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  • C.O.W.

    The great lie from our 4 former Presidents

    After 4 Presidents who consecutively wrote similar policy, the last in the chain of  4 warring Presidents. Mr Obama who did not see a single day of Peace in his 8 years and increased hatred among all who would not follow his lies, has decided again to use his for former presence to directly Lie to the American Public as is if we were and presently are stupid imbeciles who lost our memories and our minds.  I didn't vote for President Trump, and to be honest I wouldn't have, even considered it with all the MEDIA based false rhetoric and in most cases outright lies to punish a Presidential Candidate who has done nothing to substantiate the hate base mantra of our present MSM's direction.

    This indicates a much larger control mechanism that is being ignored by most, as there is so little understanding in our history books, MSM reports, and there is policy to not repeat or mention anything to do with the Globalist bankers who control our Senate, house of Representatives, and the white house itself.   Are we to just sit back and continue to absorb the false hate, the obvious lies that these four former Presidents and a Sec. of States, that deceived the present day public for over 3 decades, is this the citizens who should be blamed for listening or the Globalist policy that has a noose around each of these former representatives who believe strings attached to your body are only there to help prop up reality when they are seen and held by a select few individuals based on their past relatives who infiltrated our governments across the world to enslave the population, control the depopulation (through war, intentional famine, political assassination, death by vaccine, death by man-made virus, intentional destruction of farming through Monsanto based chemical's, cancers and increased lung issues from high aerial spraying across the globe disguised as weather manipulation.

    With so many efforts being applied against humanity to depopulate the planet for the Elite to rise to supreme power with a handful of healthy citizens who survive will be the next slaves. The final straw against our humanity while you blame a single man who they will point as the trigger that started this war. The facts are never going to address this as this was started centuries ago in all Countries with Rothschild own banks disguised as State run and owned banks and Federal reserves, IMF that have the country's name on them Ie. Bank of Canada, The federal Reserve, and the same people who own your Federal bank in India, for over hundreds of years for the world's super powers.  We as a people need to see the lies, recognize the manure pile we are expected to see as green, or gold when in fact it will never be nothing but paper as that is all they have over us as a race, paper.

    Wake up before the world is at war over lies and the false value of money that we have been schooled to believe is the path to success, when is the path to death of the human race for the sole benefit of a select few who to this day believe they are the chosen God and given this divine right of enslavement of our race.  The fact still remains this has nothing to do with religion and all to do with power. The use of religion by this group is to create hate and divide while we fight for them in their war to control humanity, what fools we are, what fools we will be if we allow it to continue.

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