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Please. Serious Singles Only. Folks looking for that special someone to share the Journey with.

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  2. Uncle Thanky


  3. Guest


    Thank you kindly
  4. Uncle Thanky


    Please, I am not one. As it is written so let it be.
  5. Guest


    No sir. I understand her, and sometimes you can't make someone who comes from a dysfunctional family see that you truly love them. We're together often in my dreams, and I believe we will join again after we have shed these flawed shells.
  6. Uncle Thanky


    So are you mad also? When I woke up my anger turned into comprehension and compassion.
  7. Guest


    Had that one, that was awake like me. For almost 3 years. Followed her across the country twice. So do miss her, except when she was mad, which was most of the time.