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  • Ukshep

    The Zionist Plot to bring about the New World Order explained!


    I've watched. I've read. I've absorbed more than enough to at least explain the basic structure of this plan. And hopefully share with you how the zionist jews are behind it all and leading us into a New World Order! I am not going to be taking info from any books or conspiracy related material aka protocols of Zion or any other similar item. The goal of this article is to explain the plan by breaking it up in such a way that the average joe or jane can understand with a clear goal of presenting it free of entanglements and basing it entirely on what can be seen. This is the only way in which you will see what I want you to see. It is through the scanning of the vast plan that it becomes obvious. No amount of deep detailing will help to make it clearer but covering the key points will as you piece it together at a glance. This is all I can do to try and stop it! SHOW OTHERS!

    But first this video is for all of you! Since this is part of it!

    Don't let fear get the best of you!

    So let us begin! We shall for structure split this into past, present and future stages! Which you will find align perfectly and reveal pre-planning stretching back decades. It is with the grander scheme laid out like this that you may start to realize things. While one cannot see every move made. It is more than enough for you to see the outline of the figure in the painting..

    Phase 1: Create The Foundation For The Main Event


    • A nation they can call their own
    • Usage of the term Nazi to demonize
    • Mass protection/reparations/advantages for Jews (Through the means of guilt, and Ascension of the agenda)
    • The creation of the base system of the new world order (The United Nations)
    • The perfect environment for communism to rise in the west
    • Wounding blow to nationalism (Also pre-planning for historic setup of the people)

    Regardless of your views on Adolf Hitler or which of the narratives in History you wish to align with as your believed truth. I am sure everyone can agree that the above key rewards were gained. IT cannot be argued! Only added to!

    I am of the opinion that WW2 was a set-up and planned elite controlled event, It allowed the cultivation of the correct environment, narrative and gave rise to the foundations on which the next phase is going into action. But this needs to be detailed further as what I can tell you for sure is this: The elite have not changed the plans that much. They must have been conceived a long time ago, As they all fit snugly together even now.

    Phase 2: Use The Foundation, And Kill Nationalism Forever


    • The True Resistance Destroyed
    • The People Subjugated and Controlled
    • Freedom to Oppress Initiated

    Phase 2 uses everything that phase one helped to bring in, It even recycles the same plan for the rise of nationalism as it mirrors Hitlers rise to power identically!

    Which you can see below!

    Continuation - History Is Repeating Itself

    • Hitler/Germany rose up against the Jews who almost destroyed Germany from within, via trade and economic manipulation
    • Trump/America rose up against the liberals who almost destroyed America from within, via trade economic manipulation
    • Jewish Media declared war on Hitler and used propaganda to sway opinion
    • Liberal Media declared war on trump and used propaganda to sway opinion
    • Hitler was Times person of the year
    • Trump was Times person of the year
    • The German people hated the jews for many reasons
    • The American people hate the liberals for many reasons

    I need to say this for clarity and honesty: There is a parallel fact that revealed itself to me with this thread. Both Adolf Hitler and Donald J Trump now and then both did good and bad things, It keeps them in the middle ground in perceptions I noticed. This means that yes! The victor does write history. And yes it will be believed. But unlike in Hitlers day this will not be followed by questioning of the official narrative. The paradigm in which this ends sets up the narrative to quell and remove all questioning of the mainstream forever. Or at the very least subdue it to a number too minuscule to matter!

    Continuation - Antifa Is Always Involved

    The first German movement to call itself Antifaschistische Aktion was proclaimed by the German Communist Party (KPD) in their newspaper Rote Fahne in 1932 and had its first rally in Berlin 10 July 1932. May 1932 the communist paramilitary organisation Rotfrontkämpferbund had been banned and after a fight between Nazi and Communist members of parliament the Antifaschistische Aktion was created to ensure that the communists could have a militant organisation to rival the paramilitary organisations of the Nazis. After a forceful dissolution by the Nazis in 1933, the movement was revived during the 1980s. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifaschistische_Aktion

    If you want a reminder of what ANTIFA is doing!

    And let us not forget the desensitization to protesting. Starting with Ferguson! Training! Practicing! Normalizing it to the point most do not care!

    You can even search the web for more on this. George Soros has ties to most major protests! Around the world!

    Continuation - The Planned Worldwide Rise Of Nationalism And Fake Challenge to Communism!

    Through the mass movement of pawns, AKA Refugees they have created the perfect environment to affect nations in the world and sway the populace towards Nationalism. However the rise is not natural. And it is resisted on the world stage by secret communism. Here have some truth bomb bullet points to lay it out quicker.

