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    Hmmm... Well this'll be one of my longer posts. I guess I'll begin by saying that this is the only forum I've ever joined period! Reason being that all of the wonderful knowledge that gets displayed from all the various parts of our world here, brings sooo... many viewpoints because of the various backgrounds, makes this a truly unique environment in which we can all share ideas and theories. For that I thank @Ukshep and @Cinnamon for allowing true free speech to thrive here. For that I'm truly thankful for you guys creating this wonderful place where we can share and bounce ideas off of each other without fear. Next up the mods @Malevolent @RabidWolf @LuckyBolt who do oh so much in the way of keeping this craziness moving smoothly. Thank you. Next on my list would be the folks who's posts I used to read on Doomjunkie. @Cryptic Mole Your a dude with a lot of knowledge and info that wants to tell his story. I'll be ready to listen anytime your ready. Same goes to you @Sky Cat. @Lucy Barnable I appreciate the way you look for the truth in all the threads that your involved. Much . @thedudeabides I like the perspective you bring to the conversation even if I don't agree. Ditto for you @octopus prime. Respect! @Guitar Doc the quality and time that you put into your posts is amazing and truly appreciated. Very thought provoking. @Jostler and @roamerI thoroughly enjoy the amount of effort and info that you guys post. Always informative and always learn something new. Thanks! @grav well I can't tag her but if she's lurking I admire the way you challenge the status quo, even if I don't agree all the time. @YourMom2 I haven't seen you in a while but hope all is well. I liked your thoughtful posts. Same goes to @CGK and @DarkKnightNomeD . @Millevolt and @Groove I like the self defense thread you guys did, and I'm sure you guys can add more. At any case any info you guys can provide whether defense or tactical would be much appreciated. Now to the posters who make me laugh @Automan63 @Han sole @VonLud @Walk Softly @COBO Member Good posts and better sarcasm. Now for the newer posters that I just like @periclymenoides @AgedLace @apache54 @foxtrot2000 @Uncle Nobby @Condor @sybdragon @coco @Cosmic Mullet @schon @ESET @RetiredRogue @GirlFriday @spEKtre @Broken Cord @marlowe @Zing @Tarmalen @abigfatzero @DRUMZ. Now if I didn't list you I'm sure your cool and am looking forward to discussing all the crazy $hit that's going down in our world.
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    Introduction I've watched. I've read. I've absorbed more than enough to at least explain the basic structure of this plan. And hopefully share with you how the zionist jews are behind it all and leading us into a New World Order! I am not going to be taking info from any books or conspiracy related material aka protocols of Zion or any other similar item. The goal of this article is to explain the plan by breaking it up in such a way that the average joe or jane can understand with a clear goal of presenting it free of entanglements and basing it entirely on what can be seen. This is the only way in which you will see what I want you to see. It is through the scanning of the vast plan that it becomes obvious. No amount of deep detailing will help to make it clearer but covering the key points will as you piece it together at a glance. This is all I can do to try and stop it! SHOW OTHERS! But first this video is for all of you! Since this is part of it! Don't let fear get the best of you! So let us begin! We shall for structure split this into past, present and future stages! Which you will find align perfectly and reveal pre-planning stretching back decades. It is with the grander scheme laid out like this that you may start to realize things. While one cannot see every move made. It is more than enough for you to see the outline of the figure in the painting.. Phase 1: Create The Foundation For The Main Event PAST ENDGAME - KEY REWARDS A nation they can call their own Usage of the term Nazi to demonize Mass protection/reparations/advantages for Jews (Through the means of guilt, and Ascension of the agenda) The creation of the base system of the new world order (The United Nations) The perfect environment for communism to rise in the west Wounding blow to nationalism (Also pre-planning for historic setup of the people) Regardless of your views on Adolf Hitler or which of the narratives in History you wish to align with as your believed truth. I am sure everyone can agree that the above key rewards were gained. IT cannot be argued! Only added to! I am of the opinion that WW2 was a set-up and planned elite controlled event, It allowed the cultivation of the correct environment, narrative and gave rise to the foundations on which the next phase is going into action. But this needs to be detailed further as what I can tell you for sure is this: The elite have not changed the plans that much. They must have been conceived a