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    Prime Minister Trudeau invitation causing migrants to self-deport to Canada

    Why would anyone with a decent background wish to run away from immigration? Usually, because they lied to get the status in the first place? So when they tell you they are being persecuted, we must ask by who, as its surely not the United States?

    PMJT has a lot to answer to if he thinks we all will ignore the obvious attempt to endanger Canada by creating a massive debt and adding ten's of thousands of professional antagonists to our country who are being forcibly thrown out of their countries of birth. He calls then refugees and often confuses Canadians by intentionally calling them immigrants for which they are surely not either. Most are living in decent camps and can return home to their native country but are being kept from doing so by the very government that is supposed to protect them, Assad and the Syrian Government, not Canada. 

    PMJT places these people on lifetime welfare, lifetime free healthcare and schooling at the taxpayer expense. This is very nice but then he reduces our health benefits, reduces our military and police force's capability, disenfranchises the soldiers overseas while crying that we are the problem that refugees do not fit in with Canadian values. 

    At this point, it would seem prudent to train the refugees to understand the new culture they are being saved to, but no instead our PM wants Canada to change all their traditions, cultural history, government practices. Proof of this can be seen in the elections of immigrants who have not been born in Canada nor understand its values, some actually associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, others schooled in very Islamic countries of the ME and they are now in Parliment assisting in our demise, not just elected but personally selected by our very own PMJT during the election cycle in 2015 and now placed into extremely sensitive positions that control our local, and international policies on refugees and immigration. This will turn into a free for all for ME Muslim extremists and there is little Canada is doing to stop it. 

    Are we that stupid that this does not resonate with the same values as that of an insane man who got elected by lying about his intentions, his actions and has willing changed the laws to protect himself and his Muslim cabinet?

    This will end badly for all except PMJT who already has a secure bunker waiting for him and his family. What will happen to Canada and when is the question.

    The legal name for what is happening is HIGH TREASON, and it needs to be talked about as this is what will be the most defining point in Canadian history when we take back our country and start making the false (Elitist) politicians pay for their crimes against the Canadian people. Justin Trudeau is one of those, will be remembered as the most corrupt, arrogant, insane, and depolarizing PM ever to hold a set in Canadian politics. His crimes are numerous but his country is full of apathy from decades of being kept down by government schooling, services and social programs designed to indoctrinate people to the welfare system for life while forcing the middle class to support this through overtaxing. We are now at the bursting point in our history for the first time. It may take Foreign, intervention to stop the waves of attacks that are being planned by the very people whom we have been forced to give safe haven too. 

    In December of this year, we had a Pakistani-born Muslim take a plane from Toronto Intl airport and fly to Pakistan so he could rally a huge riot which killed two innocent bystanders, destroyed a mosque and then was allowed to return by the same airline and was accepted back into Canada although he is on the International terrorist list. Although the story was made public, the name and his address disclosed, the Trudeau government has done nothing, absolutely nothing to bring him to justice. This man is now living in Mississauga, protected by our police and government against retaliation from Pakistan, who have requested he be extradited. Again this is insanity!

    Why would any sane man allow this to happen to his people?? This brings up the insanity statement. When everyone you know, and everyone you have ever heard of tells you your wrong but you do it anyway, you can safely assume that man is insane. This is one of those obvious cases of public acceptance of such insanity due to MSM lies and misinformation which is produced by the very people who are Controlling our Liberal and PC governments. We deserve better and need to legislative options to be able to kick a sitting government out of office when the good of the country is put in jeopardy. We are in serious jeopardy, passed jeopardy in early 2016!

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    They won't touch their employees. As long as he stays in Canada, he will probably be safe forever.

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    in days of old, when wars tore countries apart, the refugees would cross the nearest border and hunker down until they could return across the border to their own country. This is not happening anymore. Refugees are getting flown around the world, all over the place and being well set up in all white western countries. How did this ever become the norm?? don't remember this being discussed anywhere, so why is it happening now? It's happening because the the elite scum ruling class, rothschilds, rockerfellers, british royals, jews etc, WANT IT TO HAPPEN - THAT'S WHY !! it is part of the plan and always has been. Surely some here have read the Protocols of the learned elders???? some call them a hoax - doesn't matter, it's a moot point, because it is provable that some group, somewhere, with the powers to do it, are actually enacting The Protocols. You only have to look out the window to see it, everywhere.

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    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Translated into English by Victor E. Marsden (in 1920)


    Who are the Elders?
    Protocol I The Basic Doctrine
    Protocol II Economic Wars
    Protocol III Methods of Conquest
    Protocol IV Materialism Replace Religion
    Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress
    Protocol VI Take-Over Technique
    Protocol VII World-Wide Wars
    Protocol VIII Provisional Government
    Protocol IX Re-education
    Protocol X Preparing for Power
    Protocol XI The Totalitarian State
    Protocol XII Control of the Press
    Protoco XIII Distractions
    Protocol XIV Assault on Religion
    Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression
    Protocol XVI Brainwashing
    Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority
    Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
    Protocol XIX Rulers and People
    Protocol XX Financial Programme
    Protocol XXI Loans and Credit
    Protocol XXII Power of Gold
    Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
    Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler


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