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    2017 Liberal Survey and why Canadians should ignore the checkbox

    Latest Liberal Poll and why Canadians should ignore the checkbox, and go directly to the comment section to save Canada from another 2/12 years of division.

    What are your top priorities for the Liberal team as Parliament resumes later this month?

    How about remembering that Canadians are tired of being left behind with your idea for globalism and the obvious and intentional increase in Islamic divide you're creating by your MSM and false flags. You're scaring our children and citizens while dividing our country. Are you going to fight for Canada, if not call an election before one forced upon you?

    Which civic actions are essential to building a strong democracy and an open and
    transparent, government?

    How about remembering Canada was built by immigrants, not refugees. Although I share your wish to help, you uprooted 40,000 people out of their culture and injected them into one they cannot adapt to and wish to change, as is evidenced in the past few years. What did you think would happen?? You hurt every refugee who would have thrived if they had their country back!! As for transparency, when did you wish to start, as we have not seen any to date?

    How important are positive politics to achieving real and meaningful change for Canada?

    Your Sunny Days Platform designed for you and the Liberal Party suggests meaning, but when applied,
    appears to suggest that division is more important than traditional,  historical protection of the Canadian identity. When can we expect a return to what built Canada, that was traded away for cheaper products, cheaper food which turns out to be more expensive than any other time in our history?

    Which of the following Liberal accomplishments are 
    most essential in building a better future for all Canadians?

    Some of your suggested accomplishments are an insult for those who built and maintained this country for centuries. To ignore the immigrants who built this country for 40,000 refugees without justifying why we would remove so many from their culture and inject them into ours, seems somewhat selfish on your part and although meaningful, only accomplished further debt, increased division, increased security risks for immigrants from the ME and Canadians, while you shut down the access to millions who have an education, skilled trades which validates our existing immigration policy. Please tell me you have more to contribute, tell me you are not replacing Churches with mosques when we need stronger health care, better care for the veterans, failed WSIB policies that promote intentional self-harm by those who are supposed to provide care and understanding of the injured employee. Have you forgotten what Canada represents to the world, as your actions suggest otherwise?

    Which of these 2016 Liberal Party of Canada engagement milestones are you most proud of?

    The accomplishments that I can say I am proud of are not listed in your statement, so I will refer to some of your suggestions.

    - The 50,000 member increase to the Liberal party, minus the 40,000 refugees and the fact that the Liberal party is the only free membership, does not justify your position as an accomplishment, rather a marketing strategy, designed most likely by Canada2020 and not the liberal party.

    - 41 Pride parades, qualifies you as a nice guy and again not a political accomplishment.

    - 35,000 new donors per quarter, is misrepresenting of the numbers actually donating to the Liberal Party, therefore not an accomplishment, misinformation and illusion is maybe more accurate.

    - 7 days of action that was an accomplishment, how?  Engaging the public and not listening is not an accomplishment to most Canadians but instead was seen as wasted inaction to replace actual action.

    I do need to say this for myself and a few who do realize that you are one of the nicest public figures in the modern world today. Your commitment to helping others is very commendable and to say you're anything but a nice man is insulting. You have changed Canadian politics forever, but please do not think that this has benefited Canada or the future for our children.

    Although I enjoy your presence and understand who you may be as a man, you have disrupted our economy, increased our debt like a teenager with a stolen credit card, while ignoring the Canadian identity that took centuries to develop. The business skills you bring to the table are dismal and have hurt all who grew up with a dream that was promoted as possible, advertised as winnable, then was sold to Mexico at the expense of the Canadian worker.You may have never needed to work but for every Canadian who was sold this dream is now wondering how they are going to eat through the next year, provide an education that will not corrupt their child's identity, find a job that is not at $8.00 an hour working for a refugee you bankrolled while you clawed back our right to free speech, right to assemble peacefully without fear of being harmed by paid rioters. Who were surprisingly supported by the very people who financed part of the Liberal election!

    It's not that you are not a nice man, however, you are not a good Prime Minister. You lost my vote and the vote of most Canadians who rallied for you, unwittingly mislead by a campaign designed to ignite a following by misrepresenting your true nature and future policies.

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