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    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Sunny days, not so Sunny!

    Great comment: Best PM's of the 20th Century according to PMJT: P. Trudeau, B. Mulroney, J. Chretien and P. Martin, The reality is there was a Canadian poll done in August with over 16000 CDNS and they voted that 4 out of the 4 mentioned by PMJT were the worst PM's in history, but Justin believes they were the best??? The post was removed (censored by Google) this week, no laws broken or immoral practices were in the poll however it contradicted PMJT's Sunny Day's perception and therefore removed from the public eye, is this not Political corruption at its worst?

    Does this not scare anyone who lived through this time period? When one man sees nothing but roses in a field of manure there is a problem, let's state it for what it is: master puppetry. Few men alive would be excused for this behavior, many would perish after making such statements. However, PMJT has the hand of Soros guiding him, helping him talk, writing national political statements and policy, increasing the divide between us, pushing laws that only benefit one religion over all others, taxing the military to bring on a sense of hopelessness while they fight for Canada overseas, reducing healthcare for Canadians while sending billions to help other countries who hate Canada as a country and blame us for their misery, then bringing those very people who hate us to their core, here to Canada to integrate?? PMJT's answer to all this chaos is SUNNY DAYS, a platform designed for him by Soros backed consultants??

    Is this the words or actions of a man who would be considered PM and mentally strong enough to run a country? We all watched as we lost our influence worldwide with Harper as he tried to save Canada from this very UN-sponsored invasion of division, tax manipulation, intentional overspending to indebt the country to the Central bank who in turn, chooses our direction, chooses our PM's, controls a large number of politicians with campaign finance, platform design and the use of illegal and immoral entrapment programs (ie. pedophilia network) to enslave the politician to the Globalist UN Network.

    These are all facts and cannot be refuted, however, will you ever get to know these facts exist, no, as the MSM is also owned by only 3 in all of Canada and one of them is also one of the largest in the US. We no longer have a strong voice left as the LEFT has taken most of our venues and either falsified their right to exist and even going as far as falsely accusing us of crimes we have not committed. Fake news is no longer a term for the President of the US, it's a hard reality we all must learn to live with while reading between the lines and finding true sources of real news that is not tied to these UN groups. Thank-you, to outlets like The Rebel and others like Thomas Quiggin of "Gatestone institute", "Mackenzie institute", "The Cipher Brief" whose intelligence reports correct the misinformation created by PMJT and the MSM, while supporting our right to a voice incorruptible by the UN's international FAKE NEWS program and written policy for the creation and promotion of Islamic Jihad in all of the EU, and North America.

    Art Hannigan
    Retired Information analyst