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    You know what Vneck, if you have even a quarter of a brain, you would realize that people who run CT sites are in more danger from nut cases than any other sites. You might also realize that I, as a single female who has a gun in every room that is fully loaded at all times... peeps might not want to invade my privacy in a way that might cause their demise by entering my home. Plus, it's none of your f**king business. Do you want to swat me or kill me? That is the question! Or are you just a nosy b*st*rd? @Vneck
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    If you post a thread, add some text from the original article along with your thoughts on the subject. I have been seeing way too many posts with a just a link and a few words from the author. There are clear instructions on how to post at the bottom of every page. I have been extending the courtesy of taking my time to go to the article and copy and paste some of the text for the posters. I won't be doing it anymore. I am going to delete them from now on. Thanks! Cinnamon
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    So Just a heads up! As you know last night more f**kery, and they got me a few weeks back. Seems to be the same thing and what it seems like they are doing scares me in regards to where they may be taking it hence this thread. Both times, The psychic attacks were manageable (more distractions to get us away from our computers it now seems. Both times while away, they attempted to make both myself and cinnamon look suicidal. Intrusions into our desktops, Our fault (Our tech was not the best, We will be correcting that fully that in due course). I assume they are doing it this way because we have our passwords on paper and they cannot gain access any other way?? Now I'm sitting and I see a group or persons attempting to make us look suicidal. Why? I only see one reason for that. So that if something happens people will buy it. So let me just make it clear, Myself and cinnamon are not suicidal. Any mention of us dying. Or having killed ourselves should not be believed. These are my clear words. We are of cleansed minds and calm states. Just want to also say thank you for last nights prayers and thoughts regarding the attack on cinnamon. It helps to have good people defending you. Really Thank You! I have a few more things to do this morning then I'll be back to posting. Stay strong coplandians! See how crazy this all sounds.... Never thought I'd be making threads like this. I mean I could sit in silence and say nothing but I feel saying something protects us more than it hurts us!
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    This could be the beginning of the end for John McCain. According to officials of the White House, McCain is believed to have gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private, classified telephone calls with world leaders. This was probably the worst person to gain access to these types of records. McCain has been calling for President Trump’s head ever since he was elected. https://frontierfreepress.com/john-mccain-found-out-to-be-the-white-house-leak/ Once and for all, get that RINO POS behind bars where he belongs. And just so he ain't lonely, put his butt buddy Lindsey in there with him.
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    I'm an educated individual who chooses the side that does the right thing. Call out all you want. You'll never understand what I stand for. I don't follow. I f**king lead! Be a sheep. Or awaken! Trump does good I'll say it. He does bad I'll say it. Same for Islam. But that won't happen now will it. For everyone else. Welcome the next wave
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    Congrats LuckyBolt! I know you're new at this and there's a learning curve, but I think you're going to do just fine. @LuckyBolt
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    The CIA promised to purchase a steady stream of Super Male Vitality.
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    You got a mouse in your pocket? Two posts and you come here with this bullshit? What's your game, man? Transparent much? Why don't you go back to the hole you crawled out of and f**k off to another forum from which you came? Thanks for the ammo!
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    I posted this on another thread, but I think people need to read it and might not see it over there and I'm adding more info. First of all, if you call your state Sen. or Rep. it DOES matter! If enough do it! I found a formula they use, About 10 years ago and can't find the website anymore. They said the politician's formula goes like this. If ONE person calls them or faxes or writes them, they count that call, fax, letter or email as 11,000 people! Because they know if one takes the time to do it, there are 10,999 other people who feel the same way! Call them! Try this. Go to any store and when you get to the checkout stand, bring up a political hot button. Planned Parenthood, the economy, healthcare, wages. I have done this many times and when I say anything like that, the dam breaks and they will tell you how pissed off they are. This is how I know that this low hum I sense is not my imagination. The elite better be making preps to save themselves. And we had better be doing the same. They'll sacrifice their minions at some point and try to get us to fight them. I am hoping that is the war where one side does not show up. Anything other than defense at this point is all it's going to take for them to win this thing. Everything is at stake and being attacked from every angle. The Feds are NOT the only ones screwing us, the same kind of power hungry monsters are in the city councils, state and county governments and they can do as much and I will venture to say even MORE damage to our freedoms. People have to get active. If I go to a council meeting, there are few people in their 30's or 20's there, most are really old people. How shameful is that for the rest of our lazy arses? People wake up with new rules and ordinances that they could have at least tried to stop and then complain like they came out of thin air. They are not using their voices, they HAVE to start. I hate going to those things unless there's something big going down and my neighbor who is the town historian and about 80 years old calls me up and lets me know when it's really important to get my butt down there. It's boring and it takes work, but guess what FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! You have to work for it! Run for office if you think you have a chance of getting elected. I've been telling people about this for at least 3 years and I usually get a bunch of lame assed responses saying they tried but it didn't do any good. I don't know why it didn't, my guess is they're full of shit. I've single handedly gone after a city government and state government and all it took was a couple of calls and me accusing them of doing something illegal and unconstitutional and they ceased IMMEDIATELY! I stopped a county wide tax scheme in the biggest county in California with 2 phone calls! You have power! And when you beat them it feels AWESOME!
