetic weapons non-lethal arms https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_physical_principles_weapons Member of Ukrainian parliament Yuri Solomatin, deputy of the Supreme Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, stated that the U.S.A. has already constructed high-frequency emitters which are capable of heating the atmosphere to the temperature of the plasma by means of the power pumping of ions. This plasma can be controlled in space and it can influence strongly processes in the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. The above emitters are deployed in the Norwegian town of Tromso and the U.S. military base in Alaska. http://www.globalresearch.ca/threat-of-u-s-geophysical-weapons-faces-mankind/609 Futuristic weapons threaten the world https://www.google.ie/amp/s/in.rbth.com/amp/535595 Russia urges UN climate report to include geoengineering The Russian government is asking for 'planet hacking' to be included in the climate science report, leaked documents show https://www.google.ie/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/19/russia-un-climate-report-geoengineering What the UN ban on geoengineering really means https://www.google.ie/amp/s/www.newscientist.com/article/dn19660-what-the-un-ban-on-geoengineering-really-means/amp/ The New Warfare of Unnatural Disasters: Death by Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/09/joachim-hagopian/the-warfare-of-unnatural-disasters/ Defense Secretary Cohen's 1997 Warning about Scalar EM Geotechnical Terrorism http://www.cheniere.org/references/cohen.htm
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    This is crazy! It's just now coming to light so who knows how many are affected. This is just starting..... I do believe this is going to get much worse. Possibly very quickly with everything that is going on or the scenarios that could play out with all the doom & gloom going on. Stay safe people! I'll have another post shortly about something that ties into the hacking crap to get ideas or thoughts about it.
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    The 9/11 was not your everyday "demolition". If it was, where did all the rubble go? I am sorry but building rubble of that size of a structure/s does not just turn into "dust" that billows down the streets like a sandstorm. I am convinced that some sort of microwave tech/weapon was used.
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    Article is pure horseshit propaganda.
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    Nobody is going to reverse the damage he has done to the credibility of the mainstream media and God bless us all for that gift. This by itself is a larger accomplishment than any of the last 5 or so presidents combined. Funny how people expect him to perform some instantaneous miracle against the grain of a system that has been installing itself for the last 60 years(deep state),(or 200+ private central banking) Be patient.
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    This was posted elsewhere. Op made it clear that it should be known! Take it for what you will! - You are correct that Obama was/is not Constitutionally eligible to be President. It is therefore incorrect to ascribe the title of 'President' to him. He never was and never will be President of the US. You are wrong, however, when you say they won't or can't remove him or won't/can't recognize the fact that he was never eligible, thus never President. They WILL do this, in my estimation. They WANT the chaos and damage that will ensue - even to members of Congress and the SCOTUS. Evidence that they want to do this (reverse Obama's terms) is that they intentionally stacked the deck with candidates that could never be President according to the Constitution. They wanted ineligible/illegitimate Presidents for a while so they could reap the benefits of reversals/nullifications of Presidential terms. Even up to this last election, TPTB were calling audibles from the line - they could have gone further with ineligibility if they wanted to. I assume they could even continue the pattern if they wanted to, by somehow showing that Trump was not elected legally. I've racked my brain for years, trying to think of other reasons they would invest so much into illegally installing Obama as President. I still have not been able to come up with anything else. They want the reversals/nullifications because it will destroy the US population, economy, government and Constitution. Once they have that, the main obstacle in consolidating power in the world and having a true One World Government will be gone. They can easily take over, rewrite our Constitution and make our people heel. Here's the list of people that were never eligible to be President, but ran recently anyway: Obama: Father never a citizen. Obama Jr. not born on incorporated US soil. He might not even be a citizen of the US. The fact that his father was never a citizen disqualifies him alone. He's 100% ineligible, just by that. No need to talk about Birth Certificates or anything else. McCain: Born in Panama in a municipal hospital - not on the US military base as is the common lie you'll hear from MSM and people that haven't done more than a few minutes of research. The city hospital he was born in was in Colon, Panama - a hospital off base and on foreign soil. Even though both of his parents were US Citizens and were even serving the US - likely with honor - that is irrelevant to the heuristic Presidential eligiblity "natural-born citizen" requirement that in order to be President, one must be born on US soil and one's parent(s) must be US citizens at the time of one's birth. The original definition of "natural-born citizen" from Emerich de Vattel's "the Law of Nations", used by our founding fathers as the Presidential eligibility requirement, has never legally been changed - especially not as it applies to the Presidential eligibility requirements in the Constitution. Redefinition or alteration of any Constitutional Presidential eligibility requirement would necessarily require the Constitution to be amended. The natural-born citizen definition requires that one be born on the nation's soil to parents that are citizens of that nation, in order to be considered a natural-born citizen. Therefore, since McCain was not born on US soil, he is not a natural-born citizen and can never be President of the US (unless the Constitution is amended to allow it). (Side-note: The natural-born citizen definition may allow for the mother to not be a US citizen. However, the father's citizenship MUST be of the US at the time of the child's birth in order to be considered a natural-born citizen of the US. This is due to the historic importance of father's citizenship, as the legal loyalties that the father has to the nation he is citizen/subject of, are legally automatically inherited by his child. People may say that this is a sexist law and that women's sufferage and resultant laws have made it so that the mother's citizenship may now automatically transfer US citizenship to her child - which is true - however, that actually means that now BOTH parents must be citizens, as the natural-born citizen definition was crafted in a way to foremost take into consideration the legally inherited loyalties one has due to the citizenship of parents. In most countries when the definition was crafted, women were not considered citizens. The only citizenship that mattered was the citizenship of the father. However, in cases where a female may also have citizenship and transfer it to her child, it then becomes important to take into account the citizenship of both parents - not just one or the other.) Romney: His father was not a US citizen, but was instead a Mexican citizen when Mitt was born. Mitt's grandparents were Mormon polygamists who moved to Mexico due to the US government's crackdown on polygamy. The US government was infuriated by the Mormons' exile instead of reform, and punished all who left by creating a law stripping them of their Constitutional rights - thereby removing their ability to pass US citizenship on to their children. Mitt's father, therefore, was not a US citizen when he came to the US from Mexico. The law that congress made was changed later, giving the exiles their rights back, but not until after little Mitt was born in the US. One main objection most people have to Mitt not being a natural-born citizen is that Mitt's dad actually became a governor and ran for President, thus he must have been not only a citizen, but also a natural-born citizen. However, this certainly does not prove he was a natural-born citizen (obviously, as he was born in Mexico and we've seen other non-natural-born citizens run for President). It also does not prove that he was even a US citizen. Mitt's dad, George, was born in 1907. People from those times did not have as extensive documentation as people do these days. People in the US would naturally assume he was a US citizen, as he was white and spoke American english. He had also been in the US since 1912 - at the age of 5. It is likely that he never had to prove his citizenship before running for governor. To this day, I have not seen any evidence that George Romney became a naturalized US citizen before Mitt was born. Ted Cruz: Born in Canada. His father was a citizen of Cuba. His mother may not have even been a US citizen when Ted was born - she may have relinquished her citizenship. The location of Ted's birth disqualifies him by itself. The citizenship of his father at the time of Ted's birth also disqualifies him by itself. There is no way Ted Cruz could ever be considered a natural-born citizen of the US. Marco Rubio: Both of his parents were Cuban citizens when he was born. There is no way anyone can say Marco is a natural-born citizen of the US (unless they are mind-numbingly stupid, shills, or are just trying to defend Obama's so-called "Presidency"). Bobby Jindal: Both of Bobby's parents were Indian citizens when he was born. He is not a natural-born citizen. Hillary Clinton: She is - as far as I can tell - a natural-born citizen. However, she made herself permanently ineligible to be President (or hold any public office ever again) by violating 18 USC, section 2071. Her obfuscation, deletion and destruction of emails and other government correspondence would be an obvious violation of this law: " (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States. " There are others who I have not investigated as much, but must be watched out for: Sarah Palin: May have been born in Canada, despite reports that she was born in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her parents would frequently take the short trip across the border for cheaper medical procedures/treatments. I consider it likely, therefore, that her parents may have delivered her in Canada in order to save money. Bernie Sanders: It is very possible that Bernie is a dual citizen with Israel. Being a dual citizen is a disqualifier, as it means