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  • Cinnamon

    The Set Up Is Complete

    Proxy War, ISIS and the Petrodollar

    With a major proxy war being fought in Syria against ISIS, one incident is all it's going to take to spark WWIII.  With the U.S. proposing a no fly zone in Syria, this makes this more probable than ever. What people have either forgotten or never knew is that Assad wanted to break away from the petrodollar and use other currency to trade oil well before ISIS became the issue.  This is a hallmark of U.S. invasions against countries in the Middle East.  

    False Flag Set Ups

    Back on the home front, in the U.S., the people have been set up for multiple false flag attacks by ISIS.  Another story that has gone down the memory hole is the 71 ISIS members who are located in 15 different states.  The FBI is aware of them, but rather than arresting them, they are "monitoring" them.  If that was you or me, we'd be in cuffs immediately.  What is wrong with this picture? 

    Alternate news sources, such as Judicial Watch have been sounding the alarm that ISIS has set up camps in Mexico and are in Texas.  ISIS has teamed up with the Mexican drug cartels and then there is the admission by the U.S. authorities that Boko Haram and ISIS are now cooperating with each other.  Congressmen have come forward saying that there is ample proof of this and this is confirmed by the U.S. Border Patrol.  But all of this is being denied by DHS and the FBI.  Who are we to believe?  


    General Kelly has said that all that needs to happen for a nuke to be smuggled into the U.S. through the southern border is to follow the existing drug routes. And Boko Haram and ISIS agree. A nuke purchased from corrupt Pakistani officials and smuggled through existing drug routes across Europe, into Central America and up through Mexico, then through a tunnel into the U.S. is one of their goals.  

    Jade Helm and the Vilification of People Who Questioned It

    Then there were the Jade Helm exercises and one of the major accomplishments of that was to bring a ground swell of attention to "conspiracy theorists".  Mainstream media created another army of people who are now vilifying anyone who dares question what the government is actually doing with their tax dollars.  There is still the fact that no one knows what exactly they were doing and we're supposed to forget that "Mastering the Human Domain" with artificial intelligence was one of the stated goals of Jade Helm.  It's true, nothing happened during these exercises and there were no drills going live, but they were training on private property and the secrecy of it is palpable.  Just the fact that troops are in civilian neighborhoods and on private property in the U.S. should be a huge red flag to anyone.  It makes no difference if city officials and property owners were convinced in the name of misguided patriotism, cajoled or paid to allow them to do so, this is not something that should be happening here and goes against a main principle that has always existed in the U.S.  Troops should never be on our streets. 

    The Liberal Mindset and Trends

    It seems that many Americans are willing to give into liberal thinking that does nothing but take away their rights and the rights of others.  It's become a trend to hate capitalism, the very thing that has allowed them their lifestyle and to embrace socialism, which is now not merely socialism, but full blown Communism and Marxism that permeate our halls of government on every level.  

    Our education system is an indoctrination station that bends the minds of our children into this same socialistic view.  The Bill of Rights is something they call antiquated and it's trendy to bash the Constitution as an old dusty document that has no business existing in the year 2015.  

    Whether or not this can be reversed remains to be seen.  It's not looking good. 

    And now there's this, which confirms everything I've thought about these issues for the past two years:


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