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    What on Earth America, stop fighting!

    What on Earth America, Stop Fighting!


    As we sit here, a war is being waged by the Progressive Left in our nation. Their clarion call is very much akin to the roars and ruckus of McCarthyism in the 1950s; The Russians, the Communists, they are to blame! We, as Americans, are now more divided than we were during the Civil Rights Era. We are now quickly moving towards the same divisiveness that led to the Civil war. In the New York Times article “The Rural-Urban Divide in America” it is laid out in the open. Rural America and Urban America have grown so far apart neither understands the other.

    In this new Post-election world we see an escalation of protests and riots like never before. As protests against our elected president, Donald J. Trump increase, we see an ever increasing divide. In the USA today we see this perverse and un-American display in full force “Not My President Day”. In just under two months we have seen an escalation to violence of unexpected proportions. One man being beaten bloody and unconscious during the UC Berkeley Riots.

    Picture from http://republicanrise.swillnews.com

    The day after the now infamous UC Berkley Riots a student was again brutally pummeled, for what reason you may ask? He was wearing a “Make America Great Again” Hat, a slogan of the Trump Campaign. Thankfully the two who assaulted the young student were apprehended and arrested. “Student wearing Trump hat beaten at UC Berkeley after protest”

    I do not know about you. But I have personally had enough of this behavior.  No matter what isle you reside politically. It is never acceptable to resort to this level of violence against your fellow man.  Especially if unprovoked. Yet here we sit, now experiencing assault after assault, verbal and physical. Being called Nazi’s, Fascists, being told we must be eradicated for our difference in values politically. I don’t know about you folks. But that sounds like the real Fascism to me.

    The important thing to take from all of these events is this. The United States of America is wounded, our nation is bleeding, and we must heal the wounds of division before they fester even more.  If our nation is to stand we must be united. A hulking beast is working in the shadows to dismantle everything great about this nation. Let us unite and show them what is truly great about America. Our ability to set aside diversity and unite as a single people, behind a single banner.  The American Way of life.


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