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  • Ukshep

    Theresa May And The General Election Terrorism Plots

    First let me start by saying that I may be wrong but due to time limitations due to the upcoming general election, I think it is worthwhile to mention!

    Second of all for clarity. The United Kingdom's General Election, is on Thursday, 8 June 2017!

    In the last several weeks or should I say months we have seen several terrorist events within the United Kingdom as well as within other nations. It is from my perspective, A set of events which have been allowed to occur for they have several purposes. To sow fear, raise tensions, An aid to Theresa May in the general election. And finally as justification for actions mentioned by Theresa May in relation to internet regulations. But another element also exists and that is the sorry state of the UK police force. Undermanned and under-prepared, But I am not some liberal nut. I see through it after many years of watching:

    • This staffing issue with the British police force is by design
    • The events that have been taking place are real but have been allowed to happen
    • These recent events are helping Theresa May and give her a possible card to play if it looks like she'll lose. (Think large attack, suspension of general election)

    So what does all this mean you ask? Well it means that we are in the middle of a carefully orchestrated plan to take our rights. I can now sum up the plan in more detail, So here are a few key points:

    • They wish to take our rights
    • They wish to destroy nationalism
    • They want a massive police force
    • They want to regulate the internet

    Everything you see popping off works into the 4 above points, And is used in conjunction with problem, reaction, solution methodology!

    As an example just to show you what I mean by that:

    To acquire a massive police force one must convince the public it is needed, To do that they have drastically reduced funding and dropped many programs. This is a decision that was made long ago. This is why Theresa May will not address it, Also why she ignored the officers concerns in this video from 2015!

    It is also Why she denies certain aspects of other truths. It is because she cannot go against her masters. A plan exists and she cannot talk in ways that will harm the plan.

    If you want to read up more on the destruction of nationalism I have covered it in a previous article!

    So here we sit. 3 days to go to the general election. With the expectation of more terrorist attacks which have been allowed to happen that give justification to those in power and move the agenda further along.

    Stay safe everyone! Don't Let the Fear Take Hold!