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    Woke up! Had time to mull over recent events. This is to a degree what I think is going down! In order. This is how I look at everything. Sorry if it becomes foggy! To try and make this understandable I am going to first need to catalog everything! See Red Lined Points and at the end, I will Provide a brief explanation in blue where it is needed to direct you along my train of thought! On March 24th - News Breaks of Planned #PizzaGate #PedoGate protests at white house! You can see that here - http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/03/24/the-self-proclaimed-publicity-whore-and-fired-jezebel-intern-running-point-on-pizzagate.html Immediately after, Alex Jones gets the call I assume and comes out to smear and discredit #PizzaGate! On March 24th - ALEX JONES APOLOGIZES FOR PIZZAGATE COVERAGE This was in response to the protests and #PizzaGate public discussion gaining too much momentum! With this move alex has proved to me and many others that on the 24th his plan was to control the people and calm them down. To get them to leave #PizzaGate & #PedoGate alone! To forget about it! And it is as Clear as Day! But everyone I saw online went against alex. The online communities roared with hate and mistrust and rightly so! On March 25th - The Protests Take Place & Filming of the 60 Minutes Special Too? A Barrage of Anti-Pizzagate Narratives spread across all msm outlets. Also possibly the day on which they recorded the 60 minutes special. ^^ If you can prove the last part lemme know! On March 26th - Alex Jones comes out swinging at #PizzaGate again. In preparation for Mike & Alefantis And Pelley! ^^ Several times during the broadcast his body language gives him away! He explains fully what is going on! See below video. "Saul Alinsky 101: Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion!" ^^ 1 hour timestamp onward. Several instances of these rules at play and I am Pissed! On March 26th - MIKE CERNOVICH, JAMES ALEFANTIS EVEN CRIES DURING THIS 60 MINUTES SHOW! as they paint #PizzaGate as Fake and continue to the cover up the truth and destroy us all. You can view that here - http://www.mediaite.com/online/watch-the-tense-60-minutes-showdown-between-scott-pelley-and-trump-right-figure-mike-cernovich/ Thus completing the plan so far to get people to drop #PizzaGate! Why? Because regardless of your opinion on #PizzaGate.. It is causing people to focus on the pedophilia these elites all love. And they cannot be having that now can they? So it is no longer useful to them. Sweep... Sweep.... Sweep..... Under the rug! I hope this gives you at least a little glimpse into how everything that comes out is planned well in advance, Most of the time always in response and always with a narrative! Wake up and share this information to anyone interested in #PizzaGate! As I think with a little more input from others. Maybe just maybe this could be useful to fight back with! Oh and one more thing. I noticed all the stories of placating the people via low-level arrests of nobodies in hundreds in regards to pedophilia. That is a bullshit angle. And that is why they are attempting to shift focus to it. It was created! That path leads to a few hundred arrests but no real change. STICK WITH DIGGING INTO THE ELITE PEDOPHILIA. PLEASE!
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    Freedom Watch notifies congress of a “Deep State” intelligence community whistle blower, Dennis Montgomery, with hundreds of millions of documents showing CIA and FBI and Intelligence Committees where spying on, and conducting surveillance on, American citizens for political purposes. Mr. Montgomery is trying to use a legal “whistle-blower” process and not follow the same approach as Edward Snowden. https://www.scribd.com/document/342765662/Freedom-Watch-Whistleblower-Notification-to-Congress This might interest some of you!
