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  • Cinnamon

    Lines In Sand

    There will come a time when you have to take a stand on your beliefs. Have you given it any thought? If you haven't, then I suggest now is the time to do so.

    Every time an unconstitutional "law" is passed, we lose more rights. Federal government is not the only entitiy eroding our freedoms, we have layers of oppressive government sticking their noses in all kinds of places they don't belong. Even the United Nations is in on the act.

    What I have discovered is that most of the so-called choices we have are a huge psyop. For example, you can choose not to pay your taxes but the repercussions are so tremendous, of course, most people will "choose" to pay them.

    You can "choose" not to pay gas, liquor or cigarette taxes, but that means you cannot drive, drink or smoke. If you want to make improvements on your home, you can "choose" not to purchase permits. If you are caught making these improvements without these permits, then you are heavily fined and may be required to tear down what you have built. If you want to open a business, you can "choose" not to obtain a license. You will not be able to accept credit cards or open a bank account for the business and again, will be fined heavily for not obtaining these "permits."

    What if one day there is an ordinance that declares growing vegetables in your front yard to be illegal? Will you obey? What if a law is enacted that declares woodworking in your garage to be illegal? Will you stop making items out of wood? What if it is deemed illegal to barbeque with charcoal? These "what-ifs" are limitless. Never underestimate government's thirst for power. The word govern means "to restrain."

    The reason it is important to give some thought to where you draw your lines in the sand is that you need to know what they are and be prepared to not back down from them when that day comes. The day the government tells me I can't grow what I want to eat on my own property is the day they will have to do to me what they will because I have drawn my mental line in the sand on that issue. I will not be force-vaccinated nor will I accept a sub-dermal microchip. As unpleasant as these issues are, they require thought on our part because there are moves underfoot for just about anything and everything you can think of that amounts to massive oppression and interference in your everyday activities.

    As it stands right now, there are yards of red tape and so many fees attached to what used to be normal acts, many people are "choosing" not to participate in many activities. Fishing licenses and regulations associated with this activity turned me from being an avid fisher person into a non-fishing person. I love fishing, I could do it day and night if I had the time. But I refuse to pay the government money in order to sit there and fish.  Thus, I have been deprived of what I consider a right. The right to catch fish and eat them. The government  laid claim to the land and the fish and all I am to them is a "customer." If I needed those fish to feed hungry people, then I would draw my line in the sand in a much different location.

    We are all customers now. Every fee we pay turns us into a customer of government "services." Of course, it's all in the name of public safety and welfare. I don't need a babysitter in the form of bloated government, I don't need a babysitter at all. What we have is varying levels of government that have laid claim to all our natural resources and implemented rules and regulations, fees and fines and they treat these resources as if they were a business. The funny thing about this business is there is no accountability and there is no punishment for their mismanagement, graft and corruption which seems to be the norm these days.

    The condition of the world is a testament to the obscene fraud, waste and abuse by our so-called leadership. Is there anything they have done right? I keep trying to find a light amid all this blackness they have created and continue to create, but I can't seem to find it nor can I see an end to any of it. It just goes on and on, an unending line of greedy people taking the reins from those who precede them. And We The People keep moving our lines in the sand further and further away from what we truly believe in and our way of life. This allows government to come into our lives more and more. It's time to stop marching backward.

    Draw your lines in the sand now and be prepared mentally to hold those lines. The New World Government has been shoving us backward and into a corner for the past one hundred years and beyond, one law, rule, regulation or ordinance at a time. We must stop this now and we can do it, one line in the sand at a time.

    Long live the Republic!

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