    • The Flooding of Nations with Immigrants was Planned
    • The Destruction of the Family Unit was Planned
    • ISIS was Created to Sow Fear and Move Refugees
    • Antifa are mostly Paid Protestors with Sheeple Support
    • Brexit is Part of the plan to Sacrifice Britain so that no one ever dare try leaving the collective again but that has not played out yet
    • Macron will probably be a major part of the next Fear Campaign involving ISIS Terrorism - Funny that he should be likened to Napoleon because he is so young
    • Hillary was Never Going to Win (It was all a grand show to justify the new narrative against the people which is still in its early stages, True Alt media and the True Nationalists are the target, Demonetization, demoralization and demobilization of us all is the endgame) / AKA FAKE NEWS! We've never seen fake news like we have until they pointed it out. It did not just get a light shone on it. IT BECAME WORSE. Fake news was never a major issue until they made it an issue.

    I've most definitely missed something out! Of that I am sure.

    Continuation - Dividing Of The People!

    Some may ask why the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump even happened if this was all planned? Why make it out like Hillary ever had a chance? Division! Simple! They used the election of Donald J Trump and Hillary to remove all other candidates from ever having a chance. But greater than that. It was the tool used to divide the people in a way they have never been divided. Trump was the MAN we all wanted! Hillary was not. The narratives and explanations all exist because of this beautiful display.

    • It lined up the fear
    • It gave reasons to adapt the government and policies of others in ways they have never been altered
    • It allowed us to be distracted and miss things
    • It gave many a myriad of excuses to cover asses. Left vs right works well. (But they never wound severely. Because the upper echelon players have rules, as well as orders)
    • It allowed the takeover of Wikileaks to take place without many noticing it
    • And it has divided us all in ways we cannot heal anytime soon leaving us fragmented

    Let me expand on that last bullet point a little more. The only way we ever escape this is if we wake up to the fact that both the left and the right are just pawns to others. That our choice really never does matter. And that the only way we get out of this shit show is if we all realize this. Forgive one another and realize both sides have been manipulated. Then join together and turn our gaze upon the true enemy. The hidden hand!

    Continuation - Our Destruction Through War & Economic Collapse

    I strongly believe after what I have witnessed that this is happening on a few angles. I have Identified 2 Nations Targeted Currently as MAIN KEY POINTS!

    • United Kingdom
    • United States

    What you can expect here is very simple, The USA is the Warmonger which will end with a Hitler type scenario and justification of the end game NWO state, To protect the Collective! The war to end all wars. With the United Kingdom being the sacrificial pawn? Nah I think it is better to just say that the United Kingdom to me is looking like it is to be made an example out of. If Brexit Fails. And the UK is ruined because of leaving. Made to fail! Then they will use it as propaganda after events take place to say: NATIONALISM DOES NOT WORK ECONOMICALLY! thus covering all angles!

    If you really want to look at this. Look at how every good thing Trump has done has been to please the Military and Israel. And build a War Economy!

    Zionist Pawns In Play - Control And Manipulation

    • George Soros
    • Jared Kushner

    The above two are the only ones I have been able to identify thus far. George Soros works the social side of things. While Jared Kusher deals with the political side of things.

    I could get deeper into this but a search engine request will teach you more on these two than I can right here.

    Master and Pupil??

    Phase 3: Celebrate The Death of Nationalism, Bring In The New World Order


    • Total Control Of Everything
    • Ability To Eradicate All Who Resist With Ease (Justification from The PLANNED rise of Nationalism Failing)
    • Plus A Ton Of Other Stuff

    Do I really need to tell you what happens here??

    What Can We Do About It?

    There is only one thing we can do about it! And that is scream as loud as we possibly can. Wake up as many people as we possibly can. In the hopes that once enough people catch on to the plan and that the collective will of the people will make itself heard!

    However if this does not satisfy you I'll share what things I am realizing and you can maybe go through the same process:

    • Realize Hillary Sucks
    • Realize Trump Sucks
    • Realize Zionist Jews Are Manipulating All Areas
    • Realize Nothing is as it appears
    • Realize History is Repeating Itself
    • Realize Both Sides have Limits to how much they will expose the other (Self-preservation of the upper echelon groups)
    • Realize they want us at each others throats
    • Realize they want war
    • Realize they want to flood the nations with more migrants
    • Realize they helped nationalism rise so that they can destroy it for good
    • Realize no one else sees it and act accordingly
    • And finally realize.... It is nothing more than a world stage, with displays to prompt societal change by groups that work together

    All in the hopes of bringing about the ultimate goal... The New World Order - Controlled by the Zionist string pullers!

    So with that said spread the word about the truth if you see it like I do! If enough people awaken and realize. It may be stoppable.

    Edited by Ukshep

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