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    One of the characters in the new Beauty And The Beast is gay, more gay agenda shoved in our face. This is not an agenda of love and acceptance, its an agenda to take any willful subjects away from God. A plan to divide people, depopulate humanity, and most importantly keep you from God. The Satanists are at work. Article - http://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/disney-movies’-first-ever-‘exclusively-gay-moment’-in-new-‘beauty-and-the-beast’/ar-AAnFaED?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
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    Going to need a new popcorn machine. Tower Gate is destined to be an epic show.
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    If You Ever Had Deja Vu, Here Is What It Means “The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the doorway to all moments.” –Thich Nhat Hanh Could you agree that in every moment, you are your past, your present and your future self? Let’s explore. Scientifically speaking, we understand that space and time are relative meaning that they depend solely on the motion of the observer who measures them. From this simple fact and for those of us who believe that our souls are eternal, it can then be understood that our future selves are watching us right now through our memories. Wow! Let’s think about that for a moment. This means that you are already dead, you have just been born and every moment in between is happening in other dimensions of ‘reality.’ How is this possible? If this sounds like a far cry from the truth for you, we need to first understand that everything is energy and energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. “When we die, we do so not in the random billiard ball matrix but in the inescapable life matrix. Life has a non-linear dimensionality — it’s like a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.” -Robert Lanza As Robert states, life itself is non-linear, meaning that it is free from death and it is free from time. And what is time? : http://educateinspirechange.org/spirituality/ever-deja-vu-means/
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    Ok, here's the truth of this matter. Cicero posted a hoax thread. He put up nothing but a link and it was disparaging to the character of Pence. I don't care if it is true, then it needs to come out. Now, since there was NO TEXT from the article, I, as a courtesy went to the article, posted some text from it and discovered that even the article admitted it was a hoax! I marked it as a hoax at that point. Marking posts as a hoax is not to make people look bad, it's to promote truth. How anyone could not know that was a hoax, is a mystery to me. I got a pm from Cicero asking me to delete it because it made him/her look stupid. I did that as a courtesy. I have since unhidden that post. In order to deflect what I think was a concerted effort to perpetuate a hoax (since it was done the way it was!) I was told how scary it was that the post was edited by me and attributed to the poster. NOT TRUE! It was clearly stated that I had edited the post TO ADD TEXT FROM THE ARTICLE AND THAT I WAS THE ONE WHO EDITED IT. The implication was that admins/mods would edit posts and make it seem like the poster did it. That is not something anyone who runs a forum would do! A forum wouldn't last for 10 minutes if the ones in charge were doing that. I highly resent that implication thrown at me in order to cover their ass for what they were doing. Accuse, deflect and make me the bad guy. Not only that they came in as you can see and accused us of everything bad under the sun. Well, people like that can go somewhere else and spread their bullshit! ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ATTACKS ON THIS FORUM AND THE STAFF! This is an instaban! AS ALWAYS you're with us or against us. We always want to become better. Substantiate your accusations , so if there is an issue we can fix it, but if you have nothing to substantiate your claims don't try that old game of casting doubt with nothing but innuendos! Running a forum is like someone playing connect 4. For every 3 good posters you get you always get one f**ks up the perfect line. We are not here to hurt anyone. We provide the best we can provide for you all. We care about each and every one of you. But when someone tries to harm us with innuendos and casting shadows with no substantiation, that is where my patience ends! That is not going to be tolerated here. We love each and every one of you, as always. But there has to come a time when you either trust us or you don't. You have NO reason NOT to trust us and if you think you do, tell us. Just so you can see what I'm on about:
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    Have your preps in! Have your shit together! I feel the intense need to write this today! Over the past few days the realizations have been hitting me thick and fast. Today is supposed to be a minor day of celebration for me. Being my birthday and all but f**k that. This is more Important! My diary post for today will be made just below instead of my journal. I know no one wants to know right now! Denial really has set in. But I'm saying it. - Diary Entry - I have awoken once again to bad news, They have voted to repeal privacy regulations. This just adds to the mess myself and cinnamon have been looking into. ICANN leaving the hands of the US was always part of the plan it seems. Sweeping reforms coming in from every angle and all the while distractions are at play. And no one even gives it the attention like we all used to do! The whole Alex Jones #Pizzagate apology from the last few days smells like a distraction now and I feel like I fell for it. But at least I did warn cinnamon the 28th would be a distractionary day, or filled with a lesser event in preparation for the 29th. Alas I won't make a prediction. I just expect more shit to be flung our way! and it could come at any day! I'm feeling the change, costs have risen in the uk due to brexit (even if artificial). I see the movements among the ct forums and alternative news outlets and they almost definitely see what I see. A few are attempting to call out only to be shilled to death by groupies. It almost seems like a concerted effort to keep focus on trivial matters. Trump and the MSM are providing