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Where anyone (new or old to the hobby) can learn something about firearms, ammunition, archery, etc. This is where you get answers to your questions without flames!

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  2. For The Love of Revolvers

    Solid advice. Seen this guy with a revolver?
  3. Important Future Purchases!

    Great advice brother. Cant have enough mags....thats the truth. A bug out will be alot harder than a bug in regarding carry mags, ammo, supplies etc.... Have a decent pile at home and instead of bugging out....consider a "get home" bag.
  4. I've always wanted a nice body armor set but always put it on the back burner. Bills, kids.... Then I saw this. No matter what.....I've never seen this deal and tgis might be the deal that I finally pick one up. https://gun.deals/product/testudo-gen-2-plate-carrier-and-armor-package-ifak-trauma-plate-and-insert-299?mobile=true
  5. We don't know what's coming down the road. I haven't seen panic purchases yet, but have to believe they're on the horizon. That being said... For those with semi-autos, we can only hope for a grandfather clause allowing us to keep what we've got already. So any accessories, spare parts, etc. Could soon turn to gold. And the #1 accessory will of course be magazines. For ARs, P-Mags are the sh!t today, IMHO! They run <$20 today and I guarantee they'll jump to at least $80 real fast. And don't forget mags for the 10/22 and hi-caps (over 10rds) for your pistols. I've got my share of s/a pistols. So I'll be picking up a few more mags for them (Chip McCormick for the 1911 and Mecgar for the BHP). Just in case, you might want to think about a revolver purchase in your future. I'm not exactly a big fan of snubbies. But in case they totally ban s/a's, I keep one around for EDC. Otherwise, I'm all about larger wheelguns chambered for nothing less than .357 for the versatility. AND DON'T FORGET THE AMMO!!!
  6. For The Love of Revolvers

    Ok, @spEKtre made a reply in the Ohio gun ban thread yesterday that touched my heart. He's doing the Aussie equivalent of PPC and the Bianchi Cup matches! Plus he knows revolvers. With all the semi-auto gun control issues of late, I can't imagine them targeting revolvers unless they target everything. In that vein, I strongly suggest if you haven't had the pleasure of shooting a wheelgun, now is the time!
  7. AR Mags

    If you want message me your address and I will send you some of this. https://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/oils-lubricants/lubricant-protectant-oils/gun-cleaner-lubricant-prod31794.aspx I buy it by the gallon if that tells you anything. I also have a closet full of lubricants, bore cleaners, etc. They just sit there. I have not gotten any complaints about this stuff, I have had some people ask for more. You can use it on your whole gun if you like, plastic, wood, bore, bcg, etc. It doesn't stay wet and will keep your firearm from condensating. Helps when firing in the cold, -15 is about as cold as it gets here so don't have experience beyond that. I am always concerned about lubricants that stay wet or leaving thin films of oil on moving parts. It is a dirt magnet and I spend most of my time down in the dirt when training. i will use lucas bore oil when using ultrasonic machine on bcg if so desired but personally I stick with sqcg. Hope this doesn't sound like a sales pitch
  8. AR Mags

    FWIW, I was running across gen3 for just a few bucks more. Always disliked windows on mags. But might go back and get some spare dust covers just to have. Heh heh...or I could be cheap and use condoms.
  9. AR Mags

    Very detailed explanation between the 2. Too much to list but not sure the upgrades are worth it. https://bigtexoutdoors.com/blogs/news/differences-between-gen-2-gen-3-magpul-pmags
  10. AR Mags

    In the same vein, for any kind of barrel fouling, the best stuff I've ever used was Eezox. Comes in a little camo can.
  11. AR Mags

