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  • Cinnamon

    Creepy Reversed Audio Reveals James Alefantis has a demonic side to him. When speaking about #PizzaGate News!

    The recent reverse speech audio made by Ukshep is nothing less than totally creepy.  Two guys go to Comet Pizza and confront James Alefantis, the owner, by asking him about all the strangeness surrounding him and his place of business. 

    Here is the video of the reverse speech which covers the outside:

    In my not so professional opinion, but my opinion, no less, the speech reversal lines up pretty well with what people have thought about the elite for years.  

    The references to Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley are some of the most clear reverse speech I've heard to date.

    What makes this all the more rancid is that it's rumored that Barbara Bush is actually the daughter of Aleister Crowley. There are numerous references to this online, but of course without a dna sample, who could ever prove it?  

    Here's one such link purporting this. 

    Was Aleister Crowley The Grandfather Of George W. Bush?

    When researching "rare weed Zeus" I came across a canabis strain and we all know that Zeus is the God of Olympus. Are they going to burn Barbara Bush as in sacrifice her in order to try and stave off what surely is coming to them?  If so, why her?  Because her shelf life is nearly up and at her age, no one would bat an eye if she suddenly passed away? 

    Who is this sister referred to, the one that Aleister gifted the hell hounds?  Is it Hillary Clinton? Sisters are not always bound by dna, there are other "sisters" as well.  Is she the sister who helped the pedophile ring exist and flourish? 

    The recording brings to mind two demons conversing and a good guy who has no idea what's going on between them trying to be a citizen journalist. It seems that something wasn't happy that this information was being shared as in something otherworldly.  

    Is the reference to warning Noah an acknowledgement that their game is just about up, that the bad ones are going to lose?  

    Hearing all these dogs yelp and now they're saying they made it all up falls right into line with all the citizen journalists sounding the alarm and the press doing hit pieces and saying basically, they made it all up. 

    The strangest part of this whole thing is the mention of shep in the recording and the light in his eyes.  Was that just an anomaly or does it mean something more?  Maybe shep got it right and is the only one so far.  I don't know.  Time will tell by the way this Pizzagate thing plays out and what happens to our freedom of speech online because of it. 

    Feel free to add your own comments in the comment section.  There is a lot more to this than this article above can possibly cover and more connections to be made.

    Here is the original video:

    Edited by Cinnamon

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