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Flat Earth
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for Flat Earth research and discussion

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  2. So long and, please, do write if you find work.
  3. Everyone sees the sun floating in the sky lol . You will see it at different heights according to latitude . This is explained as the giant sun being far , far away and everybody standing at differing angles on a big ball . An alternative explanation is that the sun is local and the earth is a plane . We have a difference of opinion and I don't see that as a problem
  4. Indeed. As if this club is not right on the front page on the side bar. Doh.
  5. Flat Earth.... thrown into an unlocked closet in the basement where no one can see it who isn't looking for it specifically. Maybe we should have added impending doom to the flat Earth.
  6. Then people far away would see it floating in the sky. You haven't debunked my problem.
  7. Redorblue

    Satellites, Orbits, Gravity

    Went to payhip.com .Tried to watch the vids on the links provided - tells me that the vids have been removed . Doesn't look good for free speech . I find a lot of non-mainstream ideas and evidence becoming harder to locate - still there but harder to locate and scarcer . Uk shep asked for some links to ancient Chinese cosmology and I was shocked at the time it took to locate the real stuff . History is being rewritten and has totally changed since the 60/70's . I think the cracks in the heliocentric model can't be papered over anymore . Helio gravitational model physics proves satellites to be a con . Pear shape model was first postulated when de Lacaille surveyed a meridian line south of the equator . Backed up Cassini's survey in the North which provided evidence the earth is not an oblate sphere , but may have been prolate . I think that these pear/prolate shapes are a cover up and I know that Cassini's data ( the largest survey ) fits a flat earth scenario with a not so distant polar star . Not tried to equate it to a prolate sphere yet but will try that at some point .
  8. "The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals." SATURN as a SUN. Saturn devoures all his "sons", this is the Atalantean Arcadian golden age or primordial era, Nephilims and Giants. The idea of giants, it's related to atmospheric changes (full O3 ozone), very rich atmosphere, and life explosion. This is the era after the FIRE (destruction by fire or Apocalypse), then it's an intermediate era before the flood that served as a punishment to the giants, so a sort of re-equilibrium in the skies. On this golden era there was no moon. There are some ancient stories about this, all depicted as "war in the skies" and obviously related if we take ancient greek heritage, in two races Olympians and Titans (Giants). In the Mahabharata these two primordial races are called, bhrigu and ankhatas. At astronomical level Saturn finally is defeated by the real King of Gods (Jupiter/Zeus) the equilibrim in the skies we know (the moon and the sun as we know in the skies) is restablished and the universal deluge comes to sweep out of the earth surface, these golden age entities. I have the suspicion about nephilims and the paracas skulls has some kind of relationship. Human giants bones has been proven enough despite the enormous efforts to cover up.
  9. Yes. That was neo that asked his questions... I took the quote from the wrong spot.. Thanks
  10. That's not what I said. This is what I said: "If you ever get any kind of a succinct answer to your two questions, please PM me. I think, it would be interesting reading. Don't bother unless the answers are direct and clear.  Thanks, 2ms"
  11. Like they land on the moon and take pictures of the ball earth? I'd believe it or did back then , cause I saw it on tv... And be duped till I woke up...they got us all....but: It's Gotta be 100% not a spinning ball in outer space earth. Thats in the movies and cartoons surface tests show flat plane
  12. If you ever get any kind of a succinct answer to your two questions, please PM me. I think, it would be interesting reading. Don't bother unless the answers are direct and clear. Thanks, 2ms
  13. 1. The fact that you're even asking this question underlines the problem. How can there NOT be irrefutable evidence of ground curvature and motion in the year 2018? This is beyond damning. But if it were proven then I'd accept it. Fat chance of that happening though else it would've been done at some point in the preceding centuries/millennia. 2. Few, if any, of the regulars in this thread are 100% sure about much of anything. The gist of flat earth is that the Heliocentric model falls squarely under the heading of pseudoscience. The surface of water is easily and repeatably empirically provable to be flat. The establishment model is broken and does not represent reality, the ground provably does not curve and move, and therefore alternatives need to be considered. That's the essence of FE. Don't make this about US being 100% certain that the earth is flat. That's a cheap, silly strawman and we're well beyond that. The problem the scientific community's inability to prove the core facets of the model it forces on everyone from early childhood as unassailable truth. Your questions are better directed at yourself as this thread is chock-full of irrefutable evidence that the ground does not curve into a ball of the defined dimensions or move. What have YOU done upon realizing you cannot remotely prove ball earth theory viable? Are YOU 100% sure the earth is a moving ball?
