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Forum Guidelines

Because without them we would be just another cesspool! We the staff and our members have experienced the worst that ct forums have to offer. And in the hopes of providing what will be an environment free of all the usual drama and games that is usually associated with these types of forums, We present to you our guidelines.

Your content may be edited or removed, and you may be warned if it breaches any of the following
  • No Abusive Behavior {No warning usually given}.
  • No Vulgarity {Varies based on severity}.
  • No Illegal Activity {Varies based on severity}.
  • No Download/Referral Links {No warning usually given}.
  • No Hate Speech {Warning usually given}.
  • No Spamming {Account usually banned}.
  • No Advertising {Warning usually given}.
  • No Racism {No warning usually given}.
  • No Posting of Personal Information or Doxxing {Warning usually given}.
  • No Pornography or Sexual Suggestive Images {Warning usually given}.
  • No Callout Posts {Warning usually given}.
  • No Vote/Rep System Abuse {Warning usually given}.
  • No Multiple Accounts {Additional accounts usually terminated}.
  • No Copyright Infringement {No warning usually given}.
  • No Thread Derailment (Off-Topic Posts within a Thread) {No warning usually given}.
  • No Conversations in Foreign Languages (This is an English Speaking Discussion Forum - Non-English Quotes are allowed / but you must include an English translation alongside them.) {No warning usually given}.

Enforced at the discretion of the staff taking into account the severity and frequency of infractions!

Specific Declarations in addition to the above content that need clarification
  • Song lyrics or Poems {Due to insane copyright enforcement in this field, But you may still link to them}.
  • Accusations of Shilling {We encourage questioning of a posters intentions, But we prefer you do so in a non-abusive manner. Unsubstantiated accusations of shilling will be removed. As it can be used as a method to disrupt the flow of information! However if you can provide evidence then contact either @Ukshep or @Cinnamon and it will be investigated further}.
  • Insults towards members, staff or conspiracy outpost as a whole {We believe discussions without insults are the only kind of discussions worth having}.
  • Death threats to any person, entity or group.
  • Inappropriate adult images or content.
  • We do not allow linking to other well-known conspiracy forums, therefore we filter them out {We do so because one can not send people to such sites with a clear conscience knowing what they are}.

Enforced at the discretion of the staff taking into account the severity and frequency of infractions!

Remember the first step to taking down a forum will be claims of censorship against said forum! They will come! And they will attempt to bait reactions from you by forcing staff to moderate posts. This will be used to spread doubt about our honest claims of free speech!

These guidelines are set up to protect our users from malicious intent and toxic environments and nothing more!

We do not censor nor delete posts on specific conspiracy topics! We enforce only what we must to stay online as a forum! As well as keeping quality high! And our members protected!

Edited by Ukshep

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