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  • Cinnamon

    The 5 Most Obvious Cards The Globalist Communists Have Left To Play Against Trump

    Card 1. The left pulls out their human tools and cause riots across America. They have plans in place for Inauguration Day. (Soros backed)

    Card 2. The fraud Obama tries to pull an intel wabbit out of his hat and implicates Trump in the Russia "hacks".  He keeps repeating this phrase

                 when talking about it: "Before I Leave Office".  

    Card 3. Assassination

    Card 4. Massive false flag events across America. 

    Card 5. CONgress does everything it can to make Trump ineffective and unable to carry out the draining of the swamp. 

    The first card has a date. The second card has an expiration date. The other 3 cards could happen at any time during the next 4 years. Any one of these events does not bode well for freedom lovers.  Any one of them can and will mean a massive loss of freedom traded for state sponsored security.  

    Make no mistake, the Elite Globalist Pedophile Ring is going down and they will lose all their amassed power and privilege.  They pulled out every stop to keep Trump out of office.  They will still have billions of dollars to initiate the last 3 cards in their deck, if the first two fail. 

    We were inches from a complete Communist takeover of America with Hillary Clinton as president.  The brainwashed followers are going to continue to be a threat to this Republic.

    The battle has just begun.  If Trump turns Fascist on us, we will have 2 enemies to fight, but that's nothing new, we've had it before. 

    Forever vigilant, it's the price of freedom. Let's just hope we can get back what is ours and a whole new game hasn't begun.

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