    I've had great results from wolf....I found the hollow points to be much more accurate and fun than the fmjs. Get more flyers for some reason out of the fmjs. Regardless wolf is my go to range ammo. Never had a single bad experience from that ammo that so many report. Guessing it's due to lack of firearm maintenance. I'm so anal about that. After every range trip. Field strip, line and clean the barrels. Wolf is good to go. 90.00 is a great deal. Tip: pick up a quart of synthetic motor oil and never use gun oil again. Dip a qtip in the motor oil and lube all friction points and lube points. Motor oil is designed to withstand the toughest heat and friction of a v8 and doesn't dry out like the over priced, gimmicky gun oils. My bolt carrier is so smooth You'll love it and one quart lasts and eternity over reapplication of gun oils that dry out when stored. Motor oil doesn't =) Synthetic
  12. AR Mags

    Thanks for the link. While checking out Brownells, I saw they still have the gen2 P-mags for under $13. Got a call from a buddy minutes ago for 500rds of Wolf .223 for $90. Sure, why not. And I got a couple hours left on an eBay bid... $80 for a crimson trace for the BHP. Relax...already email'd the seller. It was a display case item at the LGS he runs.
  13. AR Mags

    I honestly have no idea and have had zero issues with my gen 2s....6 years and counting....multiple mag dumps, zero disassembly and cleaning. Might be feed lip or follower related but honestly.....no clue.... The gen 2s are flawless for me and cheaper as well. Gunmagwarehouse for awesome bulk deals
  14. AR Mags

    Alright, @Oregonian mentioned some green tip at Brownells for .31/rd. That's a slammin' price last I checked. Months ago I paid $100/250 and that was a deal! So what's the difference between gen2 and gen3 P-mags? Cause I just know 30rd mags are gonna go premium$$ in days.
  15. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    Now that's incredible. I've yet to shoot anything that likes T-bolts. But barrel harmonics is everything. Look at the BOSS attachments on the older A-bolts. You could tune the barrel to your load instead of vice versa. People have a hard time visualizing a barrel "whipping" as the bullet travels down the bore. If you pull the flash hider off your AR, I guarantee your POI will change.
  16. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    Here's the funny thing about 22ammo especially. You most likely already know this. Every rifle, generally likes a different ammo brand which totally sucks. My PSA AR22 loves CCI AR tactical. My Ruger American Rimfire LOVES everything My Ruger SR22 loves minimags but only the 40gr copper round nose, not the 36gr hollow points. My 22LR ScarL loves the Remington Thunderbokts. Now when I say loves a specific round I'm referring to best groups at 50yards and reliability. Just sucks that they each loves a different brand. The minimags are undeniably the most reliable but not always the best groupers.... Those federals....like minimags...great reliability but depending on firearm....varies in accuracy
  17. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    I'm stopping at a couple stores this weekend shopping scopes for Jr's .45-70 for his birthday. I found MiniMags at Dick's for under $10, so maybe I'll find some AR Tac while I'm out.
  18. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    It's cheap enough and a top brand that if you have a local cabelas to grab a box and pick up at local store. Free shipping to store.
  19. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    Wonder what it'd do out of a bull barrel 1022.
  20. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    Wow Extremely similar in name My 22AR loves the CCI ARTactical ammo the best for 50 yards groups. I must have tested 15 different ammo types and some were good but the CCI ARTactical gave like .75 groups and no flyers. In that specific rifle.
  21. Federal 22LR @ 0.04 a round!!!

    Nice price! A helluva lot cheaper than burning up all the CCI MiniMag! Heh heh...imagine my confusion though between the two websites: https://gun.deals/ <--yours https://www.gundeals.com/ <--mine
  22. Good hollow point ammo Clean Reliable 4cents a round is ridiculous https://gun.deals/product/federal-champion-22-lr-ammo-1799-cabelas-black-friday-2012?mobile=true
  23. AR Build

    Wolf 40gr Match Target. Got my son a 1022 stls sporter year ago and slapped a set of TechSites on it. What a (good) difference!
  24. Miss Your Loved Ones?

    For what??? A joke??? "If we couldn't laugh..." You know the rest of the line.
  25. AR Build

    Lol about the cci's no their not quiet. Lol. But yeah I've had my 10 for ages and still going strong. I did have to change the firing pin and the rest of the bolt parts but that's it. Rusted barrel and all and still can shoot a dime at 50 meters.
  26. Miss Your Loved Ones?