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About This Club

This is where we will connect across the planet and make change through Will. It will be coordinated, and subject focus will be discussed and agreed upon no later than 3 days before start.

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  2. CERN

    Did I miss anything? Let's start Today!
  3. CERN

    For accuracy to the second: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/what.html
  4. CERN

    For help with the time zones: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
  5. CERN

    Daily at 1200 UTC. Thank you all for your Input.
  6. CERN

    This is from their update page: https://home.cern/about/updates/2017/10/atlas-and-cms-join-forces-tackle-top-quark-asymmetry "In their hunt for new particles and phenomena lurking in LHC collisions, the ATLAS and CMS experiments have joined forces to investigate the top quark. As the heaviest of all elementary particles, weighing almost as much as an atom of gold, the top quark is less well understood than its lighter siblings. With the promise of finding new physics hidden amongst the top quark’s antics, ATLAS and CMS have combined their top-quark data for the first time."
  7. CERN

    OK. Here is their Schedule. https://beams.web.cern.ch/sites/beams.web.cern.ch/files/schedules/LHC_Schedule_2017.pdf
  8. As a form of Peaceful Protest. Let's focus on CERN. Let us Speak to It and Create various Anomalous Malfunctions. I'll check their schedule and set a date and time.
  9. The Time

    Is today one of those days? Yes, This is something that I do on a Regular Basis.
  10. The Time

    Looks like you and I Thanky. How about we f**k up the Covens on their holiday with so much light they shit?
  11. The Time

    UTC Is it. Don't bother if basic maths you cannot read.
  12. The Time

    For ease of conversion, I vote we use UTC as the standard.