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    • Nov 19, 2017
      This is an MSM article.
      In case you haven’t been following this year’s important news, a mysterious death planet is heading towards Earth – and destined to wreak havoc.
      Halloween looks like it was a lot of fun for students in Portsmouth
      But even the most dedicated conspiracy theorist must admit there’s been a couple of false starts – with ‘the end’ predicted to come on September 19, and then October 23.
      Both those predictions came from Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade – but now a new internet wibbler has predicted chaos will erupt on November 19.
      Terral Croft is – like Meade – obsessed with the (fictional) death planet Nibiru, and predicts on Planet X News that the so-called ‘Black Star’ will cause worldwide earthquakes on November 19.
      See one of out topics on it.