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The Official Updates & Support Club for Conspiracy Outpost. If you have issues, concerns or would just like to see if any updates have been pushed out then this would be the place to look.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Chatroom Update Applied! Fixes are as follows: Fixes max-emoticons limit not being recognized problem. Prevents posting multiple images. Disconnect when loading more. Image url issues. Missing date time. Missing text CSS issues. Disconnect when posting youtube url. Chatbox doesn't load if there are a lot of messages. New Features are as follows: Supports posting youtube url and playing video in popup.
  3. Added guidelines linked icon for easy access on mobile devices above topics list!
  4. Added chatroom linked icon for easy access on mobile devices. I forgot to do it when I added chat!
  5. I've added a new entry to the virtues of old section of the library. ...
  6. Formatting options for profile fields on your about me edit page have now been made available to all members.
  7. Fixed blurry site images on chrome!
  8. thread titles spacing

    Ok thx, it's not a huge issue so when ever you can.
  9. thread titles spacing

    I've taken a look. It does seem like it needed some tweaking. I went in and fiddled a bit. It does not look right with spacing so I reverted. But I am going to revisit it when I get time.
  10. thread titles spacing

  11. thread titles spacing

    Thanks. marked down for when I next get a chance. Pinned as reminder too!
  12. thread titles spacing

    Oh yes forgot to include those. Mobile and on forum list.
  13. thread titles spacing

    Just so I can take a look at what you see for testing purposes. Can I get these answered. Mobile or desktop? Inside topics or on the forum list? And I'll mark this down for my next fix phase which is in a few days time. And if I can improve it I shall.
  14. I have fat fingers and the thread title with who created the thread directly under it, I constantly am clicking on people's name instead of thread link. Is it possible to put the line space between thread title and thread creator instead?
  15. Fixed non https images showing as http in chat! They now force https. Clicking image will also now enlarge it for full view.
  16. Chat room has image embed support for links off site. Since chat is cleared. Copyright is not an issue. I've also added additional widgets to the chat page and tweaked css for readability.
  17. Chat hidden to guests at the request of members. Chat widget moved to menu access only! Mobile users can find the chatroom link in the hub menu!
  18. Updated Community Library with 2 new sections. These are the Categories: Virtues of Old - This is for explanations of old virtues and why we need them! User Curated Content - This is for content we want to showcase! I've added an instructional posted to user curated content and I've also added two virtues today.
  19. Small changes and fixes - Focus = Dark theme and multiple theme compatibility on custom widgets Removed Extra 50%rule message on dark theme Fixed 50% rule code so it's readable on all themes Some Minor tweaks & fixes to dark theme to match color scheme in search areas and on boxes where custom code work is done. About us page on dark theme now matches color scheme
  20. If you ask the questions here. I will do my best to answer them for you.
  21. Updates & Support

    @Cinnamon I should have sent that to you. I can't find the welcome page and I have some questions
  22. Updates & Support

    Hey guys. I can't find my welcome page and I have some questions
  23. 100% confirmed. It usually shows itself by now. Problem solved!
  24. Fixed glitched most online widget located on the online users page. It should now update from now on accordingly.
  25. This is looking confirmed fixed now, So I've enabled some performance improvements that I had disabled for other things. If you notice oddities after this post let me know. If not. Enjoy the speed!
  26. Test 5 - 10:52 - Wait until 12:00 - success Edit: Looks like we're good