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Community Knowledgebase:
Our Handbook

Club Owner Guidelines

This is what we expect from owners of clubs! As an owner of a club you must adhere to our club owner guidelines which are laid out below. By creating a club you are accepting the responsibility of running and moderating this club (Although COP staff members may step in during extremely serious situations and deal with it accordingly).

You may share the responsibility of running a club with others by assigning them moderator positions within your club.

You are expected to enforce these guidelines
  • No Vulgarity.
  • No Illegal Activity.
  • No Download/Referral Links.
  • No Hate Speech.
  • No Spamming.
  • No Advertising.
  • No Racism.
  • No Posting of Personal Information or Doxxing.
  • No Pornography or Sexual Suggestive Images.
  • No Copyright Infringement.
  • No Conversations in Foreign Languages (This is an English Speaking Discussion Forum - Non-English Quotes are allowed / but you must include an English translation alongside them).

AttentionClubs that are found to be breaching these rules repeatedly may undergo a review and removal process.


Important Information

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