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  • Cinnamon

    The People Who Have No Loyalty To Any Nation

    The U.S. has marched across the world and fought with just about every nation everywhere and the reason is U.S. dollar hegemony and putting other countries' resources into the hands of world organizations which are again, basically run by the U.S.A. corporation which is the Deep State, The Deep State is run by The People With No Loyalty To Any Nation. They then turn these resources over to the mega corporations for exploitation. These people who cause these things to happen have no loyalty to any nation, their only loyalty is to themselves.  This is done through "aid" agreements (loans) with organizations such as the World Bank and IMF and corrupted dictators that we install (often after internal agitation for war by C.I.A. and other alphabet operatives) who also sell out their own people by squandering the money lent to that nation or just outright theft and intentional mismanagement. The "leader" of that nation does not pay back the loan and it is called to be paid in full by the World Bank or IMF. They then take the resources that were used as collateral for the loans (oil fields, etc), hand them over to the mega corporations and the country's people end up with nothing. Only debt. 

    Central America is a shining example of the ravages of this. Also, some S. American countries. 

    Aided by the military industrial complex and the C.I.A., other alphabets and along with corrupt politicians, these people who are loyal to no nation, were and still are able to overthrow democratically elected governments and dictators alike, at their whim or they just assassinated the leaders who refused to take their loans.  

    If the U.S. isn't involved in trade with forced exchange of currencies into dollars, life in the U.S. would be much worse than it is for its citizens.  We basically enforce an invisible tax on other nations with these currency exchanges.  Invisible to Americans, but not invisible to other nations, this is why we used to be the richest nation in the world until the people with no loyalty to any nation robbed us blind, too. We have nothing but debt!.  This is why they can keep printing dollars because other countries must have them for trade, if those dollars ever make it back to the U.S. in mass, there will be hyperinflation worse than what happened in Germany in WW2 and will rival Zimbabwe's bank notes that kept increasing with zeros. How many U.S. dollars do you think nations are forced to buy with their weaker currencies, just to keep the oil trade going? Is there a number that big? 

    The reason we are in the middle east is not to simply steal their oil, it's more insidious than that. Whenever we attack any country in the ME, if you look hard enough, you will find that the leader of that country was in the process of ceasing use of the petrodollar for oil trading. There is always some excuse that wins the hearts and minds of Americans to get them to back up these evil endeavors. One way they ramp up sympathy of Americans for people in other nations is one they have used many times. That is the charge that a dictator has "gassed his own people", "tortured his own people" or "murdered his own people".  It's been used so much it's almost a catch phrase for war.

    Another reason we are in the Middle East blowing up everything possible is that the people with no loyalty to any nation wanted to flood Westernized nations with refugees.  (These people also authored the PNAC plan.)  Again, win hearts and minds and get the Westerners to not only pay for the war, but to also pay for their own eventual demise at the hands of Muslims who they will also support in the form of public welfare.  Knowing full well that the Westernized cultures and Islam are not compatible, they have set everyone up for another impending war, this time in the Westernized countries themselves. Once Islam and Western culture explode due to their differences and incompatibility, carnage will ensue.  It won't take long for people to start asking for help from the very people who planned and caused it all to happen.  They will be more than happy to see martial law to end the scourge once it's bad enough. This is going to happen in Europe first.  America is following a similar blueprint, but the enemy inside America are the Marxist Communists who have been created and groomed by Universities, the Mainstream Media and through debauchery, which has been financed by the same people with no loyalty to any nation.  Marxism is not compatible with the Constitution, anymore than Islam.  However, Marxists like ANTIFA and other groups are teaming up with the Muslims in America and the Muslims are busy recruiting disaffected people into Islam. 

    All of this requires money and again, the people with no loyalty to any nation are there paying for it or robbing law abiding, tax paying citizens in order to pay for it.  

    Assad in Syria was accused of gassing his own people as well and Saddam Hussein in Iraq in the Gulf War. Both tried to stop using U.S. dollars for oil trading and now look at both of those countries. (The petrodollar was why we invaded Iraq the second time). Laid to waste and it is ongoing in Syria as I write this. Libya... same story (without the gassing of the people but reports of tyranny toward Ghadaffi's own people), Ghadaffi was portrayed as evil, but he had tried to make peace with the U.S., even giving up his nukes at one point. That was not enough! When he tried to use gold for oil trading, the people without loyalty to any nation were having none of that. Another nation laid to waste!  A brand new Central Bank was chartered within days, the fighting had not even ended when it was erected. 

    The U.S. funded and armed both sides of the Iran/Iraq war and supplied the chemical weapons that were used. I believe that war lasted 8 years and that was the last war Iran was involved with. The U.S. also supplied Hussein with chemical weapons to attack the Kurds in Northern Iraq after the U.S.A corporation had assured the Kurds that if they rose up against Hussein, they would back the Kurds. (First Gulf War) They did not, they betrayed the Kurds and did nothing to stop the use of the chemical weapons they supplied. 

    Argentina is another case. The other 9/11 back in the 70's where Allende was murdered by Kissinger and his C.I.A. henchmen, the bloody arm of the New World Order. 

    In every case, the common people were manipulated, imprisoned and tortured for years. Their infrastructure destroyed and the people left in abject poverty and still have not managed to restore their former standing economically. 

    If you want to know who the New World Order really is, it is the U.S.A. corporation and the Deep State ran by the people with no loyalty to any nation. A country that is no longer a country but a business that is so corrupted and inhumane that the so-called leadership is not satisfied to rape the entire world to get what they want, they have U.S. citizens living in a soft dictatorship that has been allowed to gain so much power that even a heavily armed population, with more guns than any citizenry in the history of the world, is at a distinct disadvantage. 

    I am starting to wonder why they are keeping us alive here in the U.S. Big pharma and the medical system are both designed for soft kills with their procedures and medications with little regard to common sense and nutrition. GMOs are playing another soft kill role and destruction of natural food sources that once lost can never be replaced.  Megacorporations take care of all of this.

    May our chains rest lightly on our shoulders because they now have control of everything including indoctrination of the children into a system that teaches them depravity, twisted history and drugs are now administered at a young age because being a rowdy, normal kid is no longer allowed by the people who have no loyalty to any nation. This is moral bankruptcy of an entire nation, reinforced by a media that does nothing but brainwash. 

    There is more. So. Much. More.  

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