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The Official Updates & Support Club for Conspiracy Outpost. If you have issues, concerns or would just like to see if any updates have been pushed out then this would be the place to look.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Applied a fix for loading issues... Server seems to be holding stable now.
  3. News RSS Page now display a message if there is an error with that particular feed.
  4. A few more tweaks to the dark theme, These include fixes for minor issues or bad coloring since it's a new theme! Focus on entire. Forum. Polishing up mostly changes already made.
  5. One Ad removed from pages, from 3 down to 2. They annoy me on mobile when I'm not logged in... So they annoy you. Other ad have had sizes reshaped
  6. Testing lazy loading again. Let me know if there are any issues with videos when quoting or clicking. @Cinnamon I see nothing right now so it might be ok Edit: Still a few issues. They've arose, But less than before. Disabled till I get get it perfect.
  7. The sidebar has been removed from mobile views for improved loading. (It used to add itself under the page content!)
  8. Please de-archive my thread, thanks.
  9. I've made some more improvements to the dark theme. Profile, Widget, News Page focus.
  10. I have thoughts. Waiting on the next update after christmas before I mess around though, Lots of improvements to existing features coming. So dark theme will be my focus till then. I have a list
  11. Maybe do it in a less distracting manner? Something more discrete that is goes well with the forum design.
  12. Tried that. It seems a tad distracting if I'm honest.
  13. I want the same. I've not had a chance to get it done yet though.
  14. Moved to the Updates and Support Thread . @Unknown634
  15. That or maybe add thread flair designated to each forum.
  16. I would recommend adding a Super Pin or Mega Pin logo to this forum for those very very important or extreme red alert type of threads. It should be saved for those major false events like, like the next 9/11, major earthquake , or tsunami or some other type of huge event. That way, when people visit the sit, they can see it at the top, rather than at the middle or bottom of the page. I would also use a bright red color, rather than yellow, so it will stand out better. Kinda like GLP.
  17. Made some minor tweaks to the light theme. Improved upon the dark some more. Slowly bit by bit
  18. Update to dark theme, Focus is on editor. Now matches theme!
  19. Further Tweaks to dark theme, Partially around editor and other places. large focus on making clubs readable.
  20. Guest Posting With Approval Turned on. (Trial Period)
  21. Added back jump to top button. Forgot after last update. Sorry about that!
  22. And a couple more. This time focusing inside topics.
  23. A few more tweaks to the dark theme, Fixes up the front page to match the dark theme some.
  24. Dark theme live for subscribers and staff. It is a work in progress. Once complete I may open access to other user groups.