  14. 1. Proof is proof. If I am convinced that I am in error, of course I will admit that I was wrong. Show me that water sticks to a spinning ball. I stand for correction, which I have done before. 2. The surface we live on is flat. That's all I know. Could it be concave or hollow? I don't know. It may be that our reality is a torus with us stuck on an accretion disk in the center. 3. Call me a flatearther, but I'm really a simworlder. You could have at least skimmed through the previous pages where I describe my journeys into the Electric Universe aether where we participate as avatars in a computer program.
  15. You know what I don't even need to hear anymore. I asked TWO questions ...and all I wanted was two staight answers just like I asked them. Hm seems impossible here lol But ....you know the replies just the TWO above I just got tells me all I need to know about this dangerous idea called Flat Earth. Thank you very much. . <-- Hasta La Vista.
  16. I used to think,because I was programmed, that the earth was a spinning globe in infinate space, and I was just an insignificant spec. Now I know that's a lie. What a relief!
  17. OK so you say....but please answer both questions. Please. It's important.
  18. That's the problem, spinning ball earther's haven't ONE universal irrefutable proof, zero.
  19. I have one more thing only to say to you folks....btw excuse my colorful language...before. Sorry about that. But sometimes the passion comes out ok. Sorry. OK Right now ...Forget NASA. Forget all the other evidence that we "Globe Round/ Earthers" can refer to if you want to call us that.... I have two questions just two....just answer them straight up no bull.... (1) What would you do.... if there was this universal irrefutable evidence that either happened(a major event) or was presented to the entire world...that proves and shows for itself that the earth is not flat. What would you flat earthers do? Just answer that please. and.. (2.) It kind of relates to question one but ...are you 100% sure the earth is flat. Then I must ask are we "globe earthers" just wasting our time ..because you people do not AT ALL, AT ALL, AT ALL think the Earth is round whatsoever and no matter what evidence we present are you sayin the EARTH is FLAT....and that cannot be refuted at all? Is that what you are saying? OK. sound off...or is it on..heh.
  20. Nasa fakers. Fake space. All they have is to continue the brainwashing and mental programming through media programming and propaganda.
  21. Hong Kong Phooey: Just paste the link and push Enter. Quicker than the human eye. (or is it faster?) Edit: I forgot to say Chicky Chong, Chicky Chong, Bow, Wow, Wow.
  22. Some people become violent if their little worlds are challenged ...
  23. You are wearing out the letter f. And no facts or evidence. But you are a fast reader and video watcher. That video is about 4 minutes long. It even explained how the horizon line moves with the change in altitude. And the curved glass in the jet's windshield. Too bad you don't get the math. I think posters will understand.
  24. This video actually shows the curve which is funny. The formula you need to calculate the curve ? Is...get sane. By the way do not try to make FLAT Earth look or sound sensible by talking about SCIENCE AND MATH. It is 100% horse shit. Everything you do is just to take it down a road to make it all FLAT again. Your video shows the curve it's right there. Open your f**king eyes. f**k sake. EDIT: Dealing in science and math sounds like reading from scriptures and saying magic man "in the sky" holds up earth -flat earth- by a clothes hanger. Sounds like sound science and math. But yeah I see the curve in your video. sorry. Also if you are looking for an equation that or formula that proves the curve....I don't know have it ....but if a formula to prove the curve is what you are looking for to prove globe earth. I think you should rather look at PLATONIC solids the flower of life TORUS' and such things and you will see that this is not a flat place. That is my point. I am not going to give you a formula to find the curve and I do not have one or need one to show it is not flat quite frankly. So your attempt at trying to trip me up with some kind of math game as if to say he doesn't have a formula to prove a CURVE thus it is flat...that is just silly. Look into PLATONIC solids. That is a start. One more thing: Even if I ha a formula or showed you some trigonometry math you would probably come up wit some ..rubbish to say it is not valid and back to your flat Earth. As usual with such BELIEFS. Everything just leads back to proving your BELIEF. Theres no way out lol Anyway I think I have posted enough on this nonsense before people say I am trolling this thread or something. I am done with this nonsense. Good Day.
  25. I have pretty much retreated from other threads which agitate and aggravate FEers. But you will notice -- or not -- that we deal in science and math in this thread. We also attend to ancient cultures which spoke about the shape and construction of the world. I myself am not a believer of any religion. But to ignore any past chronicles is tantamount to ignoring eyewitnesses of history. If you wish to debate our arguments against the Copernican model, please do so. Judging from the two videos you selected, you have some interest in debunking FE. So let's see what you know. Your long-winded diatribe needs some specifics. Like I have asked for 3 years on multiple forums, where is the curve? I can't find it. Gee, you posted again. With a vague reference to geometry. We need a little more detail than that. Like a formula. For your size globe, that comes to 8 inches times the miles squared. Which means that across a body of water 3 miles wide, there should be a drop of 8 x 9 = 72 inches, or 6 feet. Agree? Can you show us an experiment which demonstrates the curve? Are school kids doing these tests all across the country? So that science teachers can teach kids the scientific method as the proper way to achieve good empirical evidence.

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