you have divided loyalties in a legal sense, as well as in an emotional sense. Rick Santorum: I have not investigated him much, as he didn't really ever seem to have a chance to become President (or so-called "President", if he is ineligible). Some say his parents, who were immigrants from Italy, were not US citizens by the time of Rick's birth. I think it is very likely, especially considering the overall pattern of stacking the deck with ineligible candidates, that he is also ineligible due to his parent's citizenship. Nikki Haley: She was Governor of SC from 2011-2017. Her parents were immigrants from India and were not citizens of the US at the time of her birth. She is therefore not a natural-born citizen and can never become President of the US. However, she is in the spotlight quite a bit, is often mentioned as a Presidential hopeful, and assisted other ineligible candidates in this last election. Watch out for her. There are actually a few more people I should add to this list, but they are not as influential (yet). Anyhow, the above list should go to show you that something major is happening. A lot has been invested into stacking the deck with ineligible candidates and getting away with it in the media and courts and congress. They even paid off the majority of big-time Conservative Talk hosts to say that these people were/are eligible to be President, despite the fact that they obviously are not. Every news outlet and talk show, minus one or two, wouldn't even allow people on to talk about the ineligibility of these candidates (or the usurper, Obama) - except, of course, for Trump. Trump was pretty much the only one allowed on TV to talk about Obama's obvious ineligibility, but he INTENTIONALLY did such a bad job at it, that it made the rest of us who were censored and silenced look like fools. Watch for Trump's legitimacy to be challenged more, or for an attempt to impeach him. The narrative has already been set for Trump to retaliate by picking up the Birther torch again and going after the eligibility of Obama. It would be impossible for SCOTUS to say that "natural-born citizen" is anything other than what I've said. At such a point when SCOTUS recognizes this definition as the valid one, Obama's entire 2 terms will be considered null and void by the people and the dictates or subsequent rulings/opinions will not matter at all, as the government and media in general will have already shown their complicity in the crimes of allowing Obama to be in office. The government's credibility and authority will be automatically rejected by the people. Obama's 2 terms will be recognized as invalid and people will stop obeying Obama era laws - and may extend to all laws, as the entire government will be considered criminal and illegitimate. This will cause severe unrest legally and economically. The legal and economic troubles will also translate immediately to immense social unrest - especially from patriots who have been saying Obama is not President for a long time, but were dismissed and insulted, as well as the staunchly retarded and racially charged Obama defenders. A civil war will likely ensue. At that time, it will be easy for TPTB to come in with a "solution" to our troubles, which will likely be a revised Constitution with most or all of the current top-level members of our government replaced -- or, the solution will be governance by some multi-national body like the UN. Or worse, we may just be invaded while we are weak. It's all scripted, my friends.
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    It's easy not to use and abuse other people for me and Shep. We hold the same values when it comes to running this forum. And we don't like watching the f**kery that has gone on in other places. We were also victims of it ourselves. As were many who are on this forum. We are not nosy. We don't want your personal info. We don't care who you are or where you came from, we're just glad to have you here trying to unravel the mysteries of the rulers of the world and the rest of the universe. There is no agenda other than trying to be different than the rest and having a place where you can speak freely without being abused and ridiculed for your thoughts and ideas, which is a form of bullying people into silence or group think. We are not controlled by anyone, other than ourselves. You can take that to the bank. I think we have shown this time and time again and will continue to do it. We are not going to change.
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    Waiting for CNN to call Trump a racist for thinking that a black Marine isn't capable of picking up his own hat.
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    Putin points at journalists and asks Trump 'are these the ones hurting you?' during press conference 'These are the ones,' Mr Trump replies http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world-0/us-politics/trump-putin-press-journalists-meeting-russia-president-points-which-ones-insulting-you-a7830046.html Video in the link......
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    I urge Israel to stop George Soros if they're so worried he gives Jews a bad image.
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    I am soooo sick and tired of their BS, how is this helping the country move forward. I think other people are getting sick of them too, with the exception of the extreme radical left and the invaders. If they do this, it WILL start a hot civil war............
