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    Kevin O'Leary “I'm confident I'm the leader who will bring Canada the change it needs and beat Trudeau!“

    In response to Kevin O'Leary, Conservative Leadership Candidate Jan 26th, 2017

    Kevin O'Leary “I'm confident I'm the leader who will bring Canada the change it needs and beat Trudeau!“

    Can you elaborate on my Questions, Trudeau will be gone regardless of who wins the Conservative leadership. That's partially our own fault for not reporting obvious and questionable findings over the last election cycle. The canned “Sunny days” platform clouded the true Liberal agenda, not a task a drama teacher is normally capable of devising and constructing by himself. Taylor made platforms are the life blood of the many consultancy groups in Canada of which all parties are well connected to.

    What we want to know is how you're going to fix this? Which is why I am putting the same questions to all the candidates today. We do not make policy but are going to help shape who will be elected in the next cycle. While I cannot give you any guarantee, as history has shown that most potential leaders with money, use preexisting platforms designed by so-called experts. Consultancy groups like eg. (Canada2020) are only as effective as the Directors and bankers will allow it to be, proving in the last cycle that they cannot be trusted to protect the integrity of our elections. Sunny days are not a part of substantive politics it's all about presence and the only man who that could have worked for was PMJT written to accommodate the presence of a better future drawing more younger voters and volunteers in history. That was the most planned take-over in recent Canadian politics. However, where was the substance? Can we expect more this time around...

    Mr. O'Leary: How do you plan on severing your liberal associations and agendas to accommodate what we are now needing from our next leader, what are you going to do to change this perception?

    Mr O'Leary: Are you the one, time will tell however, I am just a cog who followed your career since the early days, and believes who you are at the core, your business skills are strong enough, however, your economic, cultural, military, and globalization Policies will be what Canadians will use to decide if you are in it for yourself or for Canada. This really applies to all Candidates lets hope they are prepared, Canada deserves the very best, not a prime Minister of Presence, but one of Substance, we lost this when we lost Harper now we need a leader who is stronger than our history, to fix our present.

    Dear Conservative Candidates, Canadians need's a true leader, one with the backbone, experience, and intellect to fix the Globalization drive that has taken hold of Government's will and independence.

    With access to well over a ½ of voting Canadians, patriots are ensuring this election will be decided by the people, Canadian patriots are our future and will protect our nation's cultural interests, and the republic from, political scandal, political corruption, forced ME assimilation of our culture, or manipulation of public policy by the Bank of Canada through its globalization initiatives. Patriots will no longer accept the status-quo from government controlled media, nor the present banking policies with the globalist bankers who push Canada to open borders for the advance of cultural genocide under the guise of free-trade, riding on the refugee mandate they planned and implemented with the UN. The very same plan which was implemented in most UN countries, but is presently falling to the populist movement. If any of this seems foreign to you, we would like to know your views and will answer your questions with the same dignity and respect they deserve.

    For the sake of all Canadians, we ask these few questions to protect the continuation of our cultural identity and reversal of policies that impact our safety, economy, and our acceptable Laws within our well-established culture. For far too long this has been left to the Government who in modern times have changed our political, taxation, regional, and educational policies to reflect the single-minded Globalization directive that has destroyed our manufacturing, economy, and subverted some of our elected government leaders and MP's with extremist ideal's that are beyond logic. Open trading should never equate to open borders! Many Canadians have now educated themselves to the fact that Globalization is responsible for most of the ongoing wars in present-day.

    Questions: There are no easy questions for those running for Leadership positions.

    • What are you going to implement to correct this broken system of political manipulation of our public communications, MSM outlets and the censorship issues being illegally applied against law-abiding, fact-based reporting sites that are being mislabeled as fake news by MSM's fake (Proven to be fake)reports, are you going to allow Google, Twitter, and FaceBook and our MSM Elite to be your gatekeeper's with their far-reaching ties to the Banking elite, the Democratic party, and the intelligence services in the US, Canada, and Uk??
    • Will you accommodate the Bankers or MSM media, who will wish to control your narrative without considering our established Culture and the safety of “Canadians first” thinking, like, PMJT should have?
    • What is your policy on entrance of future Refuges who do not speak English/French Canadian, have no transferable job skills, willingly choose to not follow or accommodate our culture, and who are not prepared to accommodate the laws that already protect their children and spouses within our given legal structure, and/or promote extremism?
    • The Syrian Refugee Crisis which the Americans, with Canadian and UN support, created a lose/lose scenario for Syrian refugee integration within our country. With the present strength of the Populous movement, are you going to be able to protect future Canadians from the assimilation of the ME culture, which refuses to accommodate the centuries old, successful, cultural, environment we have to offer?
    • What is your position on the Global financiers who continue to control our government through our central bank and consultancy groups, how are you going to change the status-quo to help get Canada back to a path of independence and off our reliance on the foreign Banks that openly control our laws, military, protocols, local, taxation, educational, and international policy?
    • Gun regulation is of serious concern as it affects all Canadians who use our great variety of wildlife for personal survival. Are you going to be able to accommodate your present policy to reflect the wishes of the majority of Canadians who understand that taking away our guns will make our country weaker and our citizens insecure, while increasing the power and controls for globalization?
    • In closing, Canadians are intent to put the RIGHT PERSON in as Conservative leader, which many believe this cycle will have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to become the most important PM in modern times.

    Thank-you for your time and commitment for a Better Canada, Your answers are what will define Canada's acceptance of your sense of responsibility, and qualification's for the Conservative leadership position.

    Art Hannigan

    Retired Security and Business Analyst

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