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  • C.O.W.


    Why does anyone listen to the words of the greatest Mafia/Pedophile leader in the world? How can you address any problem as long as you still call any Pope, Religious leader,  President, Prime Minister, King or Queen or any leader of people a figurehead of good, while they continue to lead humanity into chaos, steal your children's youth, deny islamic white genocide(which they created), and not jail the hundreds of thousands of priests/teachers and politicians who still live freely and protected from the millions they corrupted with their sick, twisted belief they have some inherent right to denegrade our youth while politicizing the church's sermons, Political statements, False flags, propagandized Media disguised as factual news, personal beliefs into cries for globalism and the slow drawn out enslavement and murder of the Non-moneylenders religious belief within the human race. Shame on those who are intelligent but too lazy or fearful to stand up against what is obvious to any person who does a little research. 

    We as a race are at the pinnacle of human annihilation by the very people who invented the monetary system that controls our race on this earth. Who gave them the right to enslave all of humanity, we did, and only we can rise up to take it back?!  When will society realize that we do not vote in government, in fact we deny the very principle of freedom by participating in the enslavement process. Trained by our very parents, teachers, and Priests who all work in tandem to ensure control of the masses while taking privilege by means of child abuse as sex slaves, offerings to gods that don't exist, murder of any person who understands and countless wars to justify the fear based mechanism used for centuries to corrupt and place control mechanisms into the race as a pacifier of uprising. We are all doomed at this point to a shorter life and with little to no chance for our children to see a bright future, any future. Remember these words when you see the results of the French elections as they were completely controlled by these people. Trump woke them up or is the key to the trigger, you decide, I believe he is the greedy puppet who has already started the war that will end most of humanity as we know it.
    There are no accidents in politics, the money lenders have controlled the voting mechanism for over 2000 years and have assassinated every opponent who dared to speak up against its corruption/enslavement of humanity. When we ask who are these people and where did they get the right to control our direction as a race we find "FEAR", yes fear of reprisal, fear of being murdered with your family for speaking the truth or objecting to the abuse of humanity by those who believe in their hearts they are chosen by a GOD (invented by their ancestors) that doesn't exist, to control other man made gods which don't exist. The shame is on humanity that fostered this mechanism to be propagated across the world and allowed it to become the standard for enslavement.  Who is this part of our race that controls almost the entire human race??  Look to who owns the Central banks and the religion they follow, it's clear as crystal, but even with the knowledge that it would only take segregating the mere tens of thousands of these people to save billions, we hide in the shadows hoping they don't see us, while they produce entertainment in the form of war and paid rioting, sports, mass starvation, mass migration to start the last phase of the depopulation process. Are you all just going to wait for their bullets to cut you down while working your garden, which is illegal, or take your excess food as it is illegal, take your water supply as it is illegal, to take your children as they are not your property, to take your wife to pacify their troops, when will you wake up and see?? 

    The final phase has begun, in fact it begun over 40 years ago and has slowly taken over almost all Governments, Religions, and military directions.  We have little left to fight with but we do have the majority for now, but most are still asleep. The Elite also know this and will continue to bring humanity to the brink of destruction just so they can have a utopian society for themselves at the expense of killing billions, keeping enough around as slaves which will feed, clothe, and provide the sick natureed traditions of human sacrifice and sexual enslavement. When we look back and truely review history , the real history, there is nothing but enslavement and misery brought on by these murderous, insane believers in a God that no person has ever proved to exist in the entire lifespan of humanity. We stand to lose everything to the man made gods that helped coral humanity till now!

    Does anyone read or research truth, anyone??  The few who have are slowly being murdered or silenced, humanity has lost as they need the fake man made gods to believe in anything, just to live in this world. Liberalism has been bred into the race and slowly developed over the past three generations to take over the process of depopulation by creating a wave of unrealistic decent, poor judgement, lost sense of morality, illogical laws that degrade humanity at its core by people who proudly display their true nature but are protected by the very people we have been fooled for over two millennia  into voting in to protect us. When will humanity stand up and take back what is your birthright?  If we do not, then we will perish with billions of our race within the next 5 - 10 years, that's really all we have left, by 2025 most of America will be reduced to 1/10 of its present population, Europe, Africa, and China will have less while the murderous race of these Man made gods will prevail and thrive at the cost of our lives and general ignorance of reality they created to control us.

    I offer no apology to those who do believe in a man made, False God, who were  falsely, almost forced by society as the only option to believe in. Any faith to believe in after they were abused or misused, instead of helping that individual to realize their inner strength and belief in themselves. These people are not believers but are doing what society has taught them in their own home, to run to when trouble exists.  To find out that trouble is just starting and they are now part of the false collective that will be forced to kill in order to enlarge this false hope of faith, working for the fake God's human representative that was only invented to control their fear and anger of living in a society that propagates abuse and enslavement. We must recognise that all Real believers in God are bred solely in a closed environment by force and not by any form of logic or heredity, lose your false man made faith, and save humanity. God in reality is the devil, just ask any Pope.

    Sometimes telling the truth hurts, in my case it will most likely get me killed, but I would rather die propagating the truth than live with the knowledge that I did nothing while self righteous, falsely entitled idiots, destroy humanity.


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