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    Classic lefty deflection, what he means is: "I'm about to be nailed as I'm guilty as sin, however some of you who let me do what I did without saying anything may be dragged in as well, so sorry about that."
  41. 8 points
    What? She doesn't have enough of her own moronic excuses? Someone else needs to out-moron her? Is this some kind of competition? Is there a prize?
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    From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy: When I was 18 or 19 my motto was "looking out for number one" and "my best friend is my wallet." Even after being raised in truth I still let my guard down. Didn't work out too well for me, but when I met my soon to be wife, she gave me a reason to care for different things other than myself... her, and a new young family. I changed completely and got back on track with my teachings from my youth. I finally took control of my old enemy, the ego. I found the less I tried to have material things, the more I was able to acquire them. I was able to let go of the greed. Greed blinds you from the truth that flows all around us. I was able to acquire 4 homes where I lived in one, rented two, and allowed one of my daughters to live in the fourth. I also owned 2 additional properties, traded in both the stock and commodities markets, and gathered gold and silver, beautiful cars, trucks, and three other business. My point to all of this was and still is, once I was able to let go of the negativity and greed, that's when everything positive began to happen. Your thoughts are more powerful than you could ever imagine! Both good or bad and you'll get whichever you concentrate on the most!
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    Some of the alternative media is disinformation, others aren't. Just like even the MSM sometimes tells the truth, you just have to know how to sift it. I haven't met a [genuine] CTer yet who isn't driven by a genuine desire to seek truth. Because we don't have intell agency-level resources at our fingertips we're forced to operate without hard evidence, which is why there are so many false paths esp when you get into the esoteric areas. But that is why group-think is a valuable thing to have in this field, because so often, there isn't any hard evidence or more correctly, we can't access it. So group-think is all we have. One of my lifelong study hobbies is propaganda - practice and technique. I like to think I know it when I see it, and I haven't seen it here. You look for agendas, both commission and omission. So one of Rense's agenda's is his hatred of all things nukular as an e.g. of commission and one of Infowars is their refusal to tackle the zionists as an e.g. of omission. But I don't see anything like that here. If you do perhaps you could point to them. The thing I like about this forum is that you're free to raise anything you like and say anything you like, within only the boundaries of respect and manners. That's very important indeed critical in getting to the truth when all you have as a weapon is group think. As for making any difference for the better, forewarned is forearmed. If you're sanguine about the way the world has developed over the last twenty or so years I'd suggest you may not be very observant. I know a lot of people who are concerned but they have no idea what's going on, what its history is, where it has come from, why it's happening and what's possibly going to happen next. And CT is merely the attempt to answer those questions. Is that important? You tell me. How do we best do it? Well, we could all storm the NSA data centres, the National Archives, etc. Then we'd know for sure, wouldn't we. Assuming that's not going to happen though, what's the next-best thing? Could it be something like this? Thank you Shep, Cinn and all you others who have built and run this, I'm very glad I recently found it and I hope and pray it long continues.
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    That is why the family unit was one of the first targets. Family would set you straight....if Granny said...go get me a switch....you better damn well go get a switch. You showed respect and treated others as you would expect in return. It wasn't a village that raised you....it was and still is FAMILY.
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    Grow a pair and veto. Let them override it and see if they get elected next round. Who gives a shit who is embarrassed? I don't. Embarrassed by a bunch of felons who should be in prison for treason. My heart just bleeds.
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    I've always felt it was a fake marriage. Plus all the gay rumors and rumors that michelle is a man, just made me want to question it more.
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    NOAA has forecasted a 60% chance of G1 storm on Sunday from a stream of solar wind http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/notifications-timeline http://www.spaceweather.com/ Combine this with a Full Moon http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php#rt2ccmf_1435374406 And you have My favorite recipe for some big shakers. For shits and giggles, let's throw in a rapidly growing sun spot turning earths direction at the same time. https://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/hmi_igr/1024/latest.html
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    Destroyed? Went camping fridaynight, caught catfish, cooked bacon on the firepit. , hiked a mountain today, off roaded in the land rover, shot a gun. Then ate big ass dinner.. America ..
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