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The Official Updates & Support Club for Conspiracy Outpost. If you have issues, concerns or would just like to see if any updates have been pushed out then this would be the place to look.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. We opened up this week. This update thread will stay pinned while i work on new features. And provide support and bugfixes till we have a stable forum.
  3. 3 New Entries to the Community Library! .. ...
  4. New Entry in Community Library!
  5. You can find the All activity stream in the hub menu. And the others in the my activity streams menu. When you are on any of the streams pages you can also set that stream as the default stream so that it shows in the top right above sidebar on homepage. This allows for easier checking. Here is a small image to help with locating the button if you want it as your default stream. We have as standard the default stream set to unread content.
  6. Hey my man. I can't find the right spot to put this, so I put it here. On my desktop, I can't find the "All Activity" icon that exists on my Android device. I really like to read the recent content using that feature.
  7. Added a custom third party search to the search page. Since archived threads are not searchable in the cop database. This will help located things that are older. https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/search/
  8. 1 New Entry to the Community Library.
  9. 2 New Entries to the Community Library. and ...
  10. 2 New Entries to the Community Library. and ...
  11. Finished this now. Made changes live to all affected pages, 100 or so. This applies some new styling and lays things out nicer for viewing. Will be working on tweaking what exists and adding new stuff as time goes on. I'll be back to regular posting soon. This was mainly bulk work that needed doing.
  12. Another round of updates are live in the knowledge base. This fills in some blanks on the guidelines and finishes off the Our handbook section of the Our handbook section with the final formatting on entry views. See here I'll be getting to the others in time, As well as doing the same in various other area's so if I'm quiet don't worry. I'm also adding things to the community library, I've got it mostly laid out but everything is hidden and still a work in progress. As times goes on I'll have some interesting things posted. Some known. Some unknown. Some will contain the things we as admins see from seeing so much data. It might help in some way.
  13. To the Mod who removed my event posting. Thank You and HAND!
  14. Event Removed

    We tend not to approve events like that. with locations. Given it's a bad idea for people to be able to locate you. Etc.
  15. This thread has been moved to the Off-Topic Forum! For more information on why? Check out our page on what topics go where! As part of our quality control measures!
  16. Done. I'm moving this thread to off topic now @Ranulf
  17. Yes. I 'll delete the url and open the thread back up.
  18. Ok, I can copy and paste the entire embedded info. Can you resurrect the thread without the url ?
  19. Figure out a way to show the info without the porn page opening up and you can post it.
  20. It opens up to a porn page. Not allowed! I don't care what you have to click to get off the porn page. It's there and against our TOS. I did read the entire thing with instructions.
  21. No it didn't, did you read the whole thing about right clicking and then view source to see the embedded information which is being disclosed and is in notepad form ? That's why I put instructions about right clicking on it. The embedded stuff is in notepad form i.e. doesn't contain graphical images just info.
  22. Cool, thanks, works everywhere now
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