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  • Cinnamon

    The Pervasiveness of Depravity, A Revolution Is Coming

    If you are not asking yourself how we sunk to these depths of depravity in America, you should be.  If you're a decent person who believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness you must be wondering what has happened to this country in the past decade.  

    Media of all types hail freedom of speech in every way, unless it's something they don't like.  Does that freedom of speech mean that our children need to be exposed to sex education in Kindergarten?  Does that mean "Dildos for Babies" is acceptable?  Does anyone believe that a child under the age of puberty has a clue as to what their true "sexual orientation" is, if different from the body parts with which they were born?  Why would they even question it, if the idea wasn't inserted into their heads by people who want to destroy traditional family?

    Big media, such as the New York Times, The Huffington Post and others have tried to normalize pedophilia, bestiality and other perversions.  Others have tried to reduce the age of consensual sex to as young as 10 years old.  Some even lower. 

    Then you have Islam.  Do I need to go into the perverse belief system that anyone other than those labeled as "infidels" believe to be acceptable when it comes to pedophilia?  

    There is no defending any of this. None at all. 

    And that brings me to the tip of the iceberg of perversion, called Pizzagate.  Pizzagate is only one arm of the pedophiles, but they all rub elbows with politicians and celebrities and business magnates of all stripes. Pedophilia is the glue that holds the globalist elite together.  Through blackmail and conspiracy, these people have existed for longer than any of us can imagine.  

    Trump and Sessions have both alluded to the fact that there is a global child trafficking ring that WILL be dismantled. This is why you are seeing the global elite in total panic over a Trump presidency.  This is why you see the global elite throwing millions of dollars into brainwashing and making people believe they are the downtrodden by the right leaning people of the world.  That is why they are calling everyone who doesn't buy into their perversion Nazis and worse.  

    In order for them to survive unscathed, these elite pedophiles have funded, brainwashed and tried in every way to tip the scales in their favor.  But, alas, I've never seen a more sorry group of losers. 

    The only choice the globalists have left now is to try and turn us all against each other to take the attention off of them in any way possible. 

    The threat of revolution has never been more present.  Watch your six!  Because this is the final card they have and as desperate as they are, they will not hesitate to use it. 

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