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  • Cinnamon

    How Can We Steal The Presidency From Trump?

    This is the question that the left have been asking themselves ever since they were ***** slapped with a Trump win.  Of course, in their view, the voters who want him as their president are mentally incompetent or worse, Nazis.  It hasn't occurred to the give me free shit crowd that we're tired of giving them free shit.  

    So, let's look at the current attempts and failures as well as the future plans to keep Trump out of office. 

    First, there was Play-Doh, therapy dogs, cry-ins and all manner of lame ass emo displays that anyone with half a brain cell should be roundly ashamed of themselves for exhibiting.  Are you  kidding me?  None of this moved me.  It just pissed me off. 

    But the first real attempt at actually stealing Trump's victory was Jill Stein's aka Jillary's recounts.  Which we are still enduring to this day and it's been over a month since the election. This is Plan A. 

    One can only hope that the rest of her shenanigans backfire on her like Michigan did.  The only thing she accomplished there was invoking the state to enact strict voter I.D. laws. And we all know how the left hates that.  It disables all the dead people from crawling out of their graves and going to the polls to vote.  It also disables the massive illegal voters. Anyone who doesn't believe that illegals are voting... well, you're  just plain stupid if you try and sell that lie. I love irony. 

    The second attempt is to basically overthrow the electoral college. By rook or by crook takes on a whole new meaning. The public got an education this election on the electoral college that was needed, but not like this.  Death threats, internal revolts... we have 10 more days to wait until we know what happens inside the Electoral College.  That is Plan B. 

    But, all of this is not good enough, there's also a Plan C.  Obama has ordered intelligence reports to be delivered to him prior to his leaving office in regards to Russians hacking the election.  Key words: BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE. 

    The establishment is not going down without a fight.  What we are seeing are the death throes of a malignant government and all its agencies.  Trump is going to need all of those generals before this is over.  Coup anyone? 


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