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  • Ukshep

    The New Alternative to Twitter | Is Gab

    It is not very often i find myself wanting to grow websites i have nothing to do with. But this time it is different because the website i wish to share also shares the same core values i believe in. Things like freedom of speech, and truth in its many forms. The right to say what you feel and not to be moderated against because of your political views.

    That is why i am recommending you go and sign up to The Best Alternative to Twitter right now and gab away with like-minded people who believe in the same values you do. Values that really matter, values that are not based on some liberal agenda but are set in reality.

    But hey don't take my word for it! I asked users on gab to tell me why they loved gab so much and this is what they had to say:

    So what are you waiting for? go on Sign Up Today!

    P.s I would also like to thank those that responded to me on gab so that this article could be made possible! It truly is a different platform to twitter. Way less censorship and it helps to give me hope for the future of social media.

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