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  • C.O.W.

    Fake news still thriving while the truth gets ignored!

    "Through an Access to Information request, we received troubling documents about a new globalist investment bank started by the dictatorship of China, called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

    China didn’t invent world banks. The U.S. government did. The World Bank provided credit where the local industry or even the country in question couldn’t get loans. It has helped build the world.

    So you can see why China would want to get in on this game. Their new bank is specifically about buying up Asia. Naturally, the U.S. is trying to dissuade other countries from joining.

    That brings me back to the documentation we received. Canada has been invited to join, and Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau replied in part:

    “Canada sees the benefit of investing in high-quality infrastructure backed by sound policies, which is essential for sustaining growth in the Asia Pacific region. Improved regional infrastructure in Asia will serve to strengthen the Canadian economy.”

    see where i originally posted this (Allowed)

    "The world Banks were started by the US?"  

    World Banks were not a part of any US policy at any point in their history, your facts on this are dismal. The world banks are and have been under the control of the same families since the first person stepped on the continent. The issue here is two-fold, first, why deny the existence of a centuries-old banking system created by the Rothschilds network, who operate in almost every country in the world? Russia was the first country to throw them out, to date, there are only three countries that are not financed by this network. Canada has always financed their wars and loans through the Globalists Elite and the fact that this hardly gets mentioned is the fault of every MSM outlet and history book.

    Secondly, China’s new Global-intuitive is to subvert the existing Rothschild network, much like what Russia has been trying to do for almost 2 decades. The problem with this new bank is it is no different than the old one, except it is now going to be backed by paper, no real or tangible assets, just paper, much like the Rothschilds, who now use gold. What we as a country need to do is educate ourselves, so the politicians who work under this system of banking networks never allows the network to control the economy, military, and administration. However, history has documented many times how this is not the case and the Financiers are the ones who put our members of Parliament in office, finance their campaigns, provide platforms for our illusion of a fair voting system, which is actually owned by George Soros (A globalist billionaire from the US). This is not new knowledge, but also not well publicized, as the Bankers have no wish for the citizens to discover what they control and how little power our Government body actually has on the world stage or our own.

    If we as a country cannot put our heads together and change the politicians who are addicted to the money, we will never be independent.

    Anyone with a pulse and an internet account can find the proof, with a simple query ie. Who owns the Bank of Canada, or IMF, or Federal reserve in the US. If we rely on the government to inform or keep us from financial disaster, we will go bankrupt, we will fall into the chaos that has embraced the EU. We need to start educating ourselves instead of relying on the History books they rewrite, the MSM, who are heavily connected to these bankers or the manufactured misinformation to make you believe your the one who is nuts, when they are manipulating your every lesson in life to follow the Globalist agenda they are far too entrenched within. Let’s do some research then you can produce factual articles…This one is certainly not based on known, well-established facts, and yet it was put in the public view??? I cannot blame the writer, but the editor made a mistake allowing this to get into the mainstream news, as it is surely not accurate.

    In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild-owned Central Bank:

    • Afghanistan.
    • Iraq.
    • Sudan.
    • Libya.
    • Cuba.
    • North Korea.
    • Iran.

    Of these 7, The UN/US has overtaken 4 of the countries leaders on behalf of the Rothschilds. The reason was clear, they were trying to build their own banking system that was going to be backed up by the gold standard. The gold was stolen by the US, the interior banks closed, and the rulers murdered, how does this not scare you?


    A couple of links to get you started:


    This link below explains a reason China is trying to become a World Bank.


    All anyone asks is for the truth and the facts, why produce anything less. This lack of accountability is what has built the Fake News Networks, we deserve better!


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