the perfect smokescreen. Has anyone even stopped for a second? and let the last 6 months sink in yet? Do they even see what I see? Is it pointless to call out? to make a video on it? It seems so obvious yet every time I attempt to put this into words I am overwhelmed with emotion. Not my own. I tense up. It becomes difficult. I do not trust trump anymore. I know I drank the cool aid during the election but I see how he is not working in the peoples interests anymore, Some will blow this off as 5d chess that we really do not understand but I call bullshit on it. Hillary was a bad choice, So was trump. But we all had to vote one in right. But I know our votes never mattered. Now we watch that political drama unfold. Losing everything in the process. Our rights are being taken, Our information is being sold and the stage is being set for us all to be screwed over and not a single person see's it. All too busy kissing trumps ass. Or justifying the choice. Well dammit, I AM DONE WITH THE JUSTIFICATION AND I AM DONE WITH THE KISSING OF TRUMPS ASS. I want people to understand exactly what is going on, But bias and pre-judgement mixed with a little mistrust I take it stops them from understanding. Or maybe being in denial is just better. I have thought about going back to sleep ya know. Forgetting all of this and being a sheep. But I cannot bring myself to step away. We all have a responsibility to do what must be done! So with all that said! I'll get started! A sweep of my viewpoint! Every single move that has been made pre-election was part of either preparing trump to make decisions without backlash. Or to prepare the stage for the clampdown on what they call Fake news! From losing control of ICANN to Trump preparing to pass the pipeline among other things. This twitter shitstorm combined with the fake news narrative has created an environment in which alternative websites are struggling now, Others have gone to nefarious lengths just to stay online. Milking it for what they can with tons of ads because they know it is not going to last much longer before the dam bursts. And that is only the tip of the iceberg, Our rights are being taken and our minds burned out from it all. We have shifted into a paradigm now that threatens everything. Instability is now our companion! I no longer care about either faction in a way. I see both the left and the right fueling the distraction while they both force reactions that incur freedom taking solutions and I AM SO SICK OF IT! It is a stage. Both sides are the enemy and we the people need to figure this shit out and wake up the movement before it is too late. A few more weeks of not seeing it and I really think it may be too late to do anything else. Once the plan reaches a certain point the entire game changes. I feel the fear creeping but I push it out with positivity and love. I guess what I have learned from this post is that I am also in denial now. I want to believe we can change the world. But the same thought comes back to me... We are too few! Not enough will see it! Real change could come but we always get distracted. Whatever happens from this point forward. Know I love all you guys and gals. Because you are real good honest people for the most part. IF people like us could get into positions of power. If the people could really take it back. Then things would change. But we do not have the luxury of time right now! Stay Strong and Stay Safe my friends! This is not a farewell. Just a bit of truth of honesty! see you on the forum!
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    There are not many folk who know or understand the effort and intricacies that goes into managing a forum, even more so if you try and keep up with new and innovative functionality as is the case here. @Ukshep needs a lot of positive energy from all of us for the technical management and @Cinnamon needs the same for all her efforts in maintaining the sanitation and and sanity, while always adding new and interesting content. The dedication and love for the critical thinking community is appreciated. I am sure I can, on behalf of everyone, say a big thank you two both of you.
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    It is stuff like this that makes me so so so suspicious. I just have to laugh. Great night. lol First you have the Knights Templars in the holy lands looting. Then the USA goes into Iraq and they get looted of antiquities. Mostly out to the private market of course. Or the USA .gov who are said to be looking for 'magical' items. And now.. now this... ISIS is a USA secret thingie and now... they have found a palace. 600BC palace. Under a historical site that ISIS blew up. How convenient, very convenient as you can not get rid of, or touch one of those world historical sites. lol And now.... It's not there. So they can go after the artifact they know is there that they are looking for. Yes, very convenient. lol Interesting find too. And how convenient is it that ISIS dug tunnels to it and explored it first. Who are ISIS again? In disguise? lol Such good stuff. Masons wanted it blown up? Jonah's tomb? Interesting. Makes you wonder what they were after and took out of there. Hmmmm http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4289696/600BC-palace-buried-tomb-destroyed-ISIS.htm Snippet: It had long been rumoured that the shrine shared a site with an ancient palace. Excavations had previously been carried out by the Ottoman governor of Mosul in 1852. The Iraqi department of antiques also studied the site in the 1950s. But neither excavation had dug as far as the ISIS militants, leaving the palace undiscovered for 2,600 years. The finding is the first example of ISIS militants tunnelling underneath historic sites to find artefacts to loot. Within one of the ISIS tunnels archaeologists found a marble inscription of King Esarhaddon, thought to date back to the Assyrian empire in 672BC. The palace was renovated and expanded by King Esarhaddon after it was built for his father Sennacherib. It was partly destroyed during a ransacking as part of the Battle of Nineveh in 612 BC. Only a handful of these 'cuneiform' slabs have ever been uncovered from the Esarhaddon period. Archaeologists also unearthed two Assyrian empire-era winged bull sculptures within the Jihadist tunnels. Edit: Tower of Babel fallen angel stuff? That what they were looking for?
