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About This Club

The Official Updates & Support Club for Conspiracy Outpost. If you have issues, concerns or would just like to see if any updates have been pushed out then this would be the place to look.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Still crashing but it is taking longer to crash...
  3. Report Post Pop-up Improved with selectable reasons for reporting.
  4. Updated Search Page Minor things plus I've updated the custom search at the bottom with styling and to reflect it can be used to search for archived posts!
  5. Fixed registration popup missing css Changed Supporter Icons and Profile Language Strings for it.
  6. They were yesterday. Caused the videos to break. It's since been fixed. If you are having issues it could be cache related. However if it persists I can take another look. I am going through more templates now so there may be minor issues as I push out the live parts. Sorry about this.
  7. @Ukshep Web Links acting different? Not embedding? like normal. Love, @Uncle Thanky
  8. Emoji Updated. Twitter Style. For better loading speeds since there are many.
  9. Fixed broken account settings page @BubbitoBurrito Thanks for reporting the issue.
  10. https://i.imgur.com/g1i152r.jpg
  11. I'll continue to take a look then...
  12. No... I am not accusing you of anything... ------- I can only post on a non modern browser...
  13. What's me? Are you accusing me of messing with your shit or something? That's not very nice.
  14. I'm not seeing any issues on this end. So it may be corrupted cache. Give it a clear if you can or ctrl+f5 a few times. If that doesn't fix it. I'll take a deeper look. Tried on 4 devices this morning and I'm not seeing any slowdown.
  15. Another batch of pages updated, I've gone 13 hours straight on this. I need to rest and finish this tomorrow.
  16. Youtube videos should now work again. Can you keep an eye on size when you see them @Cinnamon and lemme know if there are any issues.
  17. I'm having a brief moment of respite and then I'll get back to editing what I need to edit to make everything work but the impact should be minimal
  18. Page crashed excessively... Please fix...
  19. Clubs View Updated Messenger View Updated Menu Dropdown In upper right Updated Messenger Dropdown now goes to last message when you click an item instead of the start of the message