long time ago, As they all fit snugly together even now. Phase 2: Use The Foundation, And Kill Nationalism Forever CURRENT ENDGAME - KEY REWARDS The True Resistance Destroyed The People Subjugated and Controlled Freedom to Oppress Initiated Phase 2 uses everything that phase one helped to bring in, It even recycles the same plan for the rise of nationalism as it mirrors Hitlers rise to power identically! Which you can see below! Continuation - History Is Repeating Itself Hitler/Germany rose up against the Jews who almost destroyed Germany from within, via trade and economic manipulation Trump/America rose up against the liberals who almost destroyed America from within, via trade economic manipulation Jewish Media declared war on Hitler and used propaganda to sway opinion Liberal Media declared war on trump and used propaganda to sway opinion Hitler was Times person of the year Trump was Times person of the year The German people hated the jews for many reasons The American people hate the liberals for many reasons I need to say this for clarity and honesty: There is a parallel fact that revealed itself to me with this thread. Both Adolf Hitler and Donald J Trump now and then both did good and bad things, It keeps them in the middle ground in perceptions I noticed. This means that yes! The victor does write history. And yes it will be believed. But unlike in Hitlers day this will not be followed by questioning of the official narrative. The paradigm in which this ends sets up the narrative to quell and remove all questioning of the mainstream forever. Or at the very least subdue it to a number too minuscule to matter! Continuation - Antifa Is Always Involved The first German movement to call itself Antifaschistische Aktion was proclaimed by the German Communist Party (KPD) in their newspaper Rote Fahne in 1932 and had its first rally in Berlin 10 July 1932. May 1932 the communist paramilitary organisation Rotfrontkämpferbund had been banned and after a fight between Nazi and Communist members of parliament the Antifaschistische Aktion was created to ensure that the communists could have a militant organisation to rival the paramilitary organisations of the Nazis. After a forceful dissolution by the Nazis in 1933, the movement was revived during the 1980s. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifaschistische_Aktion If you want a reminder of what ANTIFA is doing! And let us not forget the desensitization to protesting. Starting with Ferguson! Training! Practicing! Normalizing it to the point most do not care! You can even search the web for more on this. George Soros has ties to most major protests! Around the world! Continuation - The Planned Worldwide Rise Of Nationalism And Fake Challenge to Communism! Through the mass movement of pawns, AKA Refugees they have created the perfect environment to affect nations in the world and sway the populace towards Nationalism. However the rise is not natural. And it is resisted on the world stage by secret communism. Here have some truth bomb bullet points to lay it out quicker. The Flooding of Nations with Immigrants was Planned The Destruction of the Family Unit was Planned ISIS was Created to Sow Fear and Move Refugees Antifa are mostly Paid Protestors with Sheeple Support Brexit is Part of the plan to Sacrifice Britain so that no one ever dare try leaving the collective again but that has not played out yet Macron will probably be a major part of the next Fear Campaign involving ISIS Terrorism - Funny that he should be likened to Napoleon because he is so young Hillary was Never Going to Win (It was all a grand show to justify the new narrative against the people which is still in its early stages, True Alt media and the True Nationalists are the target, Demonetization, demoralization and demobilization of us all is the endgame) / AKA FAKE NEWS! We've never seen fake news like we have until they pointed it out. It did not just get a light shone on it. IT BECAME WORSE. Fake news was never a major issue until they made it an issue. I've most definitely missed something out! Of that I am sure. Continuation - Dividing Of The People! Some may ask why the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump even happened if this was all planned? Why make it out like Hillary ever had a chance? Division! Simple! They used the election of Donald J Trump and Hillary to remove all other candidates from ever having a chance. But greater than that. It was the tool used to divide the people in a way they have never been divided. Trump was the MAN we all wanted! Hillary was not. The narratives and explanations all exist because of this beautiful display. It lined up the fear It gave reasons to adapt the government and policies of others in ways they have never been altered It allowed us to be distracted and miss things It gave many a myriad of excuses to cover asses. Left vs right works well. (But they never wound severely. Because the upper echelon players have rules, as well as orders) It allowed the takeover of Wikileaks to take place without many noticing it And it has divided us all in ways we cannot heal anytime soon leaving us fragmented Let me expand on that last bullet point a little more. The only way we ever escape this is if we wake up to the fact that both the left and the right are just pawns to others. That our choice really never does matter. And that the only way we get out of this shit show is if we all realize this. Forgive one another and realize both sides have been manipulated. Then join together and turn our gaze upon the true enemy. The hidden hand! Continuation - Our Destruction Through War & Economic Collapse I strongly believe after what I have witnessed that this is happening on a few angles. I have Identified 2 Nations Targeted Currently as MAIN KEY POINTS! United Kingdom United States What you can expect here is very simple, The USA is the Warmonger which will end with a Hitler type scenario and justification of the end game NWO state, To protect the Collective! The war to end all wars. With the United Kingdom being the sacrificial pawn? Nah I think it is better to just say that the United Kingdom to me is looking like it is to be made an example out of. If Brexit Fails. And the UK is ruined because of leaving. Made to fail! Then they will use it as propaganda after events take place to say: NATIONALISM DOES NOT WORK ECONOMICALLY! thus covering all angles! If you really want to look at this. Look at how every good thing Trump has done has been to please the Military and Israel. And build a War Economy! Zionist Pawns In Play - Control And Manipulation George Soros Jared Kushner The above two are the only ones I have been able to identify thus far. George Soros works the social side of things. While Jared Kusher deals with the political side of things. I could get deeper into this but a search engine request will teach you more on these two than I can right here. Master and Pupil?? Phase 3: Celebrate The Death of Nationalism, Bring In The New World Order FUTURE ENDGAME - KEY REWARDS Total Control Of Everything Ability To Eradicate All Who Resist With Ease (Justification from The PLANNED rise of Nationalism Failing) Plus A Ton Of Other Stuff Do I really need to tell you what happens here?? What Can We Do About It? There is only one thing we can do about it! And that is scream as loud as we possibly can. Wake up as many people as we possibly can. In the hopes that once enough people catch on to the plan and that the collective will of the people will make itself heard! However if this does not satisfy you I'll share what things I am realizing and you can maybe go through the same process: Realize Hillary Sucks Realize Trump Sucks Realize Zionist Jews Are Manipulating All Areas Realize Nothing is as it appears Realize History is Repeating Itself Realize Both Sides have Limits to how much they will expose the other (Self-preservation of the upper echelon groups) Realize they want us at each others throats Realize they want war Realize they want to flood the nations with more migrants Realize they helped nationalism rise so that they can destroy it for good Realize no one else sees it and act accordingly And finally realize.... It is nothing more than a world stage, with displays to prompt societal change by groups that work together All in the hopes of bringing about the ultimate goal... The New World Order - Controlled by the Zionist string pullers! So with that said spread the word about the truth if you see it like I do! If enough people awaken and realize. It may be stoppable. View full article
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    Nice arse-kissing thread, Shep. Thanks @admin and @mods , you guys do a great job at keeping COP running smoothly and sanely (although fortunately not TOO sane!) Good job. You're doing it RIGHT!!! You're a fabulous lot. @Lucy Barnable The wisest and most sensible person I've ever met online! You're a Star! Simply extraordinary. @Astrochik Where art thou? ...because you're one clever and fun person, and without you I would never have found DJ + COP. I hope you come back. I was really happy to bump into @Happy Bear here!!! C'mon, don't be afraid to post some more! Stop being such a all the time. @Lucy Barnable @Astrochik @Happy Bear @Ukshep @Cinnamon @VonLud @Malevolent @CGK @schon @apache54 @marlowe @McWest @Zing @RabidWolf @Tude @GirlFriday @ESET @Condor @Isdo @yeppers @Cryptic Mole @crabb @Uncle Nobby @Uncle Thanky @LuckyBolt @five @Zimix99 I like reading your posts! ...and thanks to everyone else who makes this forum what it is. Also, sorry if I left anyone else out whose posts I like, because I probably did. Most likely the only way I'd be able to mention everyone is by going through the member list! That's all I got (for now). Heck, who knew arse-kissing could be so hard?! *phew*
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    Gotta love it.Trump kissed his ass during the election. Kissy is THE mouthpiece for the real PTB. Donald Duck,TPTB's boy.There is your proof.
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    I welcome all who are conservative and care about sustaining the existence of the white race. Because there is a clear and obvious effort to murder us.
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    It sucks but if it does get pushed through I imagine Americans will do like Canadians have for the last 20 years. Simply not comply. If you haven't seen this clip you really should watch it.
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    It's like living in Crazyville with Satan as the mayor.
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    He wouldn't know he loved to wear dresses unless Mommy encouraged him to wear them. She resisted but soon changed her mind. It was her issue... Oh and now she's got a book deal. Now she's famous! People NEED this kind of information and this kind of HELP, and people are so happy they're not alone. I don't see anyone asking him WHY he thinks he's a princess boy. Been doing it since he was 2... she had to get him involved in that. Mom's just loving all that fame and fortune... Simon and Schuster Oh wait... someone finally asked why. "Because it makes me feel happy." Rolls eyes. "The year of acceptance and then we get into inclusion..." Studies show... selecting their clothes for school is important. Can't keep it in the house so the WORLD has to accept it. This kid has no idea what's up!
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    He's over on GLP calling anyone who says anything against Trump a Share Blue Troll. Anyone who counters his argument/ indoctrination attempt gets their post deleted out of his thread and BANNED from the thread. GLP is nothing but DISINFO TACTICS DESIGNED TO KILL FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Why is this cuck allowed to continue to do what he does? Lots of clicks and MIND CONTROL!
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    And any discussion of it is prohibited by the wishes and feelings of the family. That video of them thanking everyone for looking into his death was not clearly thanking people like us, no matter how it's spun, it's not conclusive. To me, anyway. Their son rubbed elbows with some of the biggest traitors and criminals in the history of the world. That makes it OUR business, too. The political maneuverings of these people affects our every day lives, or they did. And they might still, if Clingon and Soros get their purple revolution. Beware July 2, 2017. Impeachment day and it's gonna be hot. Not inclusive of all that's happening, just random thoughts. The big story is Rich. And martial law is basically being declared all over the place, being called states of emergency, same shit, dictatorship lite. France... UK... Philippines.. U.S. "increased security" dictatorship ultralite... Kim dotcom made his exposing shit impossible, only to Mueller the acting FBI director. lol yeah like that'll happen (rich) Hannity got punked last night... totally ditched the Rich narrative... cuz it'll hurt the fam's feelings. BS! I don't know what happened there! Trump is telling wannabe dictator Dutarte in the Philippines that he's doing a great job on drug issues. He's encouraged massacres on suspected drug dealers and a shit ton have died. Gives a license to kill whoever the f**k you please. He's declared martial law in one area of PI AND now says he might declare the entire country under Martial Law. The left keeps droning on and on about Russia and Trump collusion... no one can prove it and won't even say it exists. lmao! WTF? Biggest dog and pony show evah! Seth Rich's case is what they don't want us focusing on.
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    She couldn't find her own wide ass with both hands, let alone connect anything resembling dots. She hasn't colored inside the lines for a long long time.
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    I've noticed something, I guess running this forum gives me a different perspective on certain things when it comes to trends. When BLM first came into existence and later on, ANTIFA arrived on the scene, there was intense interest in their rioting and marches. After having the media cover this practically nonstop for around a year, people are now not interested in what these people are doing and don't pay attention to it. Do you see a problem with that? Media doesn't cover it hardly at all now. The problem I see with this is that a civil war could start and people wouldn't even know about it because they are not paying much attention to these groups now. Trump supporters are now holding gatherings to show support for Trump. The news covers this because they think they can catch a Trump supporter doing something bad and even if they can't, they are so biased against them, it's past absurd. This is also becoming normalized. Mass shootings: there have been so many covered for so long, no one cares about these either. It's normal. "Active Shooter" is a catch phrase now. Terror attacks: if it bleeds it leads, but if there are not a lot of victims, no one really cares and if it's not in a European country or the U.S., forget it, no one cares at all. 100s can be killed and its like it never even happened. Terror attacks are the norm. Cyber attacks: This is another issue that is being spread all over media and at some point, people will become complacent about this, too. Sheltering in place is also normalized. So, we have shelter in place orders, rioting, terror attacks, cyber attacks and mass shootings which hardly affect anyone when they hear about them now. Anyone see what I see? If you do, thank the media!
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    Cut off cable television. I keep saying this over and over and I won't stop. Everyone hates the media, but so many CTers still pay for their brainwashing. Yes, I know, it's not always ONE person's decision in the house. But if you are the decision maker and you still have it... WHY do you still have it? Cable news and their programming is full of lies, deceit and they're a huge reason why kids are the snot nosed back talking brats that they are. TV is even programming parents to react to their kids the way they do on the programs... rather than discipline, they kiss their ungrateful little arses. The inject the gay agenda into almost every show. Enough said. You know what to do!
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    Want to know what I really think is going on? Brass tacks... OK! Fukushima > Atmospheric Effects > Chemtrails > Sunlight Intensity > Dead Sea-life > Signs all over being bleached by the sun in record time > Cancer rates through the roof > UV index also through the roof > People going batshit crazy > People going batshit crazy on aircraft and airliners? These Planes are soaked in UV radiation from high altitude flight > UV radiation kills fishies! All the dead sealife be washing up > I don't know how else to tell you.. It is the UV radiation. It is affecting us all.. The government knows about it..Others know about it! This is why they need the bunkers.... Only place habitable will be under the earth, But they will still experience quakes. In fact the UV will increase so much that the earth will shake... Ask me not how I know. Oh well! Enjoying life still! Nothing else to do but laugh and have fun! Irradiated by it all!
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    These are three things that really bother me. I will not comply with any of this stupidity. I won't pay fines for doing it either. When did the government decide that these issues were any of their business? We've had lots of threads here about this type of thing and these issues seem to be getting worse and more widespread. Food and water... they want control of it. And want to control who you gift either one of those things. This is some crazy shit when you really think about it because it's two things no one can live without, food and water. Any independence from the grid on those issues is criminal in many places and is spreading out. Time to do what you gotta do when it gets that way. What do you think? (If you're part of a HOA, you already sold out to the demonic board of directors on the growing and water issue.)
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    OMG..I need to stop drinking! I thought the title of this thread was "How many mosquitoes are close to where you live?" Mosquitoes or mosques,I guess it doesn't matter. They are both pests that disrupt daily life in America.
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    Shout out to all my FE hater friends who keep my world spinning... Yea, I just said it. Right round, baby. @Jostler, @AgedLace, @Cryptic Mole, @thedudeabides, @Uncle Nobby, @apache54, @Tarmalen, @Ukshep, @Cinnamon, @COBO Member, @roamer - let's be friends, roamer... @foxtrot2000, @One Step Away, @Groove, @Zing - I like your name. Everytime you post something witty, I say ZING!! in my head. All my flat headed friends... @Rothbard, @McWest, @Uncle Thanky-right? @BornUntamed, @Condor - yea?!!? Maybe not yet. @turdface, @Redorblue, @Anthem(0), @ESET, @marlowe @VonLud is in there somewhere... No one really knows. I really like most of the people here. The admins/mods are all awesome. Except when I get a warning... You can take a hike into a busy intersection when that happens. I yoke. Kinda. If I didn't mention you, I either like you or I don't. I'll let you decide.
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    No one here need even answer... I think we all agree its a no!
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    @Ukshep Just wanted to say i was where you are not so long ago. Its something you have to prove to yourself is true. You wont try to prove anything if you dont want to believe it. Thats where most people shut off, they dont want to believe it so they take in the conditioning or they ignore the proof altogether. Now, i don't know the real truth of the how it all works, but i do know we live on a flat plane. I cant explain the stars or the sun or the moon to you that is outside of the 'accepted theories' which are, after all, still theories. So my real question to you is can you walk outside and prove with empirical evidence that the earth is round? I couldn't. I could regurgitate the theories, but i couldnt actually prove spherical shape, every proof went to flatness.. As far as why? why is always speculative so i'll take my probably agreed upon thoughts and share them with you. On a globe circling the sun you are a random accident caused by another random cosmological accident in the middle of this infinite space with no purpose or reason for being there or existing. If you have no purpose or higher power then who cares what happens to others, who cares about the rest of the world, who cares about anything really. This is how we are brought up, this is whats pushed in our faces, this is what the rulers of the nations tell their subordinates. If people knew they lived on a flat plane that was (for lack of a better phrase) the center of the universe, it was protected by the creator of the flat plane and they served a purpose (long forgotten within our own self gratifications) and this purpose was with the creator of everything that exists, would people still allow the things happening in our world that are currently happening? In a real sense, and we all feel it on these forums, something is going to happen and it isnt a good thing. When people know (not believe, but know) there is a Creator God of this very defined and specific (not random) earth we live on, who would they choose to serve? If doubt can be inserted into this equation of the existence of this Creator God, who then would the people serve? You know, after all of everything we have all seen take place, there is only one real thing happening in the world. It is a rebellion against the Creator God. Everything happening to the people, everything coming out against the elite, everything coming out about the world we live in, it is all against what the Creator God had desired for us. Our bodies and minds are poisoned, our spirits hindered, our happiness has been replaced with greed and self gratification, we are lied to about virtually anything that is on TV. So, yeah, look up, smile, say thank you and ask "whats my purpose".
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    Anonymous is probably a CIA front group. If not, then their track record of hacking things that deserve it is pretty grim.
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    Day 41:Got a job!!worked 5 days straight.A little too much on the body.gotta ease my way back in!!!Its really awesome not to wake up and NEED drugs!Having good times CLEAN....I can and will do this
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    what's the problem?? Clingon has something badly wrong with her. Sandy Hoax was a Hook. And Pizzagate was just the tip of a disgusting pedo iceberg, "conspiracy theory" is very misleading and i hate the term, but most of what I now know, has turned from a theory into provable FACT. Maybe we should be saying "conspiracy facts" instead.
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    I think I would still rather have a robot that can fetch me a beer and then mow my lawn.
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    ROFL NO f**kING WAY. THIS IS THE SELFIE GENERATION! You expect me to believe your bullshit MSM, British Government, Deep State Intelligence Moles. You think I don't know? You think the british people don't know?? Your going to end up hanging from london bridge if you keep screwing with the people!
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    Now, before anyone goes apesh!t and screams some white power or racism spiel let's ponder a few things. 1. Who controls the media and the banking systems? 2. With the importation of "immigrants" what race is most affected and damaged by said importation? 3. Who are we slaves to? Answers below 1. The media and banking systems are controlled by the Jewish majority. Thanks for the disinformation, lies, market crashes, planned real estate crashes and of course Mr Soros.. 2. The white race of course. Look at Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Holland and soon to be the US. 3. We have been Israel's ho for a long time now. Just read and article in which Netanyahu gets upset it's when some US head of state doesn't do exactly what's asked..its been going on since Israel was founded. There is no doubt he was a man who saw the only alternative to preserving the white race and having control of their own media and banking systems was war and eviction, shame and expulsion. Here is what I know about the holocaust They were slave labor camps (wrong in its own right) but that's what they were. When the war was taken to those areas their supply lines were cut, supply lines that fed the soldiers as well as those interned. There is undeniable proof of high altitude bombers taking out I frastructure including factories, civilian populations as well as train tracks. Train tracks provided food and medicines to the camps What happens when people become hungry, starve and die? They stink and cause disease How do you prevent disease? Burn the dead or do mass burials so there is no outbreak History has a told us that the holocaust was an extermination from the get go. Not true Human labor is invaluable. Hitler and those in the camps were responsible to keep the war machines rolling and relied on the camps for numerous supplies. The allies are equally responsible in many, many of those deaths I'm not advocating his methods or approach. At all But Had he finished what was started We'd have our own banking systems We'd have our own newspaper and news channels We'd have preservation of the only race to dominate in the realm of government, architecture, art, music, novel Nobel peace prize and so on and so on We wouldn't be a satellite mafia for a nation that has no love or respect for those within the boundaries of this beautiful land. He was made a patsy by the history books, a fool, a mass murderer. When in actuality he was a man who foresaw these events and went about it maybe in the wrong way. Look where we are now Exactly where he didn't want us....any of us.
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    I see plenty of evidence for devolution however....
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    He works in a county jail and constantly around criminals and evil men. He's not sleeping and is depressed, but he sought help for that, I just ask that you please add him to your prayers for comfort, relief, joy and contentment. Thank you. It means more than you know.
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    Aw, @Cryptic Mole @VonLud @Sky Cat ... you guys are the best. @Quick1966 @Groove @Uncle Nobby and @DarkKnightNomeD... where are you DK? I think you're pretty awesome @foxtrot2000 and you know I love you @Cinnamon and @Ukshep thank you for all you do.
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    My favs: @thedudeabides @apache54 @Cryptic Mole @Cinnamon @Ukshep @Groove @Cosmic Mullet @Quick1966 @Malevolent @One Step Away @Walk Softly @Williams @Zing basically everyone I talk with everyday.
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    OMG!!! My kid has four of these!! What has he become??? A nazi? A self-centred uncaring fiend? An extremist?? Oh wait....he's just a kid! Are you kidding me??? My kid is FORCED to live in a f--cked up world where one can change their gender from day to day to suit their moods (or fetishes), have routine lock-downs in his school, try figure out what he is allowed to say or how to act toward one race or another and and he's not allowed to play with a stress relieving toy without being labelled while he ponders the f-ckeduppidness of it all? I'm buying him ten more.
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    I think they've corrected that tweat to...... "Major newspaper is just making up a big Trump story, should be finished in the next 24-48 hours, HBO are going to show it after Game of Thrones"
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    Ok I'm not saying that we should coddle, or kill stupid people. But let's just get rid of all the warning signs and let nature take its course. I guarantee the world will be a better place!
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    There's too much tension everywhere. On the right, on the left. Wars and rumors of wars. The politicians and the media have everyone wound up like I've never seen them before. Tomorrow could be the catalyst for something with the removal of monuments. There are going to be people high strung on both sides of that. I'm sure ANTIFA thugs and BLM will make an appearance, too. Lots of people unhappy on the right and the left. Crap in D.C. is business as usual. People are pissed like I've never seen before. Everyone is struggling with bills and cost of everything rising except their wages. There is plenty of dissatisfaction to go around and I'm pretty damn unhappy about all of this myself.
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    I have not been asked or coerced into this apology. I made a post calling out Shep and Cinn as Tavistock agents. They are not nor have they have displayed any actual behavior to deem them as such. I made my statements in part due to my irrational hope I placed in trump. I have broken off from that now and simply wait to see what happens. I have been allowing my emotions to get the better of me and insulted two people in a way that no one ever should. Lately I have behaved way out of character. I apologize for this to every involved. Including those who follow flat earth. I shall be stepping back from posting for awhile just lurking. With that take care and I apologize again.
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    But it's Israel and Jewish people in general who are pushing all the Muslim migrants into every western nation but their own. So in my opinion Israel is the number one problem for the first world because dual citizens have infiltrated our governments.
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    It's quite likely a deal was made BEFORE the election. Remember how Trump was going to put Killary in jail? ...then, all of a sudden, "the Clintons are good people". Yeah, right. A deal was struck, and no doubt there's some blackmail involved too: As in: "Ok, remember our deal? Right, it's time to attack Syria now; and make a move on North Korea whilst you're at it, we got a schedule to keep to." ...etc, etc.
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    It is not without values as long as you know it is PR which is what Edward Bernays renamed it saying Propaganda had negative connotations. Now you know what they want us to think you can puzzle out why. Back in the 1990s they were so slack if they said black you could see it was really white so you did or thought the opposite of what they told you. It got more sophisticated after that to the point where nothing they said had any value. That is the MSM I have been watching for the last 25 years. So you hopped over the the ALT media who told it like i was, briefly before being consumed by those who own and control the MSM. The ALT media peaked in the second half of the 1990's as in 1990 itself the investigative journalists were fired in the western world replaced with flunkies. Those investigative journalists who were fired started the first real ALT media in semi revenge I feel. Now few of those remain. Once the MSM gets you to believe in one lie they build off that lie and extend until it has no relation to any truth at all and the people are living in a fictional world inside their heads. It has really been 25 years of Propaganda. This is a fear cycle directed at US and perhaps UK people. They had a go to trying to scare NZ about nuke war in our media last week, few bought into it, but in Australia next door they told them N Korea could nuke Darwin. Fear cycles are used to justify something the public normally would not approve of. Now we wait to see them see if they can make it peak and then await the suggestion, the poison pill if you like. IF enough people swallow it the controllers get their way. The only people fighting them and their Psy-ops are us. It is important to explain to people what is about to be done to them so they see through it.
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    Iran is a very nice place. We have tourism to Iran from NZ along with the tourist travel shows promoting the experience and culture. We have B list celebrities we use on travel shows. They rave about the food and the friendly people. You don't have to stay at a hotel in Iran, people will put you up for the night in their homes. Iran was Persia, it has one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world going back 6000 and more years. Don't forget, people think Lions and Elephants roam the streets in South Africa my friend. They know no better until they go there. Same with Iran. The simplest mind control is just repeating the same thing over an over until people believe it. There is only one nation who have used nuclear weapons on another, and that other nation had been trying to surrender for 3 months. They were not allowed to surrender until after they were nuked. They didn't need to nuke Japan but they did anyway because the generals told Truman "All of our post War Strategy hinges on it." There is only one terror nation on this earth and they pretend to be everything but. That nation frightens me more than any other because they have shown they are willing to go beyond their boarders with force on a whim.
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    This guy is well worth watching - subtitles all the way for 30+ mins. But boy oh boy does he connect a lot of dots. He explains how the very top of the scum we call the 'elite" are ALL LUCIFARIAN/SATANISTS WHO SACRIFICE CHILDREN. He mentions The PROTOCOLS of the ZIONISTS. How US $$$ are moved around the world, and much more besides. well worth watching, imo
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    we should all be using the word NO much more often when faced with bullshit bureaucracy and useless government. NO to vaccines NO to yet more invented taxes NO to war mongering politicians NO to bad education NO to the lies the MSM spews out by the day NO to warrant less searches NO to stupid drug laws and on and on it goes......................
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    GLP is exposed for what it is. It has left a bad taste in many people's mouths. The whole purpose of an Internet forum, especially a forum that has as much gravity and importance as international (real) conspiracies is to discuss. It is a think tank and a depository of ideas and information. We may not always agree. In fact, the idea isn't even necessarily to agree. The purpose is to expose ideas and information. It is vital not only for national communities, but international communities. We may not be 'globalists', but it is always in the interests of the peoples of the world to be aware of real intrigues that could threaten and destroy human liberty on this earth. The subject matter is wide and varied because it actually involves the whole realm of human thought and activity. Reality and true conspiracies may be exposed not only when Truth is brought to the surface of discussion, but also Falsehood. Anything less is agenda pushing. So communities must simply ask themselves a question: do we want to push an agenda, or have real discussion and debate concerning domestic and international matters that effect this entire world and the future of humanity?
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    That is how all of CT is controlled if you are a writer.If you support their phony narrative they promote you and your material. Tell the Truth and they will cut you down. I had to use a separate platform to get out what I had to say and take it straight to the people. I had 120,000 regular face-book followers of my work until I started to publish about the intelligence community. FB kiled the links and made it look as if we had been shut down or quit. Ended up with 300 followers and I knew them as most were personal friends. It isn't just GuLP who does this, it is the controlled CT scene which assists for $$$'s I assume. They hate sites like this taking away their mind controlled zombies and converting them back into free thinkers. They hate independent writers and bash them as much as possible. GuLP sits at the head of the CT table in many people's eyes. Head office for Psy-ops once you see clearly.
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    Looks like the military just dropped a MOACT, mother of all chemtrails
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