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    I am glad to see people here with there eyes and ears open, I call em-as I see them! and I have seen that you cannot be just a Trump lover or a hater, just like i see that demoncrappers are worse than repukes but they BOTH are doing very little to help our country or its people so, through them all OUT and start over! I voted for Trump because to vote for hillary knowing what I know about what she is and does would just be wrong for this country, I cannot say Trump is not a trojan horse either as I know how powerful the NWO is and only time will tell. BOTTOM line, when you look at what our politicians have done and NOT done over the last several presidents then you HAVE to conclude they are either ALL idiots or they are ALL controlled, there decisions and or lack of decisions proves that!! so IF you are a sane smart person, you would NOT have any defined ties to anything to do with any political parties you could not and sleep at night!
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    Oh really? are people not allowed to think for themselves either? would you rather I forced my will upon my users. NO! I cannot be having that.
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    Send her your prayers. And protections. We're all gonna need it! These evil b*st*rd psyop motherf**kers are gonna pay!
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    @Ukshep Quick on the draw you are.. Was still trying to merge and it was done.. I just hope that this old bugger sets a precedent and inspires the rest of the old coffin dodgers to follow suit... Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Rothschild....and while you at it take Bush or two with you..
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    Pretty soon, there will be so many businesses on my boycott list, I am going to have to grow my own hemp for clothing and hunt my own food.
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    I have in the last 6 months been under constant attack, I've lost devices/tech and a little of my sanity in defense of what I say! And I ask why? All I have ever done tell the truth, tell people what I see. And this has earned me many vicious and jealous onlookers! Why are you so bothered that I can predict what you cannot? Why do you care so much about taking down a nobody with a tiny site? do you not understand it is not about me but all of us. Or is it because of what I have exposed? Your attempts thwarted at every turn. Your slip-ups so immense you now not dare show your face around me for fear I may reveal them. Stooping to such levels of crime only to give me ammunition must have really hurt your ego. But alas it is time for self-examination. Instead of anger, you should be with me. Standing by my side. But no you cannot ascend beyond such base level instincts and that is why I have issues with you. Still stuck in your paradigm of personal bullshit with an ego so massive you cannot rise above it and help change the world. Or maybe... Just maybe... You have lost your way. How many times have you been taught life lessons in the last year? How many times have you been schooled at your own game by an amateur? Do you think it coincidence? NO! something has shifted. The universe and god were repulsed by what they saw and sent forth men and women from all walks of life with something burning deep within. Something good! These individuals have entered the internet age as of late and have brought sanity back to communities all across the web including conspiracy forums. Do you think that is coincidence as well? Because it is not! It is the reaction to the problem you have helped create. And I am not here to smile in your face as the lord rips it all from you! I will do no such thing. But I want you to know that you still have time to change! Life is but a serious of lessons and you have not been listening! My time will also arrive one day. It always does! And the fact I see it unlike you, should explain exactly why I am such a thorn in your side. Time to re-evaluate who you are bro! It's good vs evil now! And I have chosen my side! How about you? View full article
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    I love this level of crazy. According to scientists who have spent 134 years working on DNA........ Let's change this up a bit. According to doctors who have cumulatively been working in medicine for thousands of years ulcers are caused by stress. Oh wait, they're caused by bacteria..... nevermind then.
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    The homeschooled kids are making the public schooled kids look like idiots and fools. http://www.home-school.com/news/homeschool-vs-public-school.php https://www.nmu.edu/education/sites/DrupalEducation/files/UserFiles/Moreau_Kathi_MP.pdf http://www.publicschools.org/public-school-vs-homeschool/
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    Hey pal, so far, all I see is you dipshits burning down your own cause while steadfastly losing not only the (any) debate, but all national influence. Keep going, your methods are working swimmingly. man..... I love this shit 😎✌🏼
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    Good reasoning. I know things like pizzagate are happening because we were told that 25 years ago repeatedly. It was a huge theme and the one which turned me from a passive CTer into an activist. Couldn't bare to stand what was being done to men women and children and do nothing. The number that are tortured to death in ritual workings as well as life long abuse until they are dead is not able to be accurately calculated but I will give you a rough minimum number for the USA. 450,000 people per year. That is how many go missing each to never be seen again in the USA. That is how out of control it is and doesn't count the breeding houses and pits where people are born and die unrecorded by our system. People breed by scumbags to be abused and used. Old school CT said you didn't get to top of politics of the military without killing a kid and raping one in front of witnesses. It is the insurance they have on you which allows them to trust you and work with you. Sociopaths can't trust someone they can't destroy. You get sociopaths to work together by having shared secrets which would be destructive to all of them. That is what Pizza-gate is to them, the thing if pursued which leads to an mass unraveling of occultism, politics and the Judiciary. In ritual occultism if you can break the mind of a person with reality they can access things which allow them to manipulate reality. They often do this to their own children. The people they do this too are useless in the real work, you would think them intellectually handicapped. They are always looking for talent to use, breaking kids is just one of their tricks to gain power, to develop a slave to your will who can do things you cannot. The power structure is littered with these people.
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    I thought they owned him right from the start (they do so may other prominent CT figureheads). The Stratforleaks showed he was a member, $500,000USD a year to be a member of stratfor. Jason Lucus was also a member of Stratfor. Stratfor appear to be part of the Israeli intelligence apparatus which is connected to the US intelligence agencies at the highest level only. The same organizations who are accused of running psy-ops in the ALT media and CT scene. AJ has always been their man, a diversion. It isn't what he says, it is what he doesn't say which makes him an effective tool for the US intelligence community, who helped create the modern CT scene online. I got betrayed by one of my CT heroes 10 years ago, did some homework and woke up. 80% of the ALT media belongs to the Intelligence community who has promoted their people while slamming everyone else who wasn't in on it. The Big Names in CT are their people. They made them the Big Names of CT.
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    "Hey Trump, sorry for the intrusion, but one of the bugs we put in your office is malfunctioning, it will only take a second"
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    Having just gone through 2 weeks of pneumonia, my health is now improving....seems Michigan is getting womped by some super bug.
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    Someone gave me a cute way to phrase that one time :): "Good judgement comes by experience. Unfortunately, most experience is the result of poor judgement."
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    My cat says scientists are liars and are not smart enough to analyze cats.
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    Best I can do with zero skills. Think it turned out quite well. And suddenly i now know all about SVG images :D Ah how fun it is to never stop learning! oh and have some music
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    They should get a list of government hires going back to 2008, and quietly replace every one.
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    Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation's capital - just two miles away from the White House - into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump. Obama's goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment. And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4271412/Obama-confidante-Valerie-Jarrett-moves-Kaloroma-home.html So Obama admits he's trying to undermine the Trump administration! He also has ValJar living with him and the sasquatch, so there you have it. Oh, but it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Hell yes this is a conspiracy, and treasonous too.
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    It was suggested to me by @LuckyBolt that I share some things that we can all do to protect ourselves online! So I'll throw in just about everything I can think of in general that I do myself. Lots to cover but hopefully which area's to cover and a general direction will be enough to get you up and running. Checklist for Minor Things you can do! Update all your tech and devices. A lot of intrusions come from holes in older versions of software! You could be leaving a door wide open into your life. Only share what you are willing to have stolen online. (Every decision you make should be based solely on whether or not you care about that being taken. Thus ensuring nothing valuable is ever taken). In addition to the above - Store all passwords you use online as hard copies on paper. Make them complicated still. And disable password and username saving on all your browsers. Never save any password or info to desktop clipboard that is sensitive, It can be taken upon an intrusion thus exposing you. Change your passwords every 7 days. (I find that a good number but others might want to extend that for ease) Download up-to-date security programs, that includes antivirus and anti-malware software, anti-spyware, and a firewall. The firewall being the most important part. Load a data destroyer onto a USB for emergencies in case you need to destroy your set up. Sometimes a person can do real damage if they take control remotely. like (https://dban.org/). Do not use open wifi. Always use encrypted. your info can be stolen or info can be placed upon you in such open wifi connections. If you use security questions online be creative with your answers. As most after a little digging can and will guess that information correctly. Your email accounts are your weakest point. Protect them with additional methods. Passwords are not enough! See email provider for how. They have different support and methods! Do not link accounts online accounts (they share info and if one gets into one they get it all) Keep an eye on your firewall, tweak it as you go. google what comes up. Trace IP addresses and other stuff from port scans. Many tutorials online on how to configure a firewall best. Ditch the cloud! Unless it is encrypted! That means icloud and others! Buy a better internet router (One that automatically updates and patches vulnerabilities as they become known.) Disconnect devices when you are not at them, or using them! Airplane mode is your friend! Each person is different so obviously holes exist in ways I cannot predict but that short list should help Improve security a ton. If you use a good solid firewall and keep it updated you should be on top of it with all the risks minimized you may never be hacked again. And that is the point here. It is all about minimizing the ways in which you can be screwed with. This means next time someone thinks about taking you on. They have to work really hard and if they are stupid then they won't get in. And in the event they do. You can laugh as they won't get shit from it. Convenience always lessens your security! P.s I'll be beefing up user account security here too I think with additional toggleable protections for those that want them. Also for those interested in the wifi stuff. For instance I have my router limited to my work space. You cannot get a signal anywhere else but my workspace. I do this using a method detailed in this article. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/block-direction-wifi-signal-63282.html That makes sure that when you step away from your pc any possible wifi effects will be free from you. And it is funny that as once you leave wifi range the psychic attack shit ceases! So learn what you can!
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    Consider Cin may have been hacked and that is not her. Just a possibility to consider.
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    Don't even try to tell me Islam is a religion of peace. I'm british! I deal with them daily, While they destroy my culture, enforce their laws and are protected and provided by for the government of britain while us native brits get f**ked sideways over and over and over and over and over until we have enough and leave the country. Because globalism and anti white bullshit is everywhere. What do you know about Islam?
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    Listening to them defend the globe is agonizing. I'm getting tired of this bullshit. Once again, we don't really know what we're living on. The arrogance of those whom believe we live on a ball is bewildering. We really do need to unite so that we can possibly actually learn what Earth really is.
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    I have no answer for this. You want to redefine flat. The correct response should be that level is not level: it is an equidistance from the center of the earth. Move the goalposts all you want. It still flies in the face of logic. Level is a straight horizontal line. Period. Fisheye lenses distort camera imagery. Balloon videos clearly show concave and convex "horizons" as they ascend. When they stop moving vertically, the horizon become flat. Clouds don't move during the time frame, the US is too small (should be 3/8 the diameter of earth), 2-d moon moves in a straight line, Nasa cgi artist admits that the blue marble is Photoshoped, satellites can't be hoisted into orbit since rockets have no air density to thrust against, communication signals that work at millions of miles. Nice sleight of hand. Change the topic when you have butkis. There is no edge, no one ever claimed that earth is a disk floating in space. We actually reject "space." And Stephen Hawking, the puppet spokesman for astrophysics. I can't speak for others, but I accept honest scientists who propose a flat universe. I see the universe as a vast expanse in which embedded worlds exist. Antarctica is the region that separates earth from other worlds, which can be accessed via tunnels. We puny humans know nothing about what lies beneath our feet beyond 7.5 miles. Thanks for your interest in my usage if time. It would be nice if you could at least become familiar with the main tenets of FE before you blurt out errors and religious advice. Who is this God you speak of?
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    https://www.amazon.com/Reasons-Vote-Democrats-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/1543024971/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1489235973&sr=1-1&keywords=reasons+to+vote+for+democrats It's 266 pages long. Cost is $8.03. Read about the book and the reviews. The title is : Reasons To Vote For Democrats-A Comprehensive Guide Here is the secret....... All of the pages are blank. The guy must be a genius!
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    Yet, you waste your time on telling others not to waste their time. See, we all have that right. :)
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    The shills are getting desperate that they can't subvert the site through their subtle methods that they are having to resort to their less subtle and glaringly dumb tactics. They hate the freedom you provide for us. God bless you Cin for the work you do in enabling to create and sustain this space for us to discuss many different things and being a guardian for free speech conducted